Dreaming of your soul mate

Dreaming of Your Soul Mate Jane Teresa Anderson

Have you searched for a lover you met in a dream, believing he or she must exist?

What does this kind of soul mate dream really mean? All is revealed in this slideshow. Click image to watch, or right click on the image to save.

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Have you ever dreamed of meeting a soul mate?

A sense of magnetism in the eyes of a passing stranger, an enchanting voice calling to you from a forest or a passionate kiss from a mate you know extremely well, but only in dreams? Have you been tempted to search for that man or woman of your dreams in waking life?

Or has someone you know in waking life utterly surprised you in dream by turning out to be your perfect lover with the magical soul touch you had only ever … dreamed of? Have you been tempted to follow your dream, drawn to cracking the surface of the person you thought you knew to touch that sleeping soul lover inside?

Perhaps you have dreamed of a reunion with an ex, only your dream ex reveals extraordinary qualities you never glimpsed in waking life. Have you been tempted to return to the ex, to reap the rewards of dream healing?

While some excellent relationships have been birthed and nourished in dreams, many people have searched without harvest for the partner they believe they have met on a soul level while asleep. Some have a mental checklist, fired by the indelible sensual memory of the dream, right down to hair colour, profession, scars and so on. Sadly such sole focus too easily blinds a person from seeing a perfect soul mate clothed in a different physical form.

So what do these soul mate dreams mean and why do they linger so powerfully and sensually?

The key, as always, is to consider all the people in your dreams as representing something about you – the way you think, your unconscious beliefs, personal issues, your attitudes and so on.

Your soul mate dreams bring you face to face with your own wonderful qualities, usually those you have denied or forgotten about. The person you are falling in love with is none other than yourself. In doing so, you become more whole, and then what happens? Then you are more likely to attract your real soul mate into your life.

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68 comments on “Dreaming of your soul mate”

  1. kayz Reply

    I have dreamt about my soul mate before though I couldn’t see him, only sense him. It was strange and it feLT as though we were both flying together over a beautiful green meadow toward a cluster of trees in the distance. The scene suddenly changed and I heard a voice…”You had a deep love for him in a past life”, it said. I then woke up. To this day I still can’t really figure out who my soulmate actually was and who the voice was.
    I think I’ll know him when I meet him again.

    • Alexis Reply

      I had a similar dream myself swore it couldn’t be real cause I was a child and found myself in an abandoned house surrounded by antique furniture looked to be from 60’s era never been lived in seemed to be all new appliances furniture everything in front of me were 3 doors I presumed bedrooms the center door drew my attention as I heard it creak as something or someone opened it just a crack big enough to see it was dark in there then I saw a little hand about the size of my own right below the door knob but nothing more then I heard a little voice say “you can come in here if your scared its safe in here this is my room noone will hurt you here so I reluctantly agreed to go inside and when I walked in he stood behind door peeking out at me and smiling once in awhile (blurred though he was no clearness about him like a under developed picture) the room was empty no bed no windows white bare walls nothing just. A teddy bear sat in the corner ( Big teddy bear as big as me dressed in marine dress blues) I ran to him immediately and asked the little boy is he yours ? The little boy replied with a blurred. Smile and blushing cheeks that was obvious even through blurred appearance so I smiled and asking can I hold him he replies of course so grabbed him and hugging him tightly and I could swear it felt as though 2arms wrapped around me so much love so my happiness so much peace suddenly it didn’t matter what the world thought of me and as he watched me holding this gigantic bear compared to myself he softly said “he’s yours if you want him but,he has to stay here ok but you can come back anytime you’re always safe here if you need a place to hide and hell always be yours so I cried (idk why) put teddy bear. Back in corner turned walking outta room looking back at little boy to say goodbye and that’s when his face came into focus I knew that face I knew that smile I knew those eyes it was a guy from my real life who I liked but after dream I now adore and have deep feelings for but its all so silly he doesn’t like me like that not sure he likes me at all this dream happened. 4mths before our 1st realife talk but although he says he’s my friend I cam somehow feel him and know he avoids me although I’ve never let on how much I care at all
      now, talk about a crazy dream or whatever that was really now
      can anyone offer up logical explanation to this crazy dream or whatever that was PLEASE PLEASE help me driving me nuts tried forgetting it and telling myself it’s just not real but convincing the mind and convincing the heart well,I found out 2 entirely different things help please

      • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

        Hi Alexis,

        What a wonderful dream to finish this thread! Dreams are symbolic, and weird though it may seem to you, that teddy bear represents a part of yourself that can give you comfort when you feel unsafe. Can you think back to having a teddy bear when you were small? You might have felt the same way about that bear, as a child. Sometimes in life we need to find that sense of “so much love so my happiness so much peace suddenly it didn’t matter what the world thought of me”. When you need this in life, close your eyes for a moment and imagine finding that ‘teddy bear’ energy within yourself. Give yourself that hug and assurance.

        You may have faced some emotional issues when you were a tiny child, and needed to hide to feel safe, so that’s something you might want to explore. Ideally we should feel safe without having to hide our feelings. Ideally we should be able to share our experiences with people who can help us to feel safe. Can you find someone like that?

        You saw the boy’s face in the teddy bear. What is is about that boy that feels comforting to you? If you see good energy in the boy, see if you can find that good energy within yourself. As you know, the boy is not your soulmate – and you know that from his attitude too. Leave him be. Look after and love yourself, “no matter what the world thinks of you”.

