Dream interpretation: End of the world


Dream Interpretation End of The World Jane Teresa Anderson

Many people dream of the end of the world and get really scared, assuming they’ve previewed a coming reality, but, of course, dreams are symbolic. Here’s a short one posted to the one-day dream forum last month, followed by my interpretation.

“I’ve been having constant dreams about aliens arriving, and/or aliens influencing our lives. I see end of world, panic, spaceships. But when I wake up, it somehow gives me a sense of beginning.”

My interpretation

You are dreaming of the end of the world as you know it – some aspect of your own private world or being that is coming to an end. No wonder you wake up with a sense of a beginning. We can only grow and change in the world for the better by ending some things so new things can begin. End old attitudes, so new attitudes can begin. End old personal world perspectives so new ones can begin.

And those aliens? Easy – parts of your being that you have alienated are coming back on board. You mention panic, so your dream suggests that a panic situation in the past caused you to dissociate from certain feelings or emotions and send them into your personal outer space. Because things are changing in your world now, you’re confident enough to face the old sense of panic and integrate these feelings into your being as you step into the future a more confident, calm, (unpanicked) person. Congratulations!

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115 comments on “Dream interpretation: End of the world”

  1. Jenni Reply

    Everynight I dream of dying. Most of the time, its in a meteor shower, sometimes I am murdered by an individual, or a group of people, a car crash, falling from a building, killed in the prossess of an exorcisim being preformed on me, the grim reaper, its been like this my whole life. Ive never had a normal dream.

  2. Aisha Reply

    Hey !
    I saw a very horrifying dream yesterday about the end of the world. I saw myself in an unfamiliar surrounding with a stranger whom i think i called inside as i thought he is a doctor who could check the burning in my eyes but as soon as i looked the TV. There was a live reporting going in about end of worl and the world is on fire with various parts of the world melting away. I begin to see the fire balls around me but i used to save myself everytime then i saw the reporter saying that that the our part of the world is on fire soon it was also the last one and i saw the tv reporting stopped there was a black thing . And i reciting kalma ( muslim faith about GOd is one and Mohammad as the propehet of God ) and asking God that save me. I dont feel any pain buti knew that im dead . I feel that iam on top and have left my body like a soul.
    Suddenly my dream ends and i wake up in the middle of night may be 3. Iam very scared what does that dream means to me.

    IN my real life my father and grandma has recently passed away , few months back. And i have a breakup with my BF and iam stressed about my exams .
    Please ill be glad if you would reply to me .Im scared a lot

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Aisha,

      Dreams like that are so terrifying because, while you’re in the dream, you really think they’re happening, don’t you? Rest assured, that your dramatic dream is your mind’s way of processing all the endings in your life – the loss of your father and grandma through their passing, and the break up with your boyfriend.

      See, ‘the end of the world’ dream reflects your own feelings about the end of your world as you have known it. Things are changing. There’s the prospect of your exam – how will your life change again if you pass or if you fail?

      It’s natural for us to feel terrified when our familiar world seems to be coming to an end, but the exciting thing is that all sorts of wonderful new beginnings are ready to open up for you once you have grieved for your losses. There’s a lot more to your dream that we could look at in a consultation, but I hope this has helped reassure you.

      You might like to get my kindle book ‘How to stop bad dreams and nightmares’ as it includes easy exercises you can apply to help at such times:

  3. Crystal Reply

    I have had reaccuring dreams about the end of the world! I see acid rain, title waves blk as night that reach to the sky, astrotoids and or balls of fire falling to the ground destroying anything in its path. Dropping people and they lay there screaming as If it were a movie every dream bigger and more scarier then before. You are telling me this means nothing when it happens all the time? I have these dreams regular and its not as though a dream I can feel the wind and the rain! Something Ive never done in any dream. Feel the pain the fear in everyone! Ive never heard of dreams like this until coming online. Its horrible and I always sleep through I dont wake up and I experince every peice of the moment! Horrible!!!

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Crystal,

      Your dream is certainly vivid and it is definitely meaningful. But what it means is not the end of the world. Though we can sometimes preview events in our dreams, this is rare, (see my book ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ on this subject), and the interesting thing about recurring end-of-the-world dreams is that once they are interpreted the dreamers generally see the parallels between the dream and feelings and emotions in their waking lives around change or fear of change in their personal lives. That pain and fear you feel is your own fear and pain, held deep down. Your dream recall is fabulous, and the better we are at remembering our dreams the more we tend to dream in mutli-senses. Dreams reflect the last 24-48 hours, so each time you have this dream, review the previous two days.

