The Dream Handbook

The Dream Handbook Jane Teresa Anderson

My new book, The Dream Handbook, will be published by Hachette (Australia) on 1 February and by Piatkus (UK) on 22 February, so I’m getting into book launch frame of mind.

If you already have my last book, Dream Alchemy, a much-loved classic first published in 2003, you’ll discover that The Dream Handbook is an updated version with a new title. My Australian publisher had a vision of bringing the look and feel of the book up to date for a whole new readership, and invited me to make minor changes to the text to bring it into alignment with the world as we know it in 2018. So simple things like mentioning a dial-up modem and other dated references have been brushed up, my bio has been updated, and the new title and cover designs work with today’s publishing edge.

You might like to replace your well-thumbed copy of Dream Alchemy or buy The Dream Handbook as a gift for friends and family.

I’m delighted that the book is also being published in the country of my birth and early adulthood, the UK. It’s the same book but Piatkus is bringing it out in hardback and with a different cover design.

So what’s the book about?

THE DREAM HANDBOOK is the ultimate ‘look up’ book designed to help you understand your unique dreams and discover what they reveal about your unconscious mind and how it powerfully influences your life. But it doesn’t stop there.

THE DREAM HANDBOOK gives my easy-to-follow signature dream alchemy practices for you to do to reprogram the limiting beliefs and patterns identified in your dreams. When you do the dream alchemy practices you’ll witness your life changing in wonderful ways that seem quite magical.

Use THE DREAM HANDBOOK to look up the common dream themes we all have from time to time as well as to learn how to decipher your not so common dreams.

This is NOT a dream dictionary! The symbols in our dreams are unique and personal. THE DREAM HANDBOOK uses lists and methods that guide you to understand your dreams and then apply the right dream alchemy practices to suit your situation.

THE DREAM HANDBOOK also shows you how to stop uncomfortable recurring dreams or nightmares, how to transform fearful dreams into positive life change, how to identify and release emotional blocks, how to heal the past, how to create more fulfilling relationships, how to tap into your creative source, and how to identify your spiritual lessons and move forward.

Keep the book by your bed to refer to in the mornings while your dreams are fresh.

You can also dip into it, or read it from cover to cover picking up dream interpretation tips as you go.

Get your copy

Choose between the paperback (Hachette Australia) and the hardback (Piatkus, UK):

The Dream Handbook Jane Teresa Anderson pub Hachette Australia

Paperback published by Hachette

The Dream Handbook (paperback)
1 February 2018, Hachette Australia
In all good bookshops in Australia
Or order from Booktopia (delivery worldwide): Pre-order now


The Dream Handbook Jane Teresa Anderson pub Little Brown Piatkus

Hardback published by Little Brown (Piatkus)

The Dream Handbook (hardback)
22 February 2018, Little Brown (Piatkus) UK
In all good bookshops in the UK
Or order from Amazon UK (delivery worldwide): Pre-order now


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