        Many blessings,
        Jane Teresa

  2. Alison Reply

    So i had a dream. Only…my soulmate was a snake……ive been searchinh for answers all over. Help?

  3. Tina Reply

    I had a dream a few months ago where I was sitting across from a man on a table. We were looking into each others eyes and were deeply in love. About three weeks later I went to a party and I met him. I have never remembered faces in my dreams but in my dream his face was so vivid and I woke up abruptly knowing that I was going to meet him. He had the same dark hair, the same blue eyes and a little dimple under just one eye, exactly the same as in the dream. At the party we spoke the whole night. As soon as he met me he was instantly attracted to me, I was more wary funnily enough. I think I was a little freaked out after the dream. He asked me to go back to his house. I did and we chatted the whole night, I told him that there was no way I was going to sleep with him because I am not like that. He just held me the whole night. The next weekend we went out and ended up sleeping togther. It was the second time I had seen him and while we were having sex, he told me he loved me. I have never felt like this about anyone before. It is all very strange. I really don’t know what to make of it. I really didn’t think that things like this happened in real life!

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Tina,

      Maybe you did have one of those rare precognitive dreams. Even so, also consider your dream from a symbolic point of view, because there is so much to be gained from doing this in terms of understanding yourself on a deep level. The better you understand yourself, the better your experience of waking life will be.

      Jane Teresa

  4. Ali Reply

    I have met my soulmate I know who it is. We are not together but we do talk often we keep in touch. I have had dreams of this person before we’e talked and stuff but in this last dream we saw each other we were walking together we made eye contact smiled and that was it, we didnt talk or touch I just woke up.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Ali,

      We are often attracted to people who we think have the qualities we need to develop in our own lives. Happy eye contact in the dream suggests you are doing this. The relationship will work best if you also recognise and develop these qualities within yourself (assuming they’re qualities worthy of development!)

      Jane Teresa

  5. Jennifer Reply

    I had a dream several months ago that haunts me. It began on a large boat in the middle of the ocean. the clouds were dark and I was alone and filled with anticipation and fear. I see geometrical shapes form in the sky. made with some sort of light and this creature, man begins to fly through them and as he passes through each one in succession they spin and he gains speed until he passes through the last one and accelerates so fast that he dissapears and reapears a short distance from me on the deck. the clouds get darker and he walks close to me and says something like ” it’s no use I’ve already got everyone else, ( i feel like he’s talking about my family) you can’t run away” I know I can’t hide from him or run so I look overboard at the writhing, high waves and I jump. the water is cold and it begins to rain violently, the waves are impossible to negotiate. I see search lights in the distance I start to swim towards them. then there are sharks circling me but I keep going ( I know, right, could it be more dramatic) and I’m exhasted and cold and overwhelmed with fear, my body is hurts all over and out of nowhere this boat shows up and I see the silhouettes of two men, and one of them tries to reach for me and pull me up but he isn’t strong enough and then the other comes to help me and he pulls me out of the water (not effortlessly, mind you) and I fall to the deck totally drained of life and then I see his face as he sits down, and he’s beautiful and I forget everything else, all the fear, even the pain just vanishes in a moment, it fades into the past like a memory, it’s just me and him and I see his face and I just keep staring and I want to memorize his face and it feels transcendant and blissful and euphoric, and I just keep staring, the air is thick with his presence and I’m lost in it, swimming in it, it permeates my skin and I don’t want to ever leave. and he looks at me and then he sort of looks away because maybe I’m making him uncomfortable with the staring and he doesn’t feel the same. but it doesn’t bother me I just want to look at him longer. and then I wake up but that euphoria lingers all day and I try so hard, still, to remember his face. he was dark with long dark hair to his shoulders and dark eyes, but his face is just a fuzzy memory now, but his presence I can still remember. I try and try to dream about him again, but I don’t know if I have already and I just barely remember them. it was the most profound feeling I’ve ever felt and I was asleep, All I want is to be back there again. if he’s real where is he and why did he look away? if he’s some unnamed aspect of my own psyche I’m just really mad that he isn’t real flesh and blood and still, why did he look away? please help, this is too much.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Jennifer,

      There’s so much in your dream that you might like to have a consultation with me to bring out what you need to know. A passing comment from me on this blog is not going to deliver the deep insight you require that will make a difference to your life. You can go for the most basic consultation here http://www.dream.net.au/services/email_reading.cfm or look at the other types of consultation you’ll see on the menu bar at that link. I look forward to helping you there.

      Jane Teresa

  6. Isabelle Reply

    I had a dream that I was in an old lady’s backyard. There was concrete pavement with no cracks. It was raining and cloudy, but I was happy. That is my favourite weather. The backyard fence and furniture where made from wood, but it looked nice. There was also an empty rabbit cage. A long=haired golden retreiver then licked me, and the image of a man I currently work with (who also has feelings for me) and the old lady then said, “He is your soulmate.” But he is married. What does this mean?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Isabelle,

      Remember, a soul mate in a dream represents something about you. Although the man at work has feelings for you – and I’m guessing you have feelings for him – your dream is not really about him. What do you admire in this man? In what ways would you like to be like him or have some essence of life that he has? Ask yourself these questions then forget the man (hey, he’s married anyway), and develop these qualities in your own self, your own life. The result will be that you’ll attract a much better real-life soul mate AND you’ll be a more interesting person too.

