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Your Tune Jane Teresa Anderson Dreams

If you were a song, what would it be? Which lyrics spring to mind to express the essence of your being, or even just the way you feel today?

I’m taking you through a tune up, or maybe a change of tune, and all this is courtesy of a recent mentoring client* who dreamed of telling a singer he was putting emphasis on the wrong syllables – darling instead of darling – and losing the essence and power of his song.

Where do you put emphasis in your daily life? What might happen if you changed this? What might happen if you began to put more energy and attention into areas of your life that you usually tend to downplay or dismiss? What might happen if you put less energy and attention into things you generally regard as high priority? Your gut response answers may be enlightening and insightful in ways you cannot imagine, so get a pen and piece of paper and let your answers flow.

While the details of my client’s dream are confidential and related specifically to her life, the analogy offers life changing potential for everyone, so let’s play some more:

If you were a song, what’s your chorus? What’s the recurring story you tell yourself or other people? What’s the repetitive line?

Is this chorus serving you well? Could you rewrite it? What might happen if you sang a new chorus to yourself and to others?

What might happen if you change the rhythm of your life, (your day, your relationship, your work, your social life), changed your regular habits, created a new pattern?

Is there harmony in your life? How can you increase harmony?

Imagine changing the style of your song, perhaps a jazz version, techno, string quartet, country, brass, folk, hip hop. What might happen if you change your (life)style?

What if you changed the pitch of your tune, pitched to a different market, pitched to a different audience, pitched to match ears and hearts that are important to you?

And what if you change the tone (modulate your message), the conductor (the pace, control, integration, interpretation), the instruments (your methods and means of expression)?

Energetically, the world responds to your vibration. Shift your vibration and you shift your world. My client’s dream gifted her a beautiful analogy – liken your vibration to a song, then shift emphasis to ‘get it right’.

Look ahead to where you would like to be, then choose the song that matches that place. Sing it with all your heart.

* Thank you to my client for allowing me to share her dream’s analogy.

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2 comments on “Your tune”

  1. Judee Reply

    Interesting exercise. At this point in life, I really don’t think I’d want to change my song radically, just perhaps tune a few of the instruments that are causing dis-chord.

    Oh – my song? “Hey Jude” The repeating chorus is from another song – “All you need is love.” I guess I’m showing my age. 😉

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