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Is this your life?

How often has your alarm clock saved you from a worrying dream you thought was real? What a relief to wake into your everyday life, where all the quandaries and confusions of the dream evaporate and leave you free to get on with your day! You may have spent all night trying to catch that

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Dream interpretation: Radio 2UE, Finding home

Vanessa called Radio 2UE when I was interpreting dreams on Tim Webster’s afternoon show earlier this month, to ask about her recurring dream which she’d been having for six months. She was intrigued because a previous caller had asked about her recurring dream of never being able to find the right train station, or catch

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Radio ABC Victoria: Joy flight

“I dream of flying a single propeller plane,” said David, who called me this afternoon on Kathy Bedford’s Statewide Drive show on Radio ABC Victoria. “I take off and although I don’t know how to drive it, I land it safely.” David feels ecstatic in his recurring dream. I’m sure David said ‘drive’ not ‘fly’,

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