      Jane Teresa

  7. trish walsh Reply

    hi, i had been dreaming of my soulmate 12 months before it was always the same dream, untill 2004 i was drawn to a gargage where he worked after i met him for the first time i dreamt the dream again and his face was revealed it was michael the man at the garage i was stunned and very shocked spirit told me and revealed the reason we had a bond was he was indeed my soulmate we have been meeting up in synchronicity ever since we are not together but over the last three years i feel we are getting closer to meeting and staying together. we meet on the astral plaine and in visions all the time i have even senced when he was ill and im setain ive had the same symptoms as him .i know one sday soon we are going to be together its a very profound experience but the most wonderful too. trish walsh

  8. ariana Reply

    Last week i had a dream about this boy .I’ve seen him aeound school and never thought anything of it but had a weird attraction to him. The dream was weird necuase I was in love. Like how I’ve never been with anyone I felt this overwhelming feeling of love for this guy I’ve never experianced . The dream was so vivid that the conversations we had were like in real life .the next day there was a field trip and he syarted talking to me .. he later got mu number and weve been talkibg but I would like to know if we have some sory of soulmate connection. I’ve also had past experiances where I’ve heard different voices talking to me. I’ve seen what i beleive to be an angel. It was mist in the air looking like glowing baby powder slowly forming the shape of a person I know I’m not goin crazy cuz my dog woke me up barking looking roght at it …I’ve alsp had so many out of body experiances where im floating spirits talk to me argue with eachother .. I hope I’m not going craazy .. its hard to understand ..

  9. Aria Reply

    I’ve been dreaming about my old high school classmate sometimes even though I am not thinking about him. It’s been years since I last saw him. In every dream he has different roles like a friend, best friend, brother, an intimate friend and even a lover. There’s always a mutual understanding between us in every dream, just like when we were in high school. I don’t exactly see him as a friend but we’ve been getting along really well since we have the same birth date. Can I consider him my soul mate? Thanks.

  10. Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

    Hi Aria, The key is to remember that people in our dreams represent something about us – our beliefs, how we see and think of those people. They’re dream symbols. Which three words would you choose to describe his personality or approach to life? Write these three words down. It’s at least one of these qualities that you’re attracted to today. It’s not the person (the classmate) that you’re attracted to, it’s the quality he represents. Relationships work best if we develop qualities we admire within ourselves first, rather than seek those qualities in other people (to make up for our lack). Once you’ve built a great relationship within yourself (become a soul mate to yourself), then – hey – you’re highly likely to attract your perfect soul mate in waking life.

  11. Trac Reply

    Just a year ago, i caught up with a man i went to school with 20 years ago. We got along so well, that we became great friends. 6 months later, he wanted to concentrate on his work etc, and we have not spoken in this whole time. We have however sent a few messages here and there. I feel so strongly about this man, i know we connected on a level not everyone gets to achieve. i have this man in my head day and night. i look at his photos and it brings tears to my eyes. A month ago i told him how i felt, then just last night i recieved a message from him, telling me he didnt know how to ease my thoughts and wished me the best. I then went to sleep. During the night i dreamt of him, all i really remember of the dream, is that he was lying on a lounge and he moved over for me to get on too. Then i woke up before i got there. I woke up sweating and immediately began to cry for no apparent reason. I have never felt anything like what i feel for this man and recall a reading i read when i was young that said, the man for you will be wearing the yellow coat. Well when i first saw him again after those 20yrs, it was raining alot and he had to work in it. As soon as i saw him in his yellow coat, i knew he was the that man and i still feel it now. I still feel we will be together and its something that just doesnt seam to be going away. I think it everyday..

  12. sara Reply

    i had a dream 3 years ago that i was in a crowded street and this guy that i see around almost every where i go came and held my hand i felt his touch like it was real and walked me through, i have been seeing this guy around for almost 4 years. yesterday me and my friend went to time square and she met her boyfriend there and the guy i saw in my dream turned out to be his friend and he came with him, after the new year celebration ended we were walking in crowded street out of no where he grabbed my hand and walked me through just like what i dreamed of 3 years ago..is it possible that this guy is my soul-mate??

  13. Nel Reply

    Hello. I’ve been having dreams about an unknown guy since I was young. The earliest memory I had of dreaming about him was when I was in 2nd grade however, there I know there were earlier dreams but I could not remember. Through the years, he keeps reappearing in my dreams. He started out as a kid like me, but as I grew, he also grew. I’ve been keeping a dream journal since my first year in high school and almost one fifth of my dreams are encounters with him. The pattern is that he always saves me, or guides me or just stays with me. His face isn’t vivid though. I saw it clearly once but I forgot the details but his voice I will never forget. He’s a black haired boy with pale skin. I also kept meeting him in the same place. An island which resembles my home town.I had a dream once that we had a baby boy with black hair like him and eyes like mine. It’s all very mysterious. Is this guy my soul mate?

