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The Dream Show is a free podcast series in which I analyse my guests’ dreams and share dream interpretation tips & insights.

A new episode is published every four weeks.

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Episode 182 The Dream Show: The alien and the cupcake

Melinda from Kansas is my guest with a frightening dream about an alien invasion. It seems she’s the only person who doesn’t trust the aliens, while everyone else believes they are friendly and here to help. When one of the aliens attacks her with an innocuous looking coat rack that turns into a weapon emitting

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Episode 180 The Dream Show: The anthem

Laraina, from Canada, is my guest this episode, bringing her epic and vibrant dream for interpretation. Early in her dream she hears an anthem, so harmonious, so peaceful, so full of love, that she thinks she’ll never be able to recreate this moment. What does the anthem represent in Laraina’s life, and how does the

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