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Dream Interpretation Choosing a Dream jane Teresa Anderson

“How do I know which dream to start with?” emailed Tim, eager to begin applying some of my techniques. Tim remembers four or five dreams a night, and realises that working in depth with one dream a day would be too much. “I was hoping you might answer my question in a blog,” she said.

When was the last time you worked deeply with a dream? If it’s been a while, or if you’re a beginner and wondering where to start, here’s my top priority list:


  • A recurring dream or recurring dream theme

If you have a recurring dream (or recurring dream theme) with an unresolved or unsatisfactory ending, and you’ve had the dream within the last few weeks, that’s the most powerful place to begin. Dreams reflect the last 1-2 days, so every time you have the recurring dream or theme it’s reflecting a recurring waking life issue that’s not working out well for you. Working with this dream you can identify the issue, your inner conflicts about the issue (which may surprise you), the usual approaches you try (that fail), and the unconscious beliefs that are blocking you from resolving it successfully.


  • An emotionally charged dream

A dream in which you feel a heightened emotion – especially an uncomfortable emotion – is invaluable to work with. The emotion is usually linked to an unconscious belief or behaviour pattern that is restricting your growth. This kind of dream can help you to identify an emotional event in your past that is still affecting your life today, and – when you apply dream alchemy techniques – can lead to powerful release and healing.


  • A vivid dream

An uplifting, colourful, intense, vivid dream often reflects a breakthrough (or a near-breakthrough), and working with such a dream can support you as the effects of the change ripple through your life in unexpected ways. It’s also good to understand, affirm, and celebrate the changes these dreams herald, and to prepare yourself for some strong emotions that may take you by surprise as they are released as part of the process.


  • A dream that poses a problem or question

Most dreams involve trying to solve a problem or find an answer to a question, and these reflect a waking life problem or question you’re trying to solve. (It takes work to relate the dream problem to the waking life problem because dreams are symbolic.) Look for a dream with a bizarre problem or question, the more surreal the better. Here’s what you can do with these dreams.  This technique can help you to question your question, or understand why you see a particular situation as a problem. It can help you shift your perspective and find new solutions. It can totally transform your life.


  • A dream that refers to the past

Although dreams reflect the last 1-2 days, they may include references to the past (your childhood home, ex-partners, people or places you once knew). These dreams can help you to go back to see how your past is still shaping your present, and to work with dream alchemy to change this.


  • A night of dreams

Don’t be too quick to choose just one dream from a heavy night’s dream recall. Those four or five dreams you may remember from one night’s sleep often reflect the same situation from different angles.


  • Just begin!

Or just choose that dream from last night – you know the one, the one that’s still haunting you. It’s reflecting the last 1-2 days so it’s fresh comment (and ripe with insight for you to discover) on whatever you’re going through right now.


  • Still not sure how to begin?

If deeply working with a dream on your own just seems too daunting, book a consultation with me. There are plenty of options, and it’s much more fun.


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