  14. Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

    Hi Nel,

    Sometimes our dreaming mind latches onto a symbol and brings it up over and over again over the years. That symbol may stay the same (for example, a car or a hotel), and sometimes it transforms as we go through changes (for example, the car appears in different models or states, or the hotel grows larger and more complex). My feeling – given the frequency that your guy appears in your dreams – is that he is also a symbol that your dreaming mind has latched onto as representing an aspect of yourself that has been around all these years. He grows in age as you grow in age. From your description, he represents a feeling of support and guidance that you may feel lacking in the ‘you’ you show the world. In what way did your upbringing leave you feeling isolated (an island that resembles your home town)? This is one key to helping you understand what he symbolises.

    Jane Teresa

  15. Thomas Reply

    I first had a dream in 1984. I prayed before going to sleep. I was somewhat unhappy with my life. I was given three books to read in my dream I have found and read all Three. One book was not published until 5 years after my dream. The first book I found that very day at the library. At the end of my dream I was getting married.

    Her hair was black and flowing with gentle waves.
    Her eyes were blue with a special something I have rarely seen in all my years of searching.
    She stood about 4 inches shorter than me making her about 5′ 4”
    Her body was fairly slim fitting perfectly in my arms as we kissed.

    I awoke

    Years later I dreamed she was sitting in her white rocking chair reading her black wavy hair was shorter. She had reading glasses and a red blanket covering her legs to keep her warm. The rocker was next to her bed and a big bay window overlooked the street the window frame as white and it was fall outside.

    Last year I dreamed we were working together and an important meeting was called her hair was pulled into a ponytail and her hat was an off-white in color. She put on a little weight but not much. She was more caught up in observing the meeting than worried about it. Then we started to talk of our weekend plans.

    This week we were in the kitchen together. She was playful and fun. Dressed in all in blue, hair straighter than it has ever been. and her lighter complexion with ever so little make-up on her gorgeous face.

    My dreams seem so real and the desire to find this special lady so great. Few women in reality can even compare the perfection in my dreams and feeling of being in the presence of each other is better than any romantic sunset or dancing in the gently falling snow I have ever done in the real world with anyone.

    What do you think he probability of such a person actually existing is?

  16. Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

    Hi Thomas,

    Well you never know! But I still encourage you to look at this beautiful dream woman as an aspect of yourself that you are beginning to get in touch with. She first appeared in the dream you had following a prayer for help because you were unhappy in your life, and the surest way to find happiness is always to grow it within before you seek to share it with another person. Another person cannot bring happiness to you, but another person can join you in a state of happiness that you already know how to find.

    Think of the qualities she embodies in each dream. These are the qualities that – at the time of each dream – you were ready to bring into your life. They’re there in your unconscious, these qualities that can bestow happiness. Are you ready to let them in?

    And the thing is, the moment you find that inner happiness, or shine those qualities, is when a true soul mate will often appear, attracted by, and matching, those very same qualities.

    Have a look at this little slideshow:


    Jane Teresa

  17. Elisabeth Reply

    Hi, I find this site interesting and I wanted to comment based on my experience, and hopefully get some feedback about a dream I had. I studied psychology in grad school, and was in Jungian analysis for many years. Of course, dream analysis is one of the mail tools we work with, and it has opened up the mysteries of life to me. Many of the things I’ve experienced/dreamed will remain a mystery, since it’s tapping into deep realms of the unconscious beyond my human capacity to understand… Many of my dreams are prophetic. Some of them I didn’t realize were until up to 5 years later! At the time they made no sense to me and my analyst, and them boom! After going back over old dream journals, I was able to finally make sense of them. It’s uncanny at how accurate they were. But then again, in “reality” there really is no such thing as time, so why would I be so surprised I dreamed the future?

    I preface saying all of this, because I KNOW that some dreams are foretelling the future. Some are also telling us things about another person we need to be aware about, and it’s not our unconscious telling us things about ourselves we are blind to. I’m very cautious about interpreting dreams in limiting, cookbook and almost prescriptive ways, if you will. So, I’m hoping to go a little deeper here…

    Here is a dream I had about 17 years ago–In real life, my grandfather had passed away around a month prior to the dream. My grandfather showed up in my dream. I was with my husband, who was gorgeous, but I was a scarred women, yet he loved me anyway. We were sitting at a restaurant’s bar and my grandfather came up and sat down next to us. (In the dreamscape, I didn’t recognize him as my grandfather, but in my unconscious, I did.) He started talking about life and said nothing was more important in life than love and finding your soul mate. He said he recognized this love between me and my husband, and how lucky I was to have found my “soul brother.” He said good for me that I waited to meet him. In the dream recording, I described the connection between us. I said that every time I looked into his eyes, a deep love and passion was ignited within me every time. this love never died. The dream flash-forward to us being old. I had grey hair and we were swimming in a pool, having fun and when I looked into his eyes, that same deep connection and love existed…

    At the time of the dream, I was in a relationship with a great man who wanted to marry, but there was no real chemistry there and he felt almost like sibling. When I had the dream, I knew my grandfather was sending me a message that there was someone better for me out there, since my relationship was nothing like it. That dream has served as a signpost for me over the years. (I had this dream LONG before I studied psychology/dreams!)

