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Episode 161 The Dream Show: How to move past stuck

Is there one area in your life where you feel stuck, or one problem that you can’t fix no matter how many different solutions you try? In this episode, we go back to basics to see how your dreams can help you to move the apparently immoveable, to solve the apparently unsolvable. Enjoy this mix

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Dream interpretation: choosing a dream

“How do I know which dream to start with?” emailed Tim, eager to begin applying some of my techniques. Tim remembers four or five dreams a night, and realises that working in depth with one dream a day would be too much. “I was hoping you might answer my question in a blog,” she said.

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Rewiring the brain with Dream Alchemy

Imagine you have a dream about climbing an endless staircase, one that doubles back on itself just when the last step is in sight, or one that twists like a mobius strip, or tricks the eye like an Escher print. It’s quite a common dream, and, like all unresolved dreams, it reflects an unresolved situation

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The right question

Are you looking to your dreams for answers to important questions? Do you go to bed hoping for a dream that will explain all and show you the best way forward? Are you looking for solutions to personal issues, guidance on career, or a bankable genius eureka to boost your fortune? The dreaming mind offers

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Radio 5AA, Adelaide: Former glory

Words can be very telling, especially the words we use to describe our dreams. They often come direct from our unconscious mind – perfect keys to interpretation. So next time someone is telling you about a dream, listen for those tell-tale words. Alison called Radio 5AA last week when I was interpreting dreams on Amanda

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