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Episode 158 The Dream Show: A house with potential

Meet Lisa, my guest, who dreamed of a derelict house with a mix of funky and antique furniture, and great views from the steeply sloping garden. Should they buy the house? There were pros and cons, and because this was a dream, some of the cons were pretty outrageous: beds floating in an elevator shaft,

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Dream interpretation: Radio 2UE, Finding home

Vanessa called Radio 2UE when I was interpreting dreams on Tim Webster’s afternoon show earlier this month, to ask about her recurring dream which she’d been having for six months. She was intrigued because a previous caller had asked about her recurring dream of never being able to find the right train station, or catch

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Dream interpretation: Recurring dreams

Do you have a recurring dream theme? I asked this question on my Facebook page on Monday, to gather some material for today’s blog and to provide some glimpses into what these dreams mean. So thanks for your contributions, guys, and read on! First up, remember that a dream reflects your conscious and unconscious experiences

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