    I’m still not married, and partly it’s because of this dream. I can’t remember any features about my “husband” except of the connection. Deep inside my soul, I’ve known that soul mate connections are real, and i’m not interested in marriage unless I have that deep connection. I haven’t met him yet. I’ve tried to marry, but it was for wrong reasons. That dream told me to hold on and wait for the right guy. It’s been hard to do, but I also know if I had married any past lovers, it wouldn’t have lasted, because I yearn for a deep bond, which I didn’t have with them. I’m wondering if anyone has heard or worked with dreams like this. What happened? What thoughts does anyone have about my dream?

    Thanks much!

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Elisabeth,

      Thank you for your contribution. Regarding precognitive dreaming, you might like to read my book on the subject, The Shape of Things to Come:

      One thing that jumped out to me, reading your post, was that your dream grandfather mentioned “soul brother” and you referred to your potential husband at the time as a ‘sibling’.

      Deep salutations to you for holding out for the kind of relationship that is important for you. In the meantime, how is your relationship/bond with the inner you – your own soul – going?

      Many blessings,

      Jane Teresa

  18. Divya Reply

    Last night, I had a dream about a man whom I haven’t met in person, but I have spoken to him on the phone. After enquiring about him, I found out that he ia a playboy. I am not having any contacts with him now. But yesterday I dreamed about him(the actual dream was one of my aunts, who I don’t speak to these days, was asking my mom and me about him. She doesn’t know him at all. So how did she ask my mom and myself about him. His name is John by the way. He was someone who I was kind of obsessed with for a year. Please explain the meaning of my dream.

    Thank You

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Divya,

      Thank you for sharing your dream. You’ve asked me to explain the meaning of your dream. You would need to book a consultation with me for that professional service. Here’s some help: Dreams are not what they seem, and the actions of the people in them do not in any way reveal anything about the waking life ‘versions’ of those people. This article will throw some light for you:

      Jane Teresa

  19. laize Reply

    I had this dream where random things happened like one moment a talking tarantula was mad at me and trying to attack me but we worked it out and everything was fine. Then I went to school in some parallel universe and i met this guy who
    Looked exactly the same as some guy in my 1st period class someone was teasing him though that never happens in real life as far as I know and i helped him and hugged him to see if he was okay .I was suprised because normally im pretty shy sometimes and would never do that but what really suprised me was that the guy kissed me it was sweet and he was really cute and shy but i felt the most wonderful thing wash over me and i assume that it was love and i never wanted it to go away and at the end of the dream I climbed on a bus and went home..

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Laize,

      Thank you for posting your soul mate dream. The connection does feel wonderful, doesn’t it! Notice that you said you’re normally pretty shy, and then you described the dream soul mate as shy, so what you were doing in this part of the dream was accepting and appreciating – loving – your shy side. Good!

      Jane Teresa

  20. Tamara Reply

    I had a dream in November 2012 that I haven’t been able to forget because it felt so real. I was standing in a street of a town that looks like it is in either Ireland or England, and I was with 2 adult men and a teenage boy (I should mention that I’m 17years old). The 2 men were chatting nonstop and the teenboy and I were giving eachother signals that we should quietly slip away without the men noticing We held hands and backed away until we were around the corner then we ran down the street laughing, dancing and smiling at eachother. We walked into a mall and put our arms around eachothers waists and started doing random things like dancing, twirling, dipping eachother and hugging. Then a lady who had a supermarket uniform on, came over and said to him “you need to come with me”, he kissed me and said he would be right back, but i waited about 20min for him and he still didn’t show up, then my dream ended and i woke up with mixed emotions of happiness, love, sadness (because I didn’ t want the dream to end and I wanted to stay with him forever) and the feeling that he was my soulmate.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Tamara,

      Thank you. Those soul mate dreams stay with us so long because the feelings they help you connect with run so deep. I notice the contrast between the men chatting non-stop and the feeling of “quietly” slipping away with the boy. You embraced the “quietness”, the dancing and laughing more than non-stop words. These are lovely qualities to draw upon within yourself.

      Jane Teresa

  21. Lata Reply

    I had a dream just yesterday that I was in some train yard with a bunch of friends. The train yard was sort of transformed into a carnival area so there were alot of people around. My best friends was with me and we bumped into a group of guys. Not even a second later, something crashed nearby. A guy pulled my friend to safety and another guy pulled me towards him and hugged me to protect me from the crash. He was really tall,lean and good looking (my preferred physical attributes of a guy). I caught a glimpse of his face and he told me his name was Graham. I somehow felt in the dream that he is the one that I’m meant to end up with. When I woke up, I felt such joy. But i got all confused as I’m with somehow else now, and I don’t think he’s my soulmate. I have no idea what this dream is. It’s pretty straightforward right?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Lata,

      Thank you for contributing your soul mate dream. No, it’s not straightforward because dreams are not literal. They are symbolic. It’s interesting that you don’t feel your current partner is your soul mate. That’s a good insight, but neither is the man in your dream. Dreams are all about you! He represents wonderful qualities you are connecting with within yourself. In your dream he’s associated with feeling protected when things around you feel like they come crashing down. Remember, dreams reflect the last 24-48 hours, so look back over the last couple of days for more insight about your feelings around protection.

