Dream interpretation: The Handbag

What’s in a dream symbol? Here’s a question for you in this little video. Watch and share your answer in the comments here or on Facebook. Enjoy!

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One Response to Dream interpretation: The Handbag

  1. Judee says:

    A handbag is a recepticle, something to keep together all the necessary things that would otherwise get scattered and lost. My keys, and my wallet, mainly. I don’t have different bags for different occasions – just one sturdy bag with two main compartments and two front zipper compartments (for keys and drivers license.) I don’t need the two main compartments, one would really be enough. I have a wallet and some tissues in one compartment, and I keep an appointment book in the second compartment, as well as a plastic grocery bag. It feels important to me to have both compartments equally balanced.

    Interesting exercise – I can see how my handbag says a lot about me.