Episode 123 The Dream Show: Solar eclipse

Episode 123 The Dream Show Jane Teresa Anderson

Ann is my guest with a vivid dream where she returns to her childhood neighbourhood and witnesses a miraculous solar eclipse.

In the dream, she and John, a friend from her church, follow the solar eclipse with a discussion about yoga, maths, english, and an abstract drawing in a notepad. All this during a short afternoon nap!

Listen as we explore Ann’s dream, link it to recent events and concerns in her life today, and create the alchemy to soothe and address those concerns and give Ann a greater sense of inner peace.


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5 comments on “Episode 123 The Dream Show: Solar eclipse”

  1. Belinda Reply

    Great show as always Jane. Just wondering – I was particularly interested in your comments about not being able to do simple calculations when operating from the creative side of the brain. First I’ve heard of this. Is there enough content on this topic to create a Blog Post? I’d love to know more about this if you have anything else to add.

    Just thinking creative people might benefit from your insights as I had no idea this could be a cause and effect of developing a more creative, inner aware mind.

    Also, if you do a job where you need to be creative one minute and logical and detailed the next, how do you switch? Is there any secret to making the mental switch? Sorry if I’m asking too much!

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Belinda,

      Lots of questions! My personal experience, which seems to be shared by others I’ve spoken with, is that when I’m right over there in right brain mode (which I am when I’m listening to dreams and interpreting), I find it difficult to do basic arithmetic. Maths is not one of my best subjects, but I can normally do the basics quickly and accurately. My understanding is that there’s left brain maths (the logical, arithmetical stuff), and then there’s right brain maths (seeing connections, patterns, pictures in numbers). Being trained as a scientist, I can get into left brain analysis mode quite efficiently, though it’s interesting that I picked one of the more visionary subjects at university, a subject about which very little was known at the time, a subject which required us to create theories and imagine (developmental neurophysiology). I can step back from working directly with a client or podcast guest and get my left brain on board with the right brain to write an article, but basic sums while interpreting … challenging!

      I have noticed while doing things like playing card games with my family that there are differences in the way different family members look at numbers. I tend to look at the patterns and shapes different number combinations make, rather than refer to basic arithmetic, even though I can do basic arithmetic. Then again, during my first year at infant school our class was part of the Cuisinaire (?) pilot study, where we learned to associate numbers with colours (lol, I don’t think that was what we were meant to get from it, but we did)!

      To answer the last part of your question (though I think I’ve hopped out of left brain and only played with answering the first part), there are plenty of exercises you can do to develop and balance both sides of the brain. Simply taking a break and making yourself do a task requiring the other side of your brain is good. So is doing any kind of physical exercise involving crossing the left and right sides of your body (e.g. touching your right hand to your left knee). In workshops I make sure everyone switches brain sides regularly.

      So there you go, not a blog article, but a bit of a summing up 🙂

  2. Belinda Reply

    Thanks so much for this JT – it’s just fascinating. The reason I asked is because up until Y2K I think I was probably almost always in the logical/analytical brain with work/occupation.

    No doubt such an imbalance caused a tipping point and then I went through a number of years where my creative mind opened up. I find since then, sometimes my brain just flat lines when I go to spell a word. Same with the simple calculations. You have now made me understand why this happens. I seriously thought I had brain cells missing!

    You’ve also given me a much deeper appreciation of how my creative mind functions and I’ll look into those exercises to go logical when required. Thank you!


  3. Ann Reply

    Yesterday was the solar eclipse and it appears that many people were very well prepared to fully enjoy the event. I have enjoyed the photos that many took and the events that were sponsored around the world. I thought about my dream and realized that because I was so well prepared for the eclipse, I could be fully present and enjoy the moment.

    An eclipse can represent the dream state or unconscious mind taking over each night as the conscious mind is eclipsed in sleep. And even then it is not safe to view without filters or as a reflection. The evening after the eclipse I dreamed with the theme of mirrors. My dreams are the mirror to safely examine the subconscious mind? Who knows. It was a fabulous solar eclipse event. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as me.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Ann,

      How wonderful that you were able to enjoy the waking life solar eclipse as alchemy for your dream. Ah, the magnificence of the universe!

      Yes, you’re on track there with your thoughts about dreams being mirrors to safely reflect your unconscious mind. You might enjoy this blog I wrote, titled ‘Blinded by the light’, which explores a related theme:

      Jane Teresa

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