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Episode 67 The Dream Show: Reggie Bush

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Episode 67 of our free weekly podcast, THE DREAM SHOW, is now up.

My guest today is Renee with an entertaining dream involving her dream husband, famous football player Reggie Bush, her deceased grandmother, a misty grim reaper, golden skywriting and – best of all – the curious case of a hot dog cart in her lounge room.

But why is Reggie only a rookie? And what did Renee’s deceased grandfather find so funny in the dream that she woke up still laughing?

Listen as Renee relates to the interpretation and gets some breakthrough insights into how to take her next steps in life.

In today’s show we also have an update from Margaret, my guest in episode 55, sharing what’s happened in her life since having her dream interpreted on the show and doing the alchemy.

You can listen here (Episode 67)

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Have you ever dreamed of having sex with a celebrity or colleague? What does it mean?

Have you ever dreamed of having sex with a celebrity or colleague? What does it mean?

Life lessons

Life lessons


Dream interpretation: A suitable toilet?

The usual dream scenario is that every toilet, no matter how promising it appears to be, turns out to be

The usual dream scenario is that every toilet, no matter how promising it appears to be, turns out to be unsuitable

Some people say it’s probably just as well that most toilets you find in your dreams are unsuitable to use because, otherwise, you might end up wetting your bed – or worse.

This may be the case when your bladder is bursting and the physical sensation is impinging on your dream creating the whole, urgent, ‘Where’s the toilet?’ scenario. Body sensations can and do affect your dreams, and since most people need to get up and empty their bladder during the night, the common occurrence of this dream is not surprising.

However, how many times have you woken from this dream without a pressing bladder? And has your physical bladder ever emptied itself while dreaming of peeing? Probably not. These dreams are common, and symbolically meaningful.

The usual dream scenario is that every toilet, no matter how promising it appears to be, turns out to be unsuitable. Public toilets are locked, or there are no doors or walls on the cubicles, or the toilets are too filthy or overflowing to use. Another variation is that you do get to pee or empty your bowels but you can’t get the toilet to flush, or it starts overflowing while you are using it. In more fulfilling toilet dreams, you get to fully and happily relieve your bladder or bowel, sometimes even in public or out in nature, and then continue with your dream with no further pressing need to find a toilet.

The tip for interpreting these dreams is to see emptying the bladder or bowel as releasing toxins and waste products from your system. These are times for letting go of things in your life that need to be let go.

When the let go in the dream is easy and good, and the waste products flow away, you are letting go of issues in your dream. Too often, though, we feel surrounded by ‘shit’ and ‘crap’ that clogs up the natural flow of life. When this happens, you may dream of overflowing or dirty toilets. And when that ‘shit’ is building up within you, when you just can’t seem to find the right conditions to let it go, you encounter unsuitable dream toilets.

This dream is also to do with not getting enough privacy in your life, particularly for processing and letting go of emotional issues and related ‘crap’. There’s always the feeling of someone looking in, when all you need is time to yourself. When you have this dream, plan some quality private time, or ask why you feel unable to discuss and process some of your issues in public.

[Extract from 101 Dream Interpretation Tips, Jane Teresa Anderson]

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Slo-mo with glue feet

Episode 41 The Dream Show Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Dream interpretation results: Suzanne’s news, episode 45

Suzanne had dreamed of a prickly cactus obstructing her way in her dream.

Suzanne had dreamed of a prickly cactus obstructing her way in her dream.

Here’s an update from Suzanne, my guest on podcast episode 45, The Dream Show.

Suzanne had dreamed of a prickly cactus obstructing her way in her dream. There was mud to one side, rocks to the other, and no shoes to protect her feet. We discussed her dream on the podcast. Suzanne now reports:

“At the time of the dream, a team mate at work was as prickly as a cactus, a real impediment to our progress, just like the cactus in the dream. Our work path felt prickly, muddy, rotting, murky, stormy and unclear.

He’s since left the team! It’s a 180 degree difference, and I learned after he left that he made EVERYONE on the team feel like we weren’t good enough.”