      Also, have a look at this:

      Jane Teresa

  22. Delle Reply

    I had a dream last night that starred with me making a big batch if fruit salad for my aunties party, I had cut all the fruit and realized I had to keep it in a hot car so I looked around for a container, while I was doing this I could see my aunties house so I walked over to it and the next thing I know is there are a bunch of people mainly male friends of mine in the house. But the house had changed to one if the guys house. I remember seeing a guy who I still feel now was my soul mate. In the dream we were kissing really passionate but it just felt so right. I can still remember how he looked and how I felt being with him, I then said to him that I had to return home as I felt like I was trapped in this house. I started to renovations on the house so I could by time. The guy then said he was going to the shops for dinner and when he returned I got quite angry as I wasn’t given anything to eat, I then said my goodbyes and felt a sense of loss as I was leaving him. I still feel a sense of peace and love from this dream? What does it all mean

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Delle,

      Remember that dreams reflect your conscious and unconscious experiences of the last two days. Look at all the emotions you felt in your dream. There are some clues there about the emotions you were processing in your dream. This blog is not about offering interpretations (you can consult me about your dreams by checking my services on the blog menu). You can learn some key steps to beginning to understand your dreams by getting my Dream Tips – seven emails over seven days, a free service. You’ll see the sign-up box on the front page of my website here:

      Hope this helps,

      Jane Teresa

  23. Sara Reply

    I had a dream about three years ago where i was in a place similar to a greenhouse, then a man came in holding some plants for me, he looked at me deeply and smiled, and i looked at him too and smiled as well. After few weeks from having that dream, I’ve seen in him in the market, it was so fast and quick, I have also seen his face several times while driving my car. Is that a sign that we’ll meet?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Sara, The best way to find your soul mate is to take the advice in the article: bring those wonderful qualities into your own being – develop them as part of your own personality – and you will attract the best partner. Dreams are not what they may seem, and if you start chasing a face from a dream you are not likely to find the happy result you wish for.

      Jane Teresa

  24. nisi Reply

    i had dreamt about a unkown guy thrice,in the first dream he had helped while i fell of ladder,he smiled at me…that smile was so sweet i almost fell in love wid him,in the second dream i was caught on top of giant whell afraid to jump down he climbs up to me and holds me close tells me not to worry and jumps wid me..and i land safely…he gives that same smile to me..after that he comes to my home and my famil is fond of him…and he also likes me…in the third dream he helps me in a office..ad kisses me on cheek and on my neck…what does all this mean?

  25. Jasmine Reply

    I had a dream about laying next to my girlfriend and telling her i thank god because I think I’ve found my soulmate.

  26. Akansha Reply

    Hello , I really need help regarding my dreams ! Since I was in 8th grade I have been dreaming about a guy (unknown) who helps me whenever I feel low. The dreams are very much intense and allof them feel so real. Once I saw I was forced to dance with an guy whom I did not like , it felt as if I was forced to marry dat guy . But suddenly the unknown guy comes , takes my hand and brings me closer to himself . I felt so satisfied and secure . I could see some tears in his eyes . It expressed that he was unhappy of the fact that I am being forced to marry somebody else . After that I looked in his eyes and said that I love him and then rested my head on his chest . This one of the many dreams I dreams about . I have never met this guy before but it feels as if I know him from a long time . I am 17 yrs old .

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Akansha, Thank you for contributing your dream. Notice the guy brings you feelings of satisfaction and security at times when you feel ‘forced’ against your will. Remember that dreams reflect the 24-48 hours beforehand, so each time you have this kind of dream, look back to the last couple of days to see where you were feeling forced – even forcing yourself to act or be to suit someone else’s expectations. Connect with the part of yourself that knows how to act in ways that bring you satisfaction and feelings of security. (In a consultation we would work deeply on these issues so that you can understand them and apply alchemy to change things for the better.)

      You might like to read this article for more on understanding soul mate dreams:

      Jane Teresa

  27. Jackie Webb Reply

    For three years I dreamed about the same guy. In every dream we sat and talked and got to know each other. I even saw us getting married and having twin girls. Does this mean he is my soul mate? I’m still dreaming of him but not every night or I’m not remembering it every night.
    Thanks I don’t know what to make of it.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Jackie,

      Have a look at this article: http://www.janeteresa.com/soul-mate-dreams/

      Everyone and everything in a dream represents something about the dreamer. Rather than being a separate person, think of him as an inner part of yourself (like a twin part, following your dream mention of twins) that you would be well-advised to get to know. It’s possible that because you’re no longer dreaming of him every night that you’re already getting in touch with this lovely aspect of yourself. Think also about what was happening during those three years of the dream and you might see why this inner connection was important for you. Isn’t it great to know you don’t have to find this man in the world? That widens the possibilities of finding a true soul mate.

      Jane Teresa

  28. Angel Reply

    I’ve been having dreams my entire life of a girl. I can only see her face and her eyes. Those medium blue eyes. I had a dream we fell in love, then after that, she’s been in my dreams and sometimes in the waking life I can sense her. My friend said, she’s dreamed of her too. I really need help on how to fond this girl or what my dreams mean. In my dreams, she only comes when there’s complete chaos and helps me through it all.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Angel,

      Your life will be so much easier if you stop looking for this girl out there in the world, because she’s a part of yourself. The place to look for her is within yourself. She has such a lovely energy – no wonder you fell in love with her – so it’s time for you to connect with this energy that you keep deeply hidden. You dream about her or sense her presence when you’re experiencing complete chaos because she’s the part of yourself that you need to invite forward to calm the chaos. She’s the part of yourself you need for more balance. Allow yourself to show this energy – let it shine. (Your friend’s dream is a separate issue.)

