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Episode 147 The Dream Show: Pursued by love

Renee is my guest having her dream interpreted on The Dream Show.  What do you do when a rich foreigner opens his heart, shines his love, and literally offers you the world? In Renee’s dream, you run! “She’s too stupid to see he’s trying to help her,” shout some people in a bowling alley as

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Beyond cure and prevention

What drives you to consult a doctor, therapist, or counsellor? Do you book an appointment when you’re sick, suffering, stressed, blocked, or faced with a conflict or problem you can’t solve? Do you book seeking a cure for your ills, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual? Do you also consult when you are feeling well, seeking

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Blinded by the light

It’s that time of the year here in Australia. It’s midwinter*(see footnote!), the air is clear and dry and the sunlight is blinding. There’s no summer humidity to water down the glare, and the widening hole in the ozone layer down this end doesn’t help. I need a new pair of sunglasses. Which would you

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