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Lens flare or divine light?

“It’s lens flare,” says the scientist. “It’s synchronicity,” says the mystic. “It’s divine,” says the shaman. “It’s alchemy,” says the alchemist. “It belongs in the fifth chapter,” says the author. “Let’s see what my dreams make of this,” says the dream analyst. That’s me: scientist, mystic, shaman, alchemist, author, and dream analyst, though probably not

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Rainbow shades of grey

“Why do we dream in black and white?” It’s a question I’m often asked, and it always makes me smile. “We don’t,” I reply. “You don’t remember noticing colours in your dreams, so you assume you dream in black and white. And shades of grey. But now you know you can dream in colour, you

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Episode 125 The Dream Show: Mystery prize

Alicia, my guest from Atlanta, Georgia, dreamed of winning a prize that led her on a mystery journey. Listen as we piece together the elements she encountered along the way: the red tinted photographs, the light under the garage door, the significant numbers and directions, the distinguished faces, Carmen the neighbour, Debra the team mate.

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Blinded by the light

It’s that time of the year here in Australia. It’s midwinter*(see footnote!), the air is clear and dry and the sunlight is blinding. There’s no summer humidity to water down the glare, and the widening hole in the ozone layer down this end doesn’t help. I need a new pair of sunglasses. Which would you

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