      Jane Teresa

  29. tori Reply

    Since 4 years I have dreams about the same boy. In every dream i meet with him on the street, in the restaurant, in unknown to me office, where he working. In my last dream before a few days i met him on the street, i was surprised to see him, he was happy to see me again. I gave him my e-mail and then I woke up. After every dream i wonder why i can’t forget him. Maybe he does not remember me, I feel dumb for that. We met on holiday before years ago, now he is far from me, i can’t understand why i have dreams for person from the past, but I have no dreams for people which i meet every day. ps: i am sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Tori,

      Why do you dream about someone from the past but not about people from your life today? Dreams reflect the last two days, and whatever issues come up for you during those two days may resonate with issues from your past. This boy represents something from your past that comes up for you now and again – and each time it does, you dream of him. So he’s a symbol. Here’s an article to help you work out what he means:

      If you need more help, you might like to book a consultation.

      Jane Teresa

  30. Alice Reply

    Hello, I am in a long-term relationship and engagement is on the cards. Last night, though, I dreamt that I met another man and we instantly fell deeply in love. All I can recall about him was that he was from a wealthy background and that this felt like an added bonus. Walking along arm in arm, we bumped into someone we both knew and explained to them that we were together, it was very sudden, but that we’d both just known we were the right match. At some point in the dream I also saw my current partner, and while I knew he was a good person, I also knew I was going to have to end it to be with the man who was so obviously my one true love. What on earth can this mean? In real life I am not contemplating ending my relationship – does this mean I’m with the wrong person? My current partner and I get along well. I’ve never really considered him my ‘soul mate’ but I am very happy in our life together.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Alice,

      No, the dream doesn’t mean you’re with the wrong person or that you should end the relationship. Dreams are symbolic. The new guy in the dream was very attractive to you so he represents something you’d like to bring into your life – not the man himself, but a quality you’d like to encourage within yourself. Although your dream wasn’t a cheating dream as such, this article will help you:

      Jane Teresa

  31. Lui Reply

    Hi, I dreamt of “the one” in 2001. The dream was so fast! I was dreaming of something else before that, then all of a sudden, there was this woman seated from afar and looking at me smiling. It looked like there was a spotlight on her. The vision was then magnified quickly just for me to see her face, what she was wearing and where she was at or maybe how I will recognize her. While looking at her face, I heard a voice in my head saying “she’s the one” then before I could react, I woke up. I’ve been on the lookout for her ever since. It’s been 12 long years and still waiting. There is a friend who when I first met was love at first sight for me, she looked a bit like the woman I dreamt of but her eyes are brown and the woman I dreamt of were blue. So I disregarded it although I’m puzzled because this friend of mine appeared in my dreams together with my deceased mom and aunt and in that dream it was like they were telling me they like this friend of mine for me. If I can just have another dream of the one since it’s been 12 years already. How will I go about in knowing?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Lui, Thank you for contributing your experience of a soul mate dream and how it has affected your life during the last 12 years. I can understand how compelling it has been for you to look for – and wait for – the embodiment of this dream woman in waking life. That’s the thing about these soul mate dreams: the soul mate character is always so compellingly charismatic. They resonate deeply with the dreamer’s heart and soul because – deep down inside the dreamer – this energy exists, waiting to be awakened and brought into every day life. Think of the energy of that woman, Lui, (forget, for the moment, her physical looks). How would you describe that energy? Back in 2001, when you had the dream, you touched upon that energy within yourself. I wonder if you can bring this energy into your own life now, just connect with it from deep in your heart and let it seep and integrate into your own being. With that in place, you won’t need to look for another person to fulfill those qualities in your life. You will be free, instead, to fall in love with someone who may be your true soul mate while not looking anything like the woman in your dream. Wouldn’t that be a wonderfully freeing thing to do? An end to the waiting, a more fulfilled and happy life. It’s never too late. Enjoy.

      Many blessings,
      Jane Teresa

  32. Ross Reply

    Last night I had a dream of this tall,beautiful ,slender,blonde,blue-eyed lady which was in waking life a stranger to me but in that dream…somehow I knew her and her name was Brenda and in that dream I mentioned someone that she’s my ex. She was was wearing a white business suit outfit while holding the hand of this little boy.
    I have an ex gf and her name was also Brenda with the same features…blonde,blue eyes,shorter and different face compared to the woman I saw in my dream and has a son from previous marriage. My ex gf was nurse,so its impossible that’s she’d be wearing a white business suit.
    I do think about her once in a while but its my first time I dreamed of Brenda.
    What does this mean?


    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Ross, Dreams reflect the last 24-48 hours, so in the last couple of days it seems you were contemplating work or business in a way that brought up some memories or issues around your ex-Brenda. If we were having a professional consultation here, I’d be asking you for more details – how you felt about seeing her in the dream, and much more – that would help clarify what your dream was about and give you insight to help you in your life right now. Just remember, everyone in a dream reflects something about you, so Brenda in the dream reflects something about you that is similar in some ways to ex-gf Brenda, only in a different (business related) sense.
      Hope this helps,
      Jane Teresa

  33. Ross Reply

    Hi Jane,
    Greetings from NYC.
    Actually,when you asked me how I felt when I saw her in my dream I was in love and I was just staring at her from the distance while she was walking holding the hand of a little boy. She had that serious look in her face when she looked down to her son. She didn’t see me in that dream. When I saw her in that dream,it was sort of a totally different person yet somehow I knew her because I mentioned her name “Brenda” to a stranger.

