Episode 194 The Dream Show: Eyebrow wires

Episode 194 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Amanda is my guest this episode with a dream about trimming her father’s eyebrows, then weeding the back of his head.

Yes, you read that correctly. There was a large weed growing out of the back of his head.

The dream dilemma was over how much she should trim those two seven inch hair wires poking out from his eyebrows, and what exactly her father’s enigmatic dream advice meant.

Amanda said she usually has epic dreams, and this one interested her because it was short and seemed important, though she had no idea what it meant. She was excited to come onto the show and explore her dream.

As you’ll hear when you listen to us delving into her dream, it delivers up its treasures and Amanda relates it to her waking life, what she’s doing, what’s recently changed, and where she will go from here given the clarity received during the dream work.

Guests come onto the show with assured confidentiality, and some choose, during or after the recording, to share their details publicly. There’s a point in this episode where we really want to know what it is that she does for a living, and Amanda was more than happy to share. (Here’s her website.) You’ll hear more about what she does as you listen to the show.

Whenever we have a guest on the show you gain insight into dream interpretation and dream alchemy, as well as inspiration through getting to know our beautiful guests through their dreams.


P.S. January 2018: Amanda created this free recording to assist in relaxation before sleep.

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