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Singing with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant

Have you ever met and deeply related with a celebrity or well-known public figure in a dream? How did you feel when you woke up and recalled the dream? Did you feel as if you really made contact, as if it were more than a dream? Did you feel inspired, or energised in some way?

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Dream interpretation: Recurring dreams

Do you have a recurring dream theme? I asked this question on my Facebook page on Monday, to gather some material for today’s blog and to provide some glimpses into what these dreams mean. So thanks for your contributions, guys, and read on! First up, remember that a dream reflects your conscious and unconscious experiences

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Episode 63 The Dream Show: Lady Gaga, Kate & Kay

Spot the theme: Lady Gaga has a recurring dream about being asked to cut her wrist, a dream she worries is connected with the Illuminati, while Kate, our guest from episode 57, had dreamed of chopping off her leg so she could look inside. In this episode I interpret Lady Gaga’s dream, and report on

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