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I Can Can Jane Teresa Anderson Dreams

Picture the Moulin Rouge dancers, arms linked, high-kicking the Can-can – daaa, da-da-da-da-daa-daa. Can you hear the music? Does it make you feel like getting up from your chair and kicking up your heels?

The tune’s been on my mind all day since Belinda, a long time devotee of dream alchemy, posted a blog yesterday about how she solved a nagging problem. The problem – as she saw it – was that she couldn’t continue to run her website business. There just weren’t enough hours left in her week after a change in her circumstances.

She was stuck in her old way of thinking.

She was stuck in her old way of thinking.

She took a day out to reflect on the problem and realized she was stuck in her old way of thinking.

“I couldn’t even see a solution because I was trying to make the impossible happen – I wanted to find a way to run the site like I used to. As I couldn’t see the answer, the site has been pretty much in limbo for a few months,” she wrote on her blog. “I suddenly realised that I could continue to run the site, and all I had to do was simplify some processes.”

Belinda followed through and made the changes. “Don’t look at a problem and think I can’t do it and therefore nothing gets done,” she blogged. “Shift the focus and ask yourself, What part of this can I do? When you look at what you can do, the solution presents itself.”

So where do the dancing girls and dream alchemy come into the story?

Belinda continued, “My wise Dream Teacher once told me that whenever I think, I can’t, say, I Can Can. It was a dream about Can-can dancers that she was helping me analyse.

The other day when I couldn’t see the answer, I heard myself saying over and over, But I just can’t, and for some reason Jane Teresa’s I Can Can dropped into my head, like a gift from heaven.

I changed the mindset and then I could see, Yes, I can do this part, and now the problem is solved.”

I don’t remember Belinda’s dream all these years later, but dreams often use word play and humour, so I’m not surprised her dreaming mind drummed up Can-can dancers to symbolise her beliefs about what she can and can’t do. And I created a dream alchemy affirmation, complete with music and dancing girls, from her personal dream symbol – the Can-can – to shift her thinking from can’t to can.

Years later, the moment Belinda heard herself saying I can’t, the dream alchemy kicked in to deliver I can.

So don’t curse that little earworm when the Can-can strikes up in your mind’s ear during the next few days. Instead ask yourself, What part of this can I do?

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  1. Belinda Reply

    It’s amazing Jane Teresa – that dream alchemy exercise would date back to around 2001/2002 I believe! All these years later, it’s still working when I needed it! I’ve absolutely felt on top of the moon since solving this problem because it’s been gnawing away at me for months. It was like a large weight was lifted from my shoulders.

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