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“I bet you get this all the time,” said the sales assistant helping me choose a new skirt yesterday, “but what do those dreams mean where you are trying to walk but your feet are heavy and it’s all so slow? I keep having that dream.” “You probably have the dream when you feel you’re

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Blinded by the light

It’s that time of the year here in Australia. It’s midwinter*(see footnote!), the air is clear and dry and the sunlight is blinding. There’s no summer humidity to water down the glare, and the widening hole in the ozone layer down this end doesn’t help. I need a new pair of sunglasses. Which would you

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Turning point: small shift, big change

What’s your best success story? It might be a career or business success, meeting your soul mate, a personal breakthrough, a creative or academic  achievement, a lifestyle change, a contribution to your community, healing your body, finding peace. When you look back along the path, what was the turning point, the event, thought or action

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