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Episode 115 The Dream Show: Hippocrates, Freud & Jung

Imagine getting Freud, Jung, and Hippocrates (a dream healer from around 2,300 years ago who became immortalized as the Father of Modern Medicine) into a room together to interpret a dream. They’d all have different views. Where would they agree, where would they disagree? In this episode, I meet these dream pioneers and ask them

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Radio ABC WA: Sickbed dreams

“It was a cool vampire dream that would make a cool vampire novel,” said ABC Radio WA host Glynn Greensmith, of the dream he had while he was sick. Glynn invited me onto his early morning show yesterday to talk about dreams, wondering if there was a link between being sick and having unusually vivid

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A tale of two snakes

I’ve just had coffee with a beautiful soul who is creating something quite exquisite to celebrate dreams. You’ll hear about it here first, when it’s ready to unveil. “What is that pendant you always wear? Some kind of totem?” she asked, leaning forward to examine the fine detail of the chain that I wear day

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