Dream vibrations and the LOA

Dream Vibration and The Law of Attraction Jane Teresa Anderson

I am often asked about the Law of Attraction, and whether nightmares and dreams with negative vibes attract negative people and events into our lives. It’s a good question. So, let’s explore:

Books about the Law of Attraction have enjoyed waves of popularity since the early 1900s, with a recent resurgence in the early 1990s and a deluge of interest since 2000. Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’ DVD and book, published in 2006, repackaged the Law of Attraction in a way that inspired millions of people to start making the LOA – as it is now commonly known – help them achieve their goals. So, what is the LOA, exactly?

According to the LOA, you receive according to the vibe you give out. Like vibes attract like vibes. If your focus on money is all positive you attract plenty of it into your life, whereas if your focus on money is negative (for example, if you focus on debt or lack of money), then you attract debt or lack into your life. According to the law, whatever you focus on, you get more of the same.

The LOA is working all the time, whether you believe in it or not. I know this to be true. The secret everyone is searching for is how to become an active participant in the process – how to create and maintain the vibe that brings you what you want.

Imagine you know that secret, and you put all your waking hours into maintaining the vibe that will bring you what you want, and then you go to sleep and have a dream brimming with negative emotions, perhaps grief, anger or loss of confidence. Does the negative vibe of your dream beam out into the universe and undo all that daytime work?

Here’s where the magic of working with your dreams comes in. If you really want the LOA to work for you, then pay attention to your dreams. First up, there are a few basics you need to know:

1. Remember that dreams are symbolic, not literal. So if you dream that someone you know dies, your dream is NOT predicting that person’s death. The dream is symbolic and it is about something that is ending (dying off) in your life. Dreams of death are very common, and many people are frightened to mention them because they fear that putting the dream into words, or paying it attention, will cause it to happen. Please be assured that this is not the way it works. In fact, not talking about a worrying dream increases your waking life anxiety – and this affects your vibe. It’s better to talk about a worrying dream, interpret it, understand more about yourself as a result, and move on, free of any negative vibe. In this example, once you understand what is coming to an end in your life, you can decide to bring it back to life or to let it go and move on to something better. Interpretation brings you self understanding and choice.

2. The emotions you feel in your dreams are emotions that belong to you. Sometimes they’re emotions you’re aware of; most often they’re unconscious emotions that you’ve buried long ago, or emotions you’ve repressed because you can’t acknowledge them in your waking life.

3. In the same way, the beliefs, limitations and blocks you encounter in your dreams are your own unconscious beliefs, limitations and blocks.

4. So, when you interpret a dream, you discover your unconscious emotions, beliefs, limitations and blocks.

Now here’s the most important thing to understand. Whether you’re awake or asleep, your unconscious mind continuously sends out its vibe. And your unconscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind.

For example, you might choose to focus on sending out a positive vibe about money all day. You spend all day doing this, feeling totally positive and good about it. As far as you are aware, you have absolutely no block to having vast amounts of money in your life. However, your unconscious mind may have a different agenda. You may have unconscious doubts, limiting beliefs and blocks about having so much money. Because your unconscious mind is stronger than your conscious mind, it wins in the battle of the vibes. You don’t see the results you wanted and you declare the LOA to be a crock. But it isn’t! The LOA is working for you perfectly. Your overall vibe, dictated by your unconscious mind, is attracting according to the law. You are receiving according to the vibe you are giving out.

The real secret to getting the Law of Attraction to bring you what you consciously want is to get your unconscious mind on side.

So rather than ask if a worrying dream is sending out a negative vibe, attracting negative things to you, celebrate the fact that being able to remember your dream is the first step to identifying a negative vibe that your unconscious mind is sending out while you are awake, a negative vibe of which you are oblivious, a negative vibe that is attracting negative stuff to you.

You dream every night, and a dream has a vibe whether or not your remember it. Learning to remember your dreams and interpret them is an empowering step to take if you’re serious about attracting what you want into your life.

Dream interpretation identifies your unconscious beliefs, so you can easily pick the ones that are working against your conscious wishes. The next question is, how do you change those unconscious beliefs to align them to your conscious wishes?

This is done through the process of dream alchemy. These are simple exercises such as visualisations and affirmations that reprogram your unconscious beliefs. Here’s an example:

You dream you are driving a car but you can’t see ahead clearly because the windscreen is dark. This is a common dream indicating that you are unclear about your vision for your future. This lack of clarity is the work of an unconscious block sabotaging your vision. To apply dream alchemy when you wake up, visualise yourself back in the dream only this time the windscreen is exceptionally clear and you can see your way. Visualise yourself driving well, and add in all the positive emotions you associate with achieving your goal. Doing the dream alchemy practice – the visualisation – undoes the block and reprograms the associated unconscious belief in alignment with your conscious intention. (Do a dream alchemy visualisation 20 times a day for a week, ten times a day for the second week and twice a day for the next month.)

So tune into your dreams to tune those unconscious negative vibes that you are beaming out 24/7 into positive vibes that ensure that the Law of Attraction fulfils your conscious desires.

[Copyright Jane Teresa Anderson, April 2009. First published in longer version as a Dream Sight article.]

[You can listen to this article in episode 33 The Dream Show.]

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3 comments on “Dream vibrations and the LOA”

  1. Stella Raye Reply

    Hi Jane ~
    I’ve linked your blog entry to my Facebook page. I think this is one of the most important pieces of information of this decade that everyone – who has read the Secret, at least – should know.
    I love your show, your podcasts, your books, your dream alchemy!

    You go, girl!


  2. Karen Nixon Reply

    Thanks Jane. You helped me make sense of my dream about my husband being overwhelmed by a tsunami. I thinks he represents controlling male logic and that is being overtaken by female accepting intuition. I am letting go.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Thanks Karen, isn’t it wonderful when a frightening dream delivers a blessing once you understand it.

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