Radio 2GB: Bare bottom and high heels

Bare Bottom and High Heels Jane Teresa Anderson Dreams
Just off air from interpreting dreams on Glenn Wheeler’s show on Radio 2GB, where one of the callers, Kerry, asked about her shoe dreams:

Kerry had three shoe dreams.

In the first she walked down stairs, unsteady in her shoes, and onto grass at the bottom.

In the second a 4-5 year old boy tottered about wearing red high heels but no pants.

In the third, Kerry saw a table covered in shoes, none suitable, but – wait – someone lifted a cover to reveal the perfect pair of shoes. Just one small problem: they had ankle straps, a bit tricky to tie up.

What did these dreams mean?

Shoes say a lot about a person. You choose different shoes for different situations, and a badly fitting pair of shoes, like a badly fitting situation, can leave you feeling very uncomfortable.

The first dream suggests Kerry was feeling unsteady about a situation, possibly a job, working at a higher level. She was keen to ‘get grounded’ or back to ‘solid ground’.

The second dream took her back to see why this might be. The 4-5 year old boy represents something that’s been in her life 4-5 years, or something that happened 4-5 years ago. The high heels represent a high position where she felt unstable back then, or a feeling of instability, perhaps being required to be ultra-feminine, flashy, showy. The bare bottom suggests she felt vulnerable at a lower level. Not grounded, not confident enough to support her higher (heels) position.

By the third dream, the shoes were on a table – a stable table? – neither too high nor too low, just right. (Is this Cinderella or Goldilocks?) Finally she knew the perfect solution: she’s onto the best situation, all she needs is to work out how to ‘tie up the loose ends’ for perfect stability.

If your current life situation was symbolised by a pair of shoes, what would they look like? Can you walk in them? Can you run, dance, make an impression? What would be the perfect shoes for you and where you’d like to be?

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  1. Dreamer88 Reply

    Hi Jane Teresa

    I just love the photo and the ideas you’ve presented. I can remember so many shoe dreams over the years – your post has caused me to revisit those and think about the importance of finding those perfect fitting, and comfortable dream shoes! You’ve REALLY got me thinking about this.

    Keep on blogging JaneTeresa! I’m so enjoying your posts.

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