  34. Gabrielle Reply

    I had a dream a few months ago about this guy I was seeing at the time and in the middle of me dreaming about him h e actually called me and I thought that was weird, now I havent seen him in awhile and last night I had a dream that he contacted me on facebook and sent me a friend request with a message “it’s about time”. And when I went to go accept it, I couldn’t find it. Then I woke up. what does this mean?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Ah Gabrielle, Dreams are not literal, they’re not what they seem. Are you finding it difficult to accept something about the end of that relationship?
      Jane Teresa

  35. Jennifer Reply

    It saddens me when I wake from a soul mate dream. I want to stay asleep. The dreams are never about common interests, physical attractiveness or anything that the conscious world seems to think is so important. It is just about the feeling of calmness, completeness and security. Warmth. It is disappointing that this perfection is unattainable in reality.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your contribution and thoughts. I wonder why you feel that calmness, completeness, security, and warmth are unattainable in your life. And I wonder if the wonderful feeling you connect with in your dream – that is certainly there in your core otherwise you wouldn’t be able to touch it in your dream – can inspire you to allow it to flow more into your waking life, even in little less-than-perfect ways.
      Many blessings,
      Jane Teresa

  36. Rebecca Reply

    I had multiple dreams about a guy I never met before. He might be my soulmate. It starts out as I was annoyed at him. And after talking to him, I was calmer. Nothing mattered anymore and I felt cared for and weightless. What was very strange was that with every dream, his hair grew a little bit. I still haven’t met him and I had those dreams 2 years ago. In the last dream I had, I woke up next to him on a nice, comfortable bed and I spent the day with a big family. I don’t know if they’re my family or his. I didn’t want to wake up. The connection was strong. I haven’t dreamt of him since then 🙁

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your contribution. As I mentioned in my article, “Your soul mate dreams bring you face to face with your own wonderful qualities, usually those you have denied or forgotten about. The person you are falling in love with is none other than yourself.” From your last dream it appears you finally made that connection with a sense of calmness within you. Draw upon that whenever you need it.
      Jane Teresa

  37. Ellie Reply

    I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago and I had a dream that I was crying because I missed him. I’m at the old park I used to go to when I was a kid and I walk down the path and some boy comes over to me and says his mission is to make me fall in love with him. I find him attractive(even if he isn’t the most attractive person in the world) and I laugh and say I have a boyfriend,to make him go away. But he looked sad so I said I didn’t really and then all of a sudden I’m in this house. And I’m with all my friends,all the friends I have now and he’s there too. We all split up and I am with my older sister and her boyfriend dayle. I find out this boy of mine is his brother and I was so shocked. They go into this store and him,dayle and my bestfriends boyfriend Michael all dance. It was hilarious. Then the boy goes missing. And I can’t find him and I feel like my hearts gone and I can’t breath. I drop to the floor crying. Skipping a bit.. He comes back and he grabs my hand and all my friends are in the room too and he pulls me on the sofa and kisses my hair and I felt so happy. It was unbelievable,even his touch made my heart melt…it was indescribable! I won’t forget that dream. Ever. But I really wanna know what it means to me? I’m still not over my ex.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Ellie, You may not be over your ex, but that’s not really what this dream is about. Think about the boy in the dream: what was his personality? What was it (about him) in the dream that made you miss him so much when he was gone? These are the things you need to bring into your own being: how can you bring more of those qualities to shine within yourself? After a break up, think about how you can develop and grow as a person. Reread my article: it’s about falling in love with yourself, being comfortable with yourself. Once you’ve got that happening, you’ll attract the best relationship.

      This is not an interpretation. You can book consultations/interpretations here:

      Jane Teresa

  38. stefan Reply

    I had a dream last night that was really wierd but I some what enjoyed it. I had a dream that I waa sitting in my house with my roommate and we had an unexpected guest which was a white goat after that, my neighbor came over asked us to babysit his son , accompanying him were two more white goats , 2 white cats and 2 white rabbits. After a girl I new in high-school showed up and were helping us maintain this zoo of animals in my house. Afterwhat felt like hours of trying to contain these animals, my roommate and I went a tripdown to the city in our area with a bunch of friends there (including that girl from high-school ) on the trip there were bunch of females there attractive females ,but I felt an emotional al connection with the girl from high school . I asked one of the other girls to be mine, she hinted along the lines of “no” . I then left the group to go ask this girl from high school to be mine by phone for some reason , just then her phone died and I over heard her in shock and and in an joyous kind of tone stating how she felt the same about me.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Stefan,

      It’s interesting that instead of asking the girl with whom you had an emotional connection to be yours, you first asked someone else: not your first choice. Later you were shocked that your first choice was interested in you. Also in the dream you were busy ‘containing’ all the animals. Are you too busy ‘containing’ your feelings to go for what you really want in life? This dream – like all dreams – is not about the girl (in waking life), it’s all about you. Look beyond relationship: where do you think you can’t have your first choice in life?

      This is not an interpretation, just a beginning. You might like to book a consultation so we can really go into this:

      Many Blessings,
      Jane Teresa

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