Top blogger reviews coaching with me

Top Blogger Reviews Life Coaching

Jen, whose successful blog, Semantically Driven, about blogging, parenting and living in Australia is a constant on the Top 100 Aussie women blogger list, blogged yesterday about coaching with me. She goes into detail, including the exercises I set her and the outcomes that resulted from just one session on the phone with me.

Jen began, “About a year ago I started looking on the internet for a life coach but couldn’t work my way through all the information and gave up so it’s kind of nice that this opportunity fell into my lap.” Then commented, “It was really easy to talk to Jane Teresa – I felt like I’d met her before.”

So what did we discuss? As Jen reports in her blog, I asked her to tell me about her life and “I ended with the statement that I’m pretty happy and as I said it I knew she’d dig deeper into that one, and she did. She asked me if there’s anything in my life that I’m unhappy about. I couldn’t think of anything there and then but as we kept talking about what I like to do and what my day-to-day routine is like I realised that there is something I am a bit unhappy about. For the last few months I feel like my creativity has been sucked out of me a bit. That is reflected in the fact that I don’t blog anywhere near as much as I used to but it’s also related to the fact that I don’t have as much time as I used to.”

So, amongst other things, I designed an exercise to unblock Jen’s creativity and identified the perfect place in her busy life for her to do this. Her overnight result? As she says in her blog, “Already today I had lots of ideas for what I could do with my blog and some more enthusiasm for perhaps doing them” and she followed through and posted a new blog too.

You can read more about Jen’s experience and the details of the exercise I set her here.

“All in all I enjoyed the experience and would consider doing more with Jane Teresa,” Jen concluded.

Though I’m better known as a dream analyst, working with people to create positive change in their lives through the deep self-understanding that dream interpretation enables, I enjoy helping people who don’t recall their dreams by using similar skills acquired throughout my years working with clients.

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