The Dream Show: 2010 Top episodes

The Dream Show 2010 Top Episodes

Instead of a podcast this week, I’m announcing 2010’s top episodes, so you can listen and share over the Christmas week. It’s the one week in the year where we take a break from producing The Dream Show, and we’ll be back with a new episode on New Year’s Eve.

Over on Facebook, Angela tipped ep 50 (Jeremy, The beauty shot) and ep 78 (Dewi, Dreams of death) as standouts.  Which episode did you enjoy most? Which sticks in your mind? Which inspired you? Which was the most insightful? Was there one particular episode where the art of dream interpretation suddenly all came together for you? Which guest’s story helped change your life?

Here are the most popular episodes for 2010:

January Eve, A good gossip ep40
February Carla, Bodice ripper ep44
March Barbara, Yellow ochre ep48
April Tasha, Fifteen gods ep51
May Andrea, Mutant demons ep56
June Margaret, Alchemy in action ep59
July Feature: Lady Gaga ep63
August Heidi, Emeralds ep68
September Abigail, Cheating dreams ep74
October Liza, Healing sex dream ep77
November Ann, Trapped birds ep82
December Shane, A dark presence ep 85

Top of all of these was episode 51, Tasha.

Thank you to all 41 guests who appeared on the show during 2010 (the other 10 shows were  features). You have all made a big difference in our listeners’ lives.

If you’d like to have a dream interpreted on the show, please contact me to book yourself in. (I phone or skype you and we record our chat. It’s that simple.)

Listen to The Dream Show here or subscribe to the whole series – a new free episode every week – at iTunes.


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