Episode 200 The Dream Show: Build your dream memory palace

Episode 200 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

We’re celebrating our 200th episode with something a little different.

My guest, Anthony Metivier, creator of the Magnetic Memory Method and author of a range of books about memory and language learning, shares his tips on how to remember more of your dreams by building a dream memory palace.


Tired of having his sleep disrupted by waking up several times each night to write out his dreams, he developed his magnetic memory work to create a system for remembering his dreams that allowed him to stay in bed, wake only briefly for a minute or so, and then drift back to sleep. In the morning, his dreams were all there for him.

As you’ll hear, Anthony underwent many years of psychotherapy involving dream work, and this led to the continuing exploration of his dreams today.

Anthony shares the rollercoaster dream he had the night before we recorded the interview, so listen in as we also briefly but efficiently interpret the dream and relate it to Anthony’s life.

Finally, in this episode, I take you through a little dream alchemy, so stay tuned until the end!


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