Episode 149 The Dream Show: The hidden library

Episode 149 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

My guest, Karen, had a dream about discovering a hidden library filled with eclectic books and antiquities downstairs in her house. As she wondered who created it and why it wasn’t being used, she became lucid to her dream and lamented that the library – like all the extra rooms she has discovered over the years in other dreams – wouldn’t be real when she woke up.

Karen’s lucid dream state faded as the dream rolled on to continue its job of processing her experiences of the last couple of days. Michelle Pfeiffer appears, in both a young and aged version, and an enticing forest track beckons just beyond Karen’s dining room window. Where does it take her, and how does all this help Karen to gain insight into what’s going on in her waking life? Listen to find out!

Thank you to Karen – and to all our past and future guests – for offering to come onto the show to contribute a dream for this huge free resource designed to help anyone who can access the internet to learn more about how to interpret and work with dreams.


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Is this your life?


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2 comments on “Episode 149 The Dream Show: The hidden library”

  1. Carmen Reply

    In the past, I’ve frequently had dreams in which my little home (not necessarily resembling my real home) had an ‘extra room’ or another space. The dreams always gave me a triumphant feeling of “I knew it!” but I did not wake up feeling disappointed, because the metaphor for the room being an aspect of myself has always been so apparent.

    But have also had a few dreams (over the course of the last 5 years or so) in which I have discovered another bend or ‘reach’ of the Brisbane river (yes, I’m in Brisbane, too). So this feeling of ‘knowing’ becomes very intense. It becomes so that I feel I know something that others do not, because we’re all living in the same city, but there’s a new bend in the river that is not part of mainstream knowledge.

    So thank you for this podcast; it had a lot of aspects that resonated with me.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Carmen,

      Good to hear that this episode resonated with you, and thank you for sharing your version of ‘extra room’ in this space.

      In your dream experience, I love that the river appears to represent that extra and wonderful part of yourself that is not part of your own mainstream (conscious) self, and I love that you feel that (newly emerging from the unconscious) aspect as an intense knowing, more emotional than concrete, difficult to pin down with words, powerful. Most of all I love that your dreaming mind suggests that it is by bending or reaching that you see the wonder of your deeper self and the huge potential it offers.

      A good place for dreaming, Brisbane.

      Many blessings,

      Jane Teresa

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