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Episode 180 The Dream Show: The anthem

Laraina, from Canada, is my guest this episode, bringing her epic and vibrant dream for interpretation. Early in her dream she hears an anthem, so harmonious, so peaceful, so full of love, that she thinks she’ll never be able to recreate this moment. What does the anthem represent in Laraina’s life, and how does the

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Episode 149 The Dream Show: The hidden library

My guest, Karen, had a dream about discovering a hidden library filled with eclectic books and antiquities downstairs in her house. As she wondered who created it and why it wasn’t being used, she became lucid to her dream and lamented that the library – like all the extra rooms she has discovered over the

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Turning point: small shift, big change

What’s your best success story? It might be a career or business success, meeting your soul mate, a personal breakthrough, a creative or academic  achievement, a lifestyle change, a contribution to your community, healing your body, finding peace. When you look back along the path, what was the turning point, the event, thought or action

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