Free dream e-journal

Free Dream E-Journal

Imagine being able to instantly search all your dreams to find all those featuring a certain symbol, person, theme, or word. You could call up all your car dreams, for example, or all your dreams featuring water, animals, an ex lover, a place, or anything you wish.

Imagine being able to do a basic interpretation on any dream by being led through key questions and typing in your responses.

You can do all this and much, much more, when you download the free computer program, Dream Sight Diary Database, that Belinda Hodge conceived, developed and produced for us, based on my methods of dream interpretation and alchemy. (Note, April 2013: After 13 years of use, we retired this program. Times have changed. One day we’ll turn it into an app.)

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  1. Paige Reply

    My dream was a whole lot of weird. I was in my regular mall wearing a red t shirt so was my family ut everyone was wesring blue? This is were it gets weird. Everyone started running at us, we seperated and ran in to different rooms there was a girl in mine. She jumps on me and starts cutting my legs?! I asked her what she was doing she said trying to kill me i asked why? And she said because everyonestrying to eat my family! I was able to push her of off me and I ran into I think Pennys? But I end up finding my cousin Joseph and this other guy who i fell for at first sight. Joseph looked at me, but didnt run at me he noticed how confused i was so he informed me and said im your cousin why would i eat you? But his friend (the other guy) walked up to me and grabbed me with such force and pulled me close (to eat me) then he said theres somthing about her eyes i cant do it their so beautiful. And his eyes drew me closer. His everything drew me closer his black hair,blue eyes, not to pale and not to tan skin. we were drawn to eachother. When I woke up I was smiling but dreading him leaving. Turns out he is friends with my cousin and goes to my church. But im in a relationship and i think he is too!? What do i do?!

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