Episode 44 The Dream Show: Bodice ripper

Episode 44 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

My guest today is Carla, with a real bodice ripper of a dream. Heads roll in an execution, blood flows, there’s a marriage of convenience between an 18th century Nordic beauty and a Viscount, and much anticipation about how the wedding night will go.

As the romp continues, World War 2 begins and the Nazis arrive on the scene. Oh, and then there’s the question of the little chapel, but wait – who am I to spoil the end of a blockbuster?

Carla has worked on her dreams for many years, and is interested in hearing my interpretation of the two dreams she presents here.

Listen in on our conversation, contemplations and blockbusting. (You can also visit Carla’s blog.)

You can listen here (Episode 44)

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