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Beyond cure and prevention

What drives you to consult a doctor, therapist, or counsellor? Do you book an appointment when you’re sick, suffering, stressed, blocked, or faced with a conflict or problem you can’t solve? Do you book seeking a cure for your ills, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual? Do you also consult when you are feeling well, seeking

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Bad dreams & dementia?

Recent research has got people all excited about a possible link between people who thrash about in bed while they’re dreaming and the later development of dementia, in particular, Parkinson’s Disease.  Here’s a video clip of me talking about this on The Morning Show, Channel 7, this morning. So let’s have a look at this:

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Do nightmares affect health?

Do frequent bad dreams have a negative impact on your health? Michael Lund, writing for the Courier Mail, reports today that recent studies suggest a link between frequent nightmares and insomnia, fatigue, depression and anxiety. Research in China suggests that 5.1% of people have frequent nightmares, defined as at least one a week, while other

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