The Compass

The Compass, your guide to your best future, Jane Teresa Anderson

The Compass offers key questions – the right questions – to free you from habitual patterns of thinking and give you new insight and perspective.

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When you can’t see a solution

When you can’t see a solution in your personal or professional life, when your options or ideas feel limited, when you feel stuck, when you feel you’re not living or working to your highest potential, when you can’t decide, when you feel like giving up, when your creativity has stalled and you’re staring at a blank page, when you want things to change but you don’t know how to make it happen, when you need insight into a problem, when you need creative edge, when you need to establish your bearings and find direction – THE COMPASS delivers.


When you ask the right questions, you see the best solutions

THE COMPASS offers key questions – the right questions – to help free you from habitual patterns of thinking. The questions you usually ask yourself are limited to your point of view. THE COMPASS changes this. When you ask the right questions, you see the best solutions. The alchemy practices (exercises) in this book, while fun to do, create meaningful deep inner change, freeing and enabling you to see your way forward and step into your best future.


Imagine your problem or question as a mountain

Imagine your problem or question as a mountain. There you are, looking at that mountain from one point of view. Now imagine that mountain placed at the centre of a compass. Walk around your problem and view it from each of the 360 degrees – from 360 different perspectives, 360 points of view, 360 potential solutions.

Pause at 1 degree: how does the problem look? Pause at 180 degrees: how does the problem look from this completely different angle? Every new viewpoint frees up your old limiting views and beliefs.

Imagine having 360 perspectives at your fingertips! You do: they’re all here in this book, each on a separate page, and with an extra five added for those who want to contemplate a page a day for a year.

But too many viewpoints around one particular problem might be confusing. You want to find a solution to your problem, an answer to your question. This is what to do:

Think about the problem you wish to solve, and turn it into a question you would like answered. Write that question down. Then ask for a solution and open this book at random, focussing on your question. Read the ‘degree of freedom’ (fresh perspective) on that page.

For example, you may randomly select the page showing the degree of freedom BRAKE. When you consult the WHY section on that page, you’ll see it reminds you that when you’re going too fast, you miss seeing opportunities.

Next answer the personal questions in the CLARITY section on that page. You will experience a new view of your problem and begin to see possible new solutions. Your answers will also help you to see how your past experiences (for example, a need for speed you developed at some stage) may have shaped the problem in the first place.

Then move on to the ALCHEMY PRACTICE on that page. This practical, though sometimes seemingly quirky exercise, helps you to transform your old views and beliefs – the ones that were not serving you well (for example, a fear of taking things more slowly) – into new ones that will bring more positive rewards into your life. These intensely powerful alchemy practices work at both a conscious level and a deep, unconscious level, which is why they may seem a bit bizarre and silly at times. Plunge into the fun side of the practices knowing that your unconscious mind responds to the quirky symbolism of the tasks, and that’s the most important thing.

But don’t stop there! Remember, there are many possible solutions to each problem. Repeat this two more times, giving you three different degrees of freedom (fresh perspectives) to explore and blend to discover your ultimate, unique solution.

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Includes 365 Alchemy exercises

These fun exercises are deeply transformational, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, no matter how bizarre, childish, frivolous, or outrageously ridiculous they may seem. There is method in this apparent madness. Many of the alchemy practices incorporate symbolism to communicate with your unconscious mind using its own language (the language of symbolism, similar to the language of your dreams). Most of the practices also trigger your right brain into action, and that is best achieved by breaking the rules of logic, introducing play, and getting you thinking (and doing) outside the box. These practices also focus on engaging a range of your senses because the more senses you bring into play, the swifter the transformation.


Use The Compass  



To solve those apparently unsolvable problems.

By dipping into the book at random three times, while holding the problem or question in your mind, you’ll receive three fresh perspectives on the problem, along with carefully crafted questions for you to answer, questions designed to help you discover blocks or limiting beliefs that have been clouding your view. Armed with this insight you then do the recommended alchemy practice to clear your vision and your path.



360 plus five degrees of freedom (fresh perspectives) for a contemplative 365 day year.

Read one a day (perhaps choose from the index at the end of the book, or simply start at number one), answer the personal questions in the CLARITY section and see where they take you. Each degree of freedom introduces you to a new view of your world. Some degrees will resonate more strongly with you than others. When the resonance is strong, follow through by doing the related ALCHEMY PRACTICE.



To stimulate the muse and get your creativity flowing.

The ALCHEMY PRACTICES are designed as transformational experiences, and they also work to open up and expand your creativity. When you’ve lost touch with the muse, open the book at random and do some of these fun, quirky, inspirational exercises. You’ll soon get gold.


395 pages

Jane Teresa Anderson

Also available as an ebook

Paperback book ISBN 978-0-9804157-1-1

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