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As above so below

As above, so below. As within, so without. What do these ancient sayings mean to you? Legend has it that Hermes Trismegistus inscribed these words, in Phoenician, on The Emerald Tablet, somewhere between 1,200 and 38,000 years ago. Yes, you did read those dates correctly. No, no-one knows where the tablet is now, or whether

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Tell me about your dream

“We welcome dream reader, Jane Teresa, onto the breakfast show,” a radio presenter announced earlier this morning, and I had to smile to myself: there it was again, call it synchronicity, a prod from the universe, or meaningful coincidence, those two words, dream reader, gave me the thumbs up for the blog idea I had

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Dream consultation by email and a tale of two feathers

I get the message. Or should I say, I got the message, through a series of emails I received from various people, and through the tale of two feathers, which I am about to share. What was the message? Well, you probably noticed part of it, emblazoned in the title of this short blog, but

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