Episode 86 The Dream Show: Wounded refugee

Episode 86 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Bob dreamed he was delivering a refugee’s baby, watched by a young girl with a wound above her ear. As the baby crowned, he heard the opening line of a hymn which then played on his mind all day.

Bob thought, correctly, that his dream reflected his difficulties in finding right-left brain balance in his relatively left-brained, analytical world. For 25 years he has wanted to develop more right brain skills, and to move from primarily thinking into deeper feeling.

Listen as we interpret Bob’s dream and deliver a powerful alchemy to enable this.

We have a lively, fun discussion along the way, pose and answer some questions about what Jesus would be up to if he was a student in today’s world, and slip, through that doorway, into the alchemy. Enjoy!

You can listen here (Episode 86)

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2 comments on “Episode 86 The Dream Show: Wounded refugee”

  1. Bob Horvath Reply

    Hi Jane, you ask us in the podcasts to give you an update, so here is one for me:

    I see or think about the alchemy (a drawing you asked me to do) at least twice a day, so far.

    One morning I woke up distinctly thinking “I am creative” (a thought I would not have previously entertained), and I thought of a couple of good reasons why. Too bad I didn’t remember the dream from that night!

    Last night, I spied an older hymn book, no longer in use, and decided to look at it. There was a slip of paper bookmarking a page – it was the hymn “O Sacred Head Now Wounded”! I asked Judy if she bookmarked it after hearing my podcast, but no – no-one has been in that hymn book for many years.

    There was another hymn that I was comparing to “O Sacred Head” that one day prior to the dream. It was “Lo, How a Rose E’ere Blooming”. We sang it this morning (it is typically sung at Christmas), and I noticed that “rose blooming” is feminine and blooming is somewhat akin to birthing.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Bob,

      Realising you ARE creative – the new thought you report – opens the door wider, while the two synchronicities underline the changes. There will be a connection between the date/reason that hymn was bookmarked, and the shift that is now occuring. Thank you for your update. May the roses continue to bloom.

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