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Episode 149 The Dream Show: The hidden library

My guest, Karen, had a dream about discovering a hidden library filled with eclectic books and antiquities downstairs in her house. As she wondered who created it and why it wasn’t being used, she became lucid to her dream and lamented that the library – like all the extra rooms she has discovered over the

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2012 Wake up call

What’s your recurring dream? If you’ve been following my blog, listening to my podcasts, and reading my books, and you’re still experiencing a recurring dream, today’s post is your wake up call. It’s time to put what you’ve been learning into action if you want to enjoy life changing results in 2012! Let’s review the

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Episode 71 The Dream Show: Glimmers of gold

What’s the link between Inception, the movie, and Dream Alchemy? Inception is about entering into a person’s dream and changing the storyline to create a changed waking life outcome, while Dream Alchemy is about changing the storyline of your own dream, once you’ve woken up, to create a changed waking life outcome. In Inception, the

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