Dream interpretation: Black ants

Dream Interpretation Black Ants Jane Teresa Anderson

Pete dreamed of hundreds of black ants streaming out from a hole in his foot. What do you think it means? He posted his dream to last week’s one day dream forum, run by Brisbane Times. I thought you’d enjoy this one:

Pete’s dream:

I was sitting on a log and then out of the blue, my foot was bitten. I didn’t know by what at first but eventually realised that it was a black ant. This black ant turned into hundreds but the initial bite opened up a hole in the middle of my foot and all the ants then came out of the hole.

My reply:

What do you see as the personality of a black ant? Symbols are always personal, so your response aids accuracy. Your dream paints a picture of an ant as insidious: one little apparently harmless insignificant ant suddenly turns into a mass of ants capable of damage. We see a couple of ants in the kitchen one moment, and there’s a massive invasion the next. Your dream suggests that something came ‘out of the blue’ (in the day or two before your dream) and suddenly turned into a problem.

If you see ants as busy, then busyness may have been the root cause; if you see ants as working for the community, then it may have been a community issue that suddenly erupted.

The foot symbolises contact with the ground, or perhaps your standing in life, so you perceive this issue as affecting your standing. It’s as if you feel undermined, as if it’s painful to stand the old ground.

I like the fact that the ants were released from your foot, as this suggests that something has ‘opened up’ within you as a result. It’s an opportunity to release an energy you associate with black ants, an energy that has insidiously been growing within you. Now that it’s out in the open, you can heal and move forward.

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