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50 more Dreams Interpreted, ebook

Join me as I interpret 50 unique dreams collected from people around the world so you can see how it’s done. I’ve also created a Dream Alchemy Practice for each of the 50 dreams.

You’ll witness my approaches and techniques as you read through my dream interpretations, and you’ll see how you can use these methods to explore and interpret your own dreams, and design your own Dream Alchemy Practices.

While these are not your dreams, you will probably recognise some of the themes, and resonate with some of the symbols and issues. And for the rest, there’s always insight to be gained by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and walking through their dreams.

These 50 dreams have been selected from my website dream forum, which ran from 1998 to 2003, so it is with deep appreciation that I thank everyone who posted dreams and participated in the public community discussions during those years.



Dream: Eggshell blue jaguar

I first noticed the eggshell blue car, which was an early model Jaguar, but the layers of paint were thickly painted, like a car which was ‘done up’ to hide the underlying rust. It did not appear to have a driver.

I was in an older car, following, and I felt my three children with me in the car. We were on a busy freeway in America or England. It had at least eight lanes of traffic on each side of the medium strip. I bumped into the left rear corner of the Jaguar with my car, and I don’t know whether I did it deliberately or not. After I bumped it (a little) a big crack formed from top to bottom of the car, and I thought how ridiculous this exaggeration of damage was.

Then, I decided, quite out of character, that I would not stop. I would be killed if I did, and I wantonly didn’t want to. So I sped off a couple of lanes over, and away, with my children. Our car, was brown, roundish, like an early Austin, but bigger, and it made a nice comfortable engine sound.


How interesting that the jaguar that cracked so easily and dramatically when you bumped it was painted in eggshell blue. Eggshells crack easily and dramatically too. There are two clichés, ‘walking on egg shells’ and ‘treading on eggs’, which both mean trying not to upset a sensitive issue. Do you, or does someone you know, use these clichés?

What, in your life, has been painted eggshell blue? Does this colour have personal significance or has your unconscious mind used word play to imply that the cover-up job (the many layers of paint to hide the rust), no matter how thick, is still as delicate as eggshell?

The delicate car that reacts so dramatically to a tiny bump is a Jaguar. A jaguar is also an animal. When you think of a jaguar cat, what energy comes to mind? What do you see as the personality of a jaguar cat? How does it approach life? For example, you might feel that the big cat is always ready to attack, with claws sharpened. Or you might feel that the energy of the jaguar is superior. Your feeling for jaguar energy is a good clue to an energy you are dealing with – or, at least, treating carefully as if surrounded by eggshell – in your life.

The word ‘jag’ (sharp) is in jaguar too. Then think of the Jaguar car. Have you owned one? If so, when? The Jaguar in your dream may be a symbol referring you to the time when you drove the Jaguar, the time when the emotional rust set in, the time when you began the cover-up to hide the rust.

What is the personality of a Jaguar driver? This is another way to find your personal symbolism for the Jaguar car in your dream.

What could the rust be? Rust is a breaking down of a metal that was originally strong. When something rusts it eventually falls apart. Your dream car was an early model. It symbolises a younger you – an earlier model of who you are today. Now that you have contemplated the questions in the preceding paragraphs, you should have a fairly good idea of the kind of energy the jaguar represents or the time period in your life to which this refers. So, if you’ve decided, for example, that you had a Jaguar in 1977, then look back and ask yourself what began to fall apart then (rust) and what you have done, over the years, to cover this up (the layers of paint).

Or, if you’ve decided, for example, that a jaguar cat is always ready to attack, then ask yourself when, in your past, this energy was strong within you and when it began to break down. Ask yourself how you have covered it up and why: did you cover up the break down because you want to appear strong and ready to attack or did you cover up attack-mode because it caused you trouble (rust) and you want to hide this aspect of your past? Work with your own jaguar symbols to arrive at your conclusions.

You used the words “underlying rust”. The unconscious mind uses rhyming. Could the hurt you have covered up be one of “underlying trust”?

The Jaguar did not appear to have a driver. Cars can represent our drive and motivation, so here is your old drive and motivation (the underlying jaguar energy) made drive-less by the cover-up and hiding.

What is the rust from your past that has caused you to be so fragile now? Who or what in your life now seems to be the eggshell you are cautious about breaking? The reason you may feel fearful of dealing with that other person’s dramas is likely to be due to a related unresolved issue within you. For example, if a relative is too easily aroused to attack (jaguar) then your fear of triggering this may be because you too are easily aroused into attack or, more likely, that bringing the issue into the open means facing your own issues and hurts about attack and defence and you’re trying to cover these up.

The eight-lane highway is a clue. What happened for you when you were eight, or eight years ago?

You were driving an early Austin. Apply the same thinking to the Austin as you have to the Jaguar to work out which part of your own energy the Austin represents. You described its engine sound as comfortable. Are you in a more comfortable position (emotionally and spiritually) today? Does this comfort empower you with a readiness to start chipping away at those cover-up layers, to approach those eggshells with less fear? This seems to be your attitude in the dream. No longer wary of protecting an issue you deliberately crack it open, and the first thing you learn is that what you have been protecting has been ridiculously exaggerated. A good start!

You sped off no longer held back by eggshell caution. You responded “wantonly” suggesting a new attitude of risk and adventure replacing your previous attitude of unnecessary caution.

(A dream alchemy practice is given for each of the 50 dreams interpreted in this ebook.)

188 pages

Jane Teresa Anderson

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Your eBook will be automatically emailed to you as a download link immediately upon payment by PayPal or credit card, or upon confirmation of payment if you pay by bank transfer. If you don’t see your purchase (your invoice with your download link) in your inbox within a few minutes, please check your spam folder.

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