How to Interpret Your Dreams ebook

How to Interpret Your Dreams, an easy step-by-step guide, Jane Teresa Anderson

Easy to follow, How to Interpret Your Dreams is a step-by-step, practical guide to help you to accurately interpret your dreams.

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Based on the dream interpretation methods I use both on radio and during in-depth consultations, How to Interpret your Dreams guides you through a step-by-step process in which you work on your own dreams as you go.

If you choose your recurring dreams as your basic material you will experience some powerful insights into why your life seems to go through recurring patterns and then discover, also through your dreams, how to break free and move forward.

Each chapter introduces you to different methods and approaches, as no one method of dream interpretation is sufficient for all dreams. The book is laced with examples of common dreams for you to practise your newfound skills as well as a variety of exercises, puzzles, and processes which are designed to subtly awaken and fine tune your dream-interpretation brain.

Step-by-step you’ll also discover how to use your dreams to solve questions, problems, or challenges in your life, and how to use the endings of your dream stories to create the kind of endings (results) you want to have in your life.

You might like to print and bind your ebook with blank pages at the end for you to do the exercises and make notes on your dreams, interpretations, insights, decisions, actions and results.

94 pages

AUD$8.80 (Australian dollars)
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Jane Teresa Anderson

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