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Sleep On It and change your life, Jane Teresa Anderson

Jane Teresa Anderson’s first book, Sleep On It, published by Harper Collins in 1994, now available as an ebook

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To understand your dreams is to take the first step towards a new you and an improved future. Sleep On It shows you how to recall your dreams more effectively, as well as experience the kind of dreams that can change your life.

Sleep On It begins with the analysis of the waking and dreaming lives of 160 people, drawing on statistical and anecdotal evidence.

The book then provides a practical, step-by-step guide to dream interpretation and shows you how to take action on your understanding.

The final section examines dreaming from three perspectives: the mind, body and soul.

Blending the methods of neurophysiology, psychology and philosophy SLEEP ON IT shows you how to utilise your dreaming world to change your life.


Introduction, Just a dream?

Extract: This is how Sleep On It begins

‘Don’t worry dear, it’s only a dream,’ comforts the father, whose distressed child has just woken from a nightmare. ‘What a vivid imagination!’ laughs the proud mother, You’ll make a good storyteller one day!’ unwittingly belittling her child’s dream experience. Her son grows to forget his dreams as he is taught that his outer world, his career, even his vivid imagination are far more important than the world within.

As adults we wonder why we forget our dreams or even why we seem not to dream at all. Surely this is no surprise if we have been conditioned to believe our dreams are confused mumbo jumbo, or the brain’s electrical filing system sorting through the previous day’s events and chucking out the old useless memories. Why would we respect, recall or take a second glance at what we are programmed to believe is mere night-time garbage?

In these decades of changing economic times and spiritual evolution, the focus is on ’how to’ and self-reliance, yet people everywhere emerge from their nightly sleep with little comprehension of the power of their dreams to give clear direction and to change their lives. Why waste what the night brings?

Dream amnesia commonly sets in when our dreams deal with issues we’d rather not face. Who would want to spoil the delicate balance of their daily life even though that balance may be as tricky to maintain as walking along a knife edge? If we can get to the end of each day without putting a foot wrong, without too much pain, who would want to risk jeopardising this by peering over the edge into their dreams? I would! I’d much rather look at the underlying causes of my life’s patterns, the ways I react and behave in different circumstances and gain new understanding that can convert that stomach churning knife edge into a pair of wings! All it takes is the willingness to open yourself to your dreams, their meanings and their ability to provide you with the means to change your life. This requires an open mind and the courage to look right in the eyes of whatever comes up. Are you ready to take that journey?

This book is based on the Dream Survey which researched the dreaming and waking lives of 160 people from a variety of backgrounds. The results bring a clearer understanding of the meaning and practical application of our dreams to our lives. The research from the study reveals how to improve your dream recall, how to open yourself up to more dream experiences and, most importantly, how to take actions based on them!

219 pages

AUD$8.80 (Australian dollars)
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Jane Teresa Anderson

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