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How to see your blocks

Sometimes it’s just too hard to see your own blocks. You might feel their presence, an invisible, unnameable something that stands between you and where you want to be. In less enlightened times you might have decided you were cursed, darkly and subtly manipulated by the power of another. Today you might be curious about

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Episode 161 The Dream Show: How to move past stuck

Is there one area in your life where you feel stuck, or one problem that you can’t fix no matter how many different solutions you try? In this episode, we go back to basics to see how your dreams can help you to move the apparently immoveable, to solve the apparently unsolvable. Enjoy this mix

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Sliding doors and spooky tales

This little cupboard has moved from house to house within our family for years, and we have always forgiven it for its one fault, doors that open whenever you walk past. The bolt that is designed to keep the doors closed is too short for the task, losing its grip and slipping out at the

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The secret of life

When I was about six or seven, an aunt gave me an autograph book for my birthday. I can still picture it (Post script, June 2015: while moving house I found it, that’s it in the header image!), a padded matt white vinyl cover with an illustration of a modish 1960s lady, pen poised in

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What’s your problem?

Is there a problem you’re trying to solve in your life right now? Or maybe you prefer a more positive spin: Is there a challenge you’re encountering, ripe with opportunity and blessings that you’ve yet to see? Looking back, what was the last problem you solved, and how did you do it? What was the

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“I bet you get this all the time,” said the sales assistant helping me choose a new skirt yesterday, “but what do those dreams mean where you are trying to walk but your feet are heavy and it’s all so slow? I keep having that dream.” “You probably have the dream when you feel you’re

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