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Dream Journeys Jane Teresa Anderson

“Every night the same scene appears in her dreams: a bus, people getting on. She runs to catch it, with a heap of luggage. However, when she reaches the stop, the bus closes the door and leaves. Without her. Nearly every night, for several months, this dream repeats, turning into a nightmare.”

Dana-Sofie Šlancarová, a dream coach, dream interpreter, and dream interpretation lecturer from the Czech Republic, tells this story of a clients’ recurring dream and the dream alchemy practice she created that stopped the dream and brought rewarding changes into her waking life.

Dana-Sofie recently presented her work on dreams to the Inner Winner Festival in Prague, for which she also published a dialogue with me where we talk about dreaming and working with dreams. (You can read the dialogue in English or in Czech.)

Back to Dana-Sofie’s story about her client’s recurring bus dream:

“She realized that the cause of her missing the bus is the amount of luggage she constantly carries with her. As part of the dream alchemy practice she created a different version of the dream:

She walks – slowly and surely – with one stylish handbag to the bus stop. She reaches the stop before the bus comes. Then she gets in and departs. Changes in her waking life followed. She was able to put away her luggage of old thoughts and beliefs that prevented her from living in true freedom and following her inner truth. She lost twenty pounds, quit the job she did not like and started to make a living in a profession that gave her joy and fulfilment.”

Much of working with our dreams is about identifying the beliefs and thoughts that weigh us down and hold us back. Identifying them, understanding where they came from and why we accepted them, deciding which beliefs still serve us well and which we would do well to release, and then applying dream alchemy techniques that actually do that releasing for us, replacing the old luggage with uplifting wings.

Dana-Sofie Šlancarová

Dana-Sofie Šlancarová

Dana-Sofie and I discuss categories of dreams, Aboriginal Dreaming, how and why we each chose to work with dreams professionally, how working with dreams can be incorporated into life coaching and working with companies, and much more. Enjoy:

Interview in English
Interview in Czech
Dana-Sofie’s website in English
Dana-Sofie’s website in Czech




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    I been has a Deep Dream about God back in 1984 and I has a good Dream about the past of 1979

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