Episode 124 The Dream Show: Spacecraft


Episode 124 The Dream Show Spacecraft

Jason from Seattle, my guest this episode, dreamed of viewing the magnificence of outer space from a spacecraft, before landing back on Earth. He had been abducted by aliens, and knew they would find him again. Back home there’s maths homework to do, a blood transfusion to endure against his will, and a sense of deep sadness connected with a journey he wants to make into the unknown. How will the dream end, and how does it relate to Jason’s life?

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As always when I have a guest on the show, I know nothing about the dream until we start recording, and we don’t edit, so you hear the whole process of exploring and interpreting the dream, Jason’s responses and discussions, and applying dream alchemy, as it happens.  Enjoy, and do please share with your friends and colleagues.

Oh, and we’re celebrating 3 years of The Dream Show! We launched in April 2009.

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2 Responses to Episode 124 The Dream Show: Spacecraft

  1. Judee says:

    loved this fascinating dream and your exploration of it!