When you do alchemy, things shift, and for Suzanne, the energy at work shifted – as well as the team mate. When your inner world shifts, your outer world reflects the change. I have often witnessed clients (and podcast guests) experiencing changes in personnel and team structures at work when they do alchemy.

As we become more conscious of challenges and conflicts they begin to resolve at a subtle level and everyone moves on. Back to Suzanne:

“I’m realizing, as you said in the podcast, that my being barefoot in the dream was a good thing. (I had thought it was a mistake – that I just needed better protective footwear.) You said that being barefoot was grounding, and I didn’t realize it but I was really in tune with something going on with this team mate, and it was when I was listening to the podcast again that all this fell into place.

Work had just stunk and I guess I didn’t want to admit to myself that it was so bad. Now that he’s gone and other people have talked about how good it was that he left, I can see it better. And now I can see so many little symbols in the dream that related to the ambivalence, impediment, and sorrow.

What you said in the podcast about emotional debt – that someone does you a kindness and you end up paying a hundred times more – and how this is related to having no boundaries, well, the team is working directly on setting boundaries, knowing our worth and acting in accord with that.

In the podcast we also talked about my ex. Well, he was not only not rigid like my father, but he was also muddy and ambivalent. I wasn’t sure if he really loved me or not. I never really knew where I stood with him. The same went for my cactus team mate.”

Now that Suzanne can see the similarities between her ex and her team mate, she is clearer about the way she used to respond around these energies, and is now freed to respond differently. As Suzanne put it:

“I was going about life at work feeling inadequate – like I did with the ex – basically paddling myself with the cactus paddles all the time because I was never good enough.”

In a recent dream, Suzanne found herself back in the same location as the cactus dream, but with positive changes, reflecting her progress with her alchemy:

“In the new dream I was up a level, in a stone room with a great view. I know I’m not at the final destination, but it’s better! And although I haven’t taken off yet in the plane (like my alchemy), I can really feel it’s possible and coming. I now know I’m just fine and worthy of a first class seat.”

You can listen to the original episode in which Suzanne and I discuss her dream here.

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Success is flowing update from Renee, episode 67

Success is flowing update from Renee, episode 67

Radio 2GB Bare bottom and high heels

Bare bottom and high heels

Episode 66 The Dream Show: Number nine

A new podcast every Friday. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 66 of our free weekly podcast, THE DREAM SHOW, is now up.

My guest today is Ifiyenia with a very short dream about her husband becoming the President of the United States. The dream featured the number 9.

The length of a dream is no guide to the depth of the interpretation! We go in deep for this one, and Ifiyenia’s ahas and insights come in fast and plentiful.

Together we pinpoint an exciting new development in Ifiyenia’s life and look at her readiness to flow with this. Is she ready? Is there something she needs to change or deal with first, or is the road ahead clear?

The number 9 comes up significantly in recent times and we also go all the way back to when Ifiyenia was 9 years old to uncover an important piece of the puzzle.

Our conversation wanders many avenues of dream interpretation as Ifiyenia raises key questions about dream interpretation and alchemy. At the end of the podcast, Ifiyenia offers to share her website address, and you’ll understand why when you listen to this episode! Enjoy. Oh, and here’s her website.

You can listen here (Episode 66)

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Dream interpretation: What you did in my dream last night

What do you think of me? How would you describe my personality?

What do you think of me? It’s a serious question! You’ve come to know me a little through these tips. How would you describe my personality? Write your answers down. Now, imagine the answers other people have given. Do you think they might have picked similar descriptions to yours?

The chances are that there will be a variety of responses, because we all see people through different eyes, according to our individual experiences.

If you’re not convinced, try this experiment. Sit down with three friends, and together write a list of five people you all know, and five well-known people familiar to you all. Then each take a piece of paper, and write down three words describing the personality of each of these ten people. For example, you might describe one person as ‘shy, deep thinker, resentful’. Compare notes. How different were your responses?

We don’t really know other people as they truly are. We see them through the veil of our own life experiences. In this way, how we describe other people tells us more about who we are, than who they are.

