Episode 126 The Dream Show: Predator

Episode 126 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Renee is my guest with a dream that gifts her with multiple insights about her life once it is interpreted. Renee’s dream is dramatic, laugh out loud funny at some points, magnificently cinematic at others, and compelling throughout for dream detectives fascinated by the way our dreams express key aspects of our waking lives.

You’ll enjoy hearing Renee’s ahas, gasps, and peels of laughter as her personal dream symbols and metaphors begin to click. She’s a bird flying high, she sees oceans and cities and the borderlines between them, she escapes an alien predator, visits a bathroom stall, discusses issues of fitness and fatness with dream characters, and meets a crazy toy shop owner – hmm, but is she so crazy after all?

There’s also a reference to four months, and you’ll love Renee’s sudden recall – right at the end – of what happened four months ago and how it fits the big picture.

Enjoy and share.

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