Episode 151 The Dream Show: A cruel punishment

Episode 151 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Carmen, my guest this episode, dreamed of a white carthorse decorated in rainbow paint, dragging a cart without wheels, and carrying the heavy wheel axle in its mouth as a cruel punishment. But punishment for what?

Meanwhile there’s a jeep that needs to be fixed, but the chances are that the guy who owns it will just continue on as before, rattly seats and all.

Carmen is angry, something needs to happen!

Also featuring in this dream are two lizards – one quite magical – and, living at the bottom of her garden in a Womble shanty, an unsettlingly calm man who verbally abuses his very weak girlfriend.

Here’s a dream that sounds like a modern day fairytale, but does it have a happy ending? Like all good fairytales, dreams seem far removed from our everyday lives until we take a good deep look at the metaphors and find them ringing true deep within ourselves, often much to our surprise.

The beauty of working with dreams is that once we understand them we can apply dream alchemy: tweak and change the key points of the dream to create a fulfilling resolution (that filters through to the life situation which the dream reflects), a different kind of happily ever after than we might ever have dreamed possible for ourselves.

You’ll witness all of this as you listen to Carmen and me working with her dream, interpreting it, relating it to her life, discovering helpful new insights, and creating potentially life changing dream alchemy. Enjoy and please share.

The Dream Show was launched 5 years ago this week: happy birthday The Dream Show!


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2 comments on “Episode 151 The Dream Show: A cruel punishment”

  1. Carmen Reply

    Thank you again for the opportunity to be on the podcast. Getting to listen back to this dream discussion has had really beneficial effects.

    Some things I’ve been worrying for a long time about seem less of a problem because I know they’ve been acknowledged – by my subconscious! If I know I’m churning over something at a deep level, taking the time to think about the issue properly in waking life is the way to go, instead of fobbing it off.

    Also, I’ve found that with subsequent dreams I’m much more able to zero-in on the symbolism at work, rather than getting really distracted by the specific form appearing in the dream.

    All in all, I am feeling so much more dream literate!

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Thank you, Carmen, for being a wonderful guest on The Dream Show. Yes, it’s true that having assistance in deeply understanding one dream tends to lead to clearer insight when delving into subsequent dreams by yourself. It’s an eye-opener 🙂

      Many blessings,
      Jane Teresa

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