It’s the same in dreams. When you dream of other people, it’s usually because your dreaming mind has chosen these people to represent the qualities you see in them. You might dream of someone you see as shy when your dream is exploring either your own shyness or – as is often the case – the opposite, your confidence.

People in your dreams are symbols. Psychic connections in a dream are extremely rare. How someone treats you in a dream is a product of your dreaming mind.

No matter how real the dream seems, always remember that people in your dreams represent your own beliefs and feelings, not theirs. So rather than be hurt or upset by another person’s actions in your dreams, ask what you can learn about yourself from the way your dreaming mind presents this person. Self-knowledge is power.

[Extract from 101 Dream Interpretation Tips, Jane Teresa Anderson]

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Dream interpretation results: Margaret’s news, episode 55

Margaret’s dream featured a dog at a vet surgery. It was about how she handles situations.

Margaret’s dream featured a dog at a vet surgery. It was about how she handles situations.

Here’s an update from Margaret who was my guest in episode 55 of The Dream Show.

“Where do I start? So, so much has happened. The dream we discussed was a recurring dream theme. It turned out to be about how I’ve needed to manipulate situations so I can do what I want or show who I truly am. I realised that I had never felt I would be accepted or understood in just being who I am.”

Margaret had had this recurring dream theme for ten years, but this time it had a positive ending. It marked a deep change that occurred in the days leading up to the dream.

“The dream was evidence that a previous alchemy I had done had worked its magic! It healed and transformed this belief.”

Margaret’s dream featured a dog at a vet surgery. I set her a dream alchemy practice based on artwork: she had to create a certificate signed by Tom the veterinarian. In the days following the podcast, while she was doing the artwork, she experienced a synchronicity:

“A beautiful, friendly, lost staffy male dog approached my front door. He was obviously much loved. I gave him some water and went for a walk with him. I thought he may be able to find his direction home. This was not successful. He followed me back to my house. I did think of keeping him but he was owned and loved by someone else. I phoned the local Vet and took him there as they could scan for a microchip and find the owners.”

Synchronicities come up when you are experiencing deep change. They usually involve symbols that your unconscious mind has expressed in a dream. As Margaret put it:

“This is synchronicity at its best!  I have always loved the personality of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This dog was so loving and not afraid of receiving help from me. It seemed like he knew he had to trust and surrender to me to find his way home. Very much like me at the time!”

Although this was a dream that reflected recent positive change, our discussion during the podcast uncovered deeper levels that led Margaret to new breakthroughs.

“Following this path of self development allowed me to identify a much deeper negative belief. I have pinpointed and named the core belief that has caused me to experience judgement, fear and the need to control.

When I faced and acknowledged this core negative belief, I allowed myself to heal. I am already experiencing abundance, love, peace and acceptance and I know that these positives will increase over time.”

Margaret noticed that her creativity increased as a result of these changes.

“I am confident enough to follow what I would like to create without the need to manipulate. I have wanted to self publish a book that is a collection of children’s quotes about how they perceive their parents and what it is they enjoy or like best about mum and dad.

In the past, I procrastinated with this (due to fear) and therefore created blockages. These blockages have now been removed and I am proactively gathering my quotes. My thinking has shifted from ‘how can I do this, I can’t get access to enough children, blah, blah, blah’ to ‘I am only limited by my thinking so, change my thinking’.

This has led to getting the community involved and I am having a lot of fun working on this project. A large percentage of profit from sales will go to the  charity Act for Kids, and several local businesses have donated prizes, as all the children’s responses will enter into a draw.

Never, ever, did I think I would have the confidence and the ability to do something like this.”

Original podcast: episode 55

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Dream interpretation results Jeremy’s news, episode 50

Dream alchemy results: Jeremy’s news

Episode 65 The Dream Show: A ghostwriter’s nightmare

A new podcast every Friday. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 65 of our free weekly podcast, THE DREAM SHOW, is now up.

Meet my husband, ghostwriter Michael Collins, who comes onto today’s show in several guises (as ghostwriters are wont to do).

Michael has been an integral part of these podcasts since the first episode, doing the technical side of the show, and I thought it was time you got to know him a little more. After all, he has a story or two to tell about what it’s like to live with a dream analyst!

