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Episode 171 The Dream Show: Synchronicity

In this episode we dance with synchronicity, in both a light-hearted and deeply exploring way. Oh, and we relate it to dreams on many levels. When was the last time you experienced synchronicity? What happened? How did it make you feel? A synchronicity is a coincidence or series of coincidences that are not really coincidences

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Sting’s Dream of the Blue Turtles

How creative is your dreaming mind at weaving what’s happening around you while you sleep into a dream? Someone knocking on your door, an alarm clock that fails to wake you, a snoring partner, a cooking smell, a cold blast of air, can all find their ways into a dream, but usually in a surreal

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Episode 158 The Dream Show: A house with potential

Meet Lisa, my guest, who dreamed of a derelict house with a mix of funky and antique furniture, and great views from the steeply sloping garden. Should they buy the house? There were pros and cons, and because this was a dream, some of the cons were pretty outrageous: beds floating in an elevator shaft,

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