Dream medicine

Dream Medicine Jane Teresa Anderson

Close your eyes, it’s late in the evening, and time for your dream medicine. Here we go, counting down now, ten, nine, eight, relaxing, floating deeply down, let the healing begin.

No drugs required, but the prescription is clear: dream.

Sometimes the medicine is sweet and tasty, a deliciously sensual dream gifting grace and restoration, insights that, like the medicine, are easy to take, delightful to absorb and apply in your waking life.

Sometimes the medicine is sour and unpalatable, a prickly, uncomfortable dream gifting wisdom that, like the medicine, is difficult to take, unpleasant to absorb. You might learn from this medicine or you might choose denial, numbing out to it, misinterpreting the dream.

Sometimes the medicine is tricky and challenging, a pill too big to swallow, a liquid concoction requiring complex preparation. This dream medicine gifts problem-solving in the shape of puzzling dreams requiring a solution. You might awaken from this dream medicine with the answer to yesterday’s unfathomable problem, or with insight into what holds you back from resolving a waking life issue.

Sometimes the medicine is magical, a spell, a talisman, an unexpected out-of-left-field dream that delivers a spiritual perspective that instantaneously changes your life forever.

Sometimes the medicine is dark and terrifying

Sometimes the medicine is dark and terrifying, a healing potion dressed in toxic chemical guise, a nightmare from which you will awaken relieved yet haunted, fearful of sleep and the next round of dream medicine, until you face the dark and terrifying shadow and discover its light and peace.

Sometimes the most powerful medicine is the follow up formula, applied on waking, carefully measured to deliver maximum healing benefits. This is the medicine of dream alchemy, a specific exercise (created for a specific dream) that gently transforms the rusty old iron of the old self, glimpsed in a dream, into the polished gold of the new. Dream alchemy involves doing a visualisation, an affirmation, artwork, writing, dialogue, bodywork, or another modality, using symbols and dramas from the dream, designed to communicate with and transform your unconscious mind.

As a simple example, you might dream of seeing a puppy drown, and you’re unable to get to him. On waking you might relate to a feeling of helplessness in a situation in your life, and decide on dream alchemy medicine: visualising yourself back in the dream only this time you feel decisive and strong, and you reach out and lift the puppy from the water, and see him also become instantly decisive and strong. This medicine looks deceptively simple, but it’s deeply healing. You’ll find that helpless feeling disappearing, you’ll feel more decisive and strong, and you’ll surprise yourself by a positive, healing action you’ll take in that situation.

Dream medicine is medicine for the body, mind, and soul: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of your being. It’s free, every night, with up to five doses (dreams) for an eight-hour sleep, but for the medicine to work at its best, you need to remember your dreams and work with them to discover their deepest healing gifts.


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