Listen as we discuss some recent newspaper articles reporting new research about dreams and dreaming, covering a range of topics from the serious (nightmares, insomnia and depression) to the light-hearted (the sleeping and dreaming habits of cavemen).

I also put Michael on the spot and ask him about his personal journey from cynic to dream believer, and he delivers.

Finally I answer a question from Jeremy, one of our listeners, who asks about the significance of animals in our dreams, and I offer plenty of practical tips to help you identify what the animals appearing in your unique dreams mean.

You can listen here (Episode 65)

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Dream interpretation: Let it flow – slippery secrets revealed

Slips of the tongue (Freudian slips) and typos reveal clues about a dream’s meaning.

Sometimes it pays not to think too hard when writing about your dream in your journal, recording it in audio, or recounting it to a partner or friend. Let loose a little with your handwriting or typing, speed it up and don’t worry about spelling mistakes, grammar, or typos. When telling someone about your dream, don’t think about tidying it into a story, or adding humour. Instead, let it tumble out without edit. Why?

When you’re not focussing on ordering your thoughts, your dream flows more naturally and you’ll find yourself remembering parts of the dream you had forgotten. More important though, is that when you let go and let flow, you’ll find slips of the tongue (Freudian slips) and typos reveal clues about its meaning.

You might look back on your notes and see you wrote ‘heal’ instead of ‘heel’, for example.

You might look back on your notes and see you wrote ‘heal’ instead of ‘heel’, for example.

Dreams tell their stories in the language of the unconscious, so when you are talking or writing about a dream, or describing its symbols, the language of your unconscious is already on your fingertips or lips.

You might look back on your notes and see you wrote ‘heal’ instead of ‘heel’, for example.

Talking about dreams provides the best of slippery conditions for birthing a telling Freudian slip, making interpretation easier.

Look at these examples.

1. “He drenches my thirst.”
Rather than being satisfied (quenched), this person feels she is drowning in her lover’s attentions.

2. “She’s past her use me date.”
He meant ‘past her use-by date’, but his slip reveals he felt used by her.

3. “I have to deal with huge clouds of people in my job.”
The issue wasn’t about crowds of people. It was about their negativity that clouded his day.

So write or talk about your dream at speed to create a slippery surface for your fingertips or tongue. Then write down any typos or Freudian slips and ask what your unconscious mind was really saying about your dream.

[Extract from 101 Dream Interpretation Tips, Jane Teresa Anderson]

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Episode 115 The Dream Show Hippocrates, Freud & Jung

Hippocrates, Freud & Jung


Dream interpretation results: Barbara’s news, episode 48

As we explored Barbara's dream, we identified what was really stopping her from painting.

As we explored Barbara’s dream, we identified what was really stopping her from painting.

Here’s an update from Barbara, my guest on podcast episode 48, The Dream Show.

Barbara is a painter. In the past, she had devoted herself full time to her art, but five years ago she had taken a job to bring in a secure income. She had chosen a relatively stress-free job so that she would be free, in her spare time, to pursue her passion – her painting. But the truth was, she hadn’t really done much painting in those five years.

When she came onto the show as a guest, Barbara had just put her home up for sale with the intention of buying a bigger home with space to paint. She thought it was space that had been limiting her painting.

These facts emerged during Barbara’s dream interpretation, but then, as we explored her dream, we identified what was really stopping her from painting.

Barbara had an unconscious belief that to be a painter meant to be poor and, worse, to feel unsupported. This had been her experience when she was painting full time. Feeling unsupported emotionally had been the toughest part. You can hear how this unconscious belief was discovered when you listen to the original podcast.

So no matter how rationally Barbara was approaching her dilemma – getting a stress-free job to cover income, and selling her small home so that she could buy something bigger with more space for painting – her unconscious mind was powerfully in control, ‘protecting’ her from painting to ‘save’ her from being poor and feeling unsupported.

Once Barbara could see this – and much more – in her dream, she could relate to it. She wanted to get back to painting again, but wanted to be rich (well, not poor!) and to feel supported and nourished emotionally. So we created a dream alchemy practice for Barbara to do, to reprogram that unconscious belief that was stopping her from really getting into her painting.

