These funny few days

These Funny Few Days Jane Teresa Anderson

Chocolate or detox tea? Dilemma. We’ve just about emptied our fridge of Christmas indulgences and leftovers, which is probably just as well, but there’s still an enticing dish of nuts on the dining table, and I do love nuts.

Tomorrow I’m booked for a kahuna massage, a veritable wave of indulgence and detox combined, and I do love a kahuna massage.

These are the funny few days between Christmas and New Year, where, if we follow the calendar, we’re supposed to jump back into working mode for three days before partying and luxuriating for another three. But if you have the luxury of deciding how you will spend these in-between days, I suggest they’re for clearing and detoxing on every level, so you can begin the New Year with a sharp vision and a refreshed energy to manifest it.

What did you especially enjoy or value over Christmas? How can you bring more of this into your everyday life? Write a promise to yourself, or paint or draw a vision of how your life will be when you do this. Don’t just think about it, or say That’s a good idea. Do it now.

In stepping away from work and routine during Christmas, did you gain new perspective? What would you like to clear from your everyday life? What would you like to change about the way you work, or about your daily routines? Draw a broom, or a trashcan, and get your inner artist busy adding pictures or words depicting the things your broom will sweep away, or the things your trashcan will carry away. Put your picture somewhere you’ll see it for a few weeks until your new approach to life establishes as routine.

Add commitment and manifesting energy by commenting here or on FaceBook to share your vision. Enjoy these special days, and watch their reflection in your dreams.

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  1. Jeremy Reply

    The thing that I’ve come away with this holiday is the wonderful feeling of having friends and food come together. Throwing a holiday party or dinner can be terribly stressful, but I almost always enjoy doing it if its food I know I enjoy making. So I’d like to do that more regularly this year, and with the removal of the extra holiday stressors (presents & wrapping them for instance) I think it could be even better. Why wait for next Christmas?

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