The universe – and alchemy – works in unexpected ways to produce the desired results!

This week (14 weeks after the podcast) Barbara reported:

“I’m now painting heaps. My earlier attempt to sell my place as a solution failed miserably, so the universe definitely did not want me to follow that path. Staying where I am means I don’t need to worry  too much about money or work, whereas getting another mortgage would have meant a heavier financial burden.  I’m in a position now where I may even be able to work part time (which I’ve always wished for) and have more time to paint.

I ended up getting rid of some of my furniture and moving stuff around my very small flat and have made a permanent spot to paint and that has worked well for me.  If you remember, in my dream I was moving furniture so that was the solution all along!”

So, Barbara’s first result is that she is now painting ‘heaps’ without being poor. To an outsider, this is the result of her house not selling, but we know differently, don’t we? Doing the alchemy created an inner change that reflected in an outer change. Also, if she had simply not been able to sell her house (but had not had her dream interpreted or done the alchemy), she would have felt stuck in her small home, unable to paint due to lack of space. After all, that was why she had set out to sell her house in the first place: to get more space to paint. The alchemy changed Barbara’s view of her home and she saw the painting space that had been there all along.

So that covers the ‘painting without being poor’ aspect of Barbara’s results.

How was the ‘painting while feeling emotionally supported’ aspect manifested?

You may remember, in episode 48, that Barbara was trying to move away from her mother in her dream. We discussed this and identified that Barbara needed to move away from a belief or attitude portrayed by her mother – Barbara’s inner mother voice, learned from her mum. Barbara continued, in her update this week:

Barbara freed herself to act according to her values, and that changed everything. She is now painting "heaps".

Barbara freed herself to act according to her values, and that changed everything. She is now painting “heaps”.

“Also, in the dream you may remember that I was moving as far away from my mother as possible, and the whole real estate scenario really highlighted strongly our different values: she was very keen for me to find a nice renovated place whereas I simply wanted space to paint and to be closer to the city (and work) so as to make my life more convenient.

Now she is ‘advising but not telling me what to do’ – that I should renovate the kitchen etc in my current unit which was never the original intent – so as much as I love her, we are completely different in the way we approach life.  When the whole real estate thing was going pear-shaped my attitude was ‘it’s just not meant to be’, whereas her attitude was ‘don’t give up, things are never easy, you have to persist, life is hard ra ra ra’, whereas my attitude is ‘if doors don’t open you’re on the wrong path’.  I don’t think either of us are necessarily right or wrong, just very different.”

Maybe Barbara always knew that her attitudes were different from her mother’s, but until she had the dream interpreted and did the alchemy she was still unconsciously influenced by her mother’s attitudes. After the alchemy, Barbara gave herself the emotional support she needed, and made good, nurturing decisions for herself.

And that’s why she’s now painting “heaps”, enjoying her space, feeling financially and emotionally supported, and even considering going part time at work. Congratulations Barbara!

Listen to the original episode in which Barbara and I discuss her dream.

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Dream alchemy results Suzanne’s news, episode 45

How much does worry weigh

How much does worry weigh?

Episode 64 The Dream Show: Sleep on it

A new podcast every Friday. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 64 of our free weekly podcast, THE DREAM SHOW, is now up.

We catch up with Barbara who was my guest in episode 48, to discover how her life has changed since having her dream interpreted and doing her dream alchemy.

The universe – and dream alchemy – work in unexpectedly wonderful ways to deliver the results we desire, as they have for Barbara.

One of our listeners, Campbell, says, “I ask for guidance, inspiration and answers, and wake with a clear decision, plan of action or answer and follow the guidance, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out or it was a really bad idea. What’s wrong and how do I tell the difference?” I answer Campbell’s question and then show you how to program your dreams for a solution or insight into a particular problem or question.

And we look at how our dreams can support us when we are going through big changes in our lives. So today’s show is all about change: how to create and accelerate the change you desire. Enjoy.

You can listen here (Episode 64)

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