  4. morganna Reply

    hello! last night i had a very scary dream that woke me out of bed screaming , it was the end of the world there was a lot of confusion . the stars well falling from the sky , i saw my home town completely destroyed family members killing them selves , my grandfather committing suicide and saying to me ” he will not go this way ” mass graves of people on the side of the highway and the streets some piles of burning bodies and others with plain white crosses in fields of burning white candles there was a loud sound echoing across the sky a lot of screaming a lot of explosions and there i was standing in the middle of it all and everyone i knew was gone i had had a nightmare the previous night of looking down at my own body in a morgue with an autopsy incision on my chest which scared me as well but nothing like this last night i actually woke up and realized i had also wet my self i’m a 30 year old woman and haven’t done that since childhood this has really bothered me i can’t get the images out of my head please reply thank you

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Morganna,

      I can imagine how scared you were waking up from that one! No wonder you wet the bed, given that dreams seem so real while you’re experiencing them.

      The first thing to remember is that dreams are symbolic, so take a deep breath.

      The second thing to remember is that dreams are the result of our minds processing our conscious and unconscious experiences of the last 1-2 days. One thing that you experienced during that time frame was your morgue dream, and you would have been processing your waking thoughts and feelings (freaking out?) about that too.

      Where, in the 1-2 days before your dream, did you feel or fear that something in your world was coming to an end?

      Everyone in a dream represents something about you, so all those family members and references to your home town point to beliefs/feelings about your upbringing and background, going back to your grandparents.

      Change (death of the old ways) can be good. Are you curious about the new things life holds for you?

      The dream of the incision on your chest suggests that an emotional injury to your heart.

      These are just some things for you to contemplate. You might like to book in for a phone or skype session with me so we can really get into your dream.

  5. Cheyenne Reply

    I have been having several types of these dreams throughout my life. When I was younger, I always dreamed of meteor showers destroying everything. Recently though, I have had many dreams where I find myself as different people undergoing the same thing (I would switch perspectives as each met their end). The first was a girl in high school who had no idea what to do when her school announced that a nuclear missile was going to hit soon. she went looking for her friends, but everyone had left, scrambling out of the school in a panic to escape. Then she (I) heard screaming and the building collapsed. Then I switched perspective to a boy who was swimming in the ocean, suddenly a huge boiling wave of water fell came towards him and a white light flashed again and I again switched perspectives to a girl who had apparently survived a nuclear attack (everything around her was basically destroyed and people were walking around, their skin melted off their bodies) The girl was looking for help and she spotted a police station that was still standing and went in to investigate. There were several police there and she yelled to them that her family was in danger (i have know idea what is wrong with her family) but the police, who had suffered injuries, looked at her, smiled, and then shot her in the head. There was another flash of light and I woke up.
    I have many dreams similar to this. What does it mean? Please help, i want to try to stop them because i feel horrible and distraught every time i wake from one!

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Cheyenne,

      As this dream theme has been recurring for so long, and upsetting you, I recommend booking an hour’s skype with me so that we can talk it and I can help you to understand the dream and how it relates to your life. This insight will help you to improve at least one aspect of your life. I will also show you how to stop this dream. You can book here: http://www.dream.net.au/services/phone_consultation.cfm

      Jane Teresa

  6. Kim R. Reply

    So I have been having recurring end of the world dreams for the past couple months. I’ve always had realistic colorful dreams but these are more intense. In my dream last night I realized the world was ending but not everyone did. I climbed into someone’s basement when I saw the sky going pitch black. I broke their cupboard so I could get into the smallest space possible. Then the tornados and the earthquakes started and were happening everywhere. When it was over I came out and saw all the destruction and death, I wasn’t scared at all. I started to uncover and connect with others that had survived, the most memorable being a tattoo artist and a dj. We travelled together in a small group for almost a day, when the ocean swallowed up all the earth and I was swimming trying to survive, all of my new-made friends died. As I was swimming I saw this huge boat and I grabbed onto a rope on the outside of it and climbed on board. Once on board I realized that all of the rich of the world had known that the world was ending and they had been prepared. So anger overcame me and I walked around the boat screaming “You knew!! You knew and you did nothing!!!” Then security started chasing me around the boat and I came across the dj that I thought had died and the entire bottom half of her body was gone but she wasn’t bleeding. She was crawling with her arms on the deck, I picked her up and told her not to worry we were going to do something about this. So then I was carrying her and running from the guards. Then I came across where karoake was going on to keep all of the people amused and I grabbed the microphone and started cussing out everyone on board and screaming at them. Then I set the dj down at the computer sound system area and I told her to pick me out a song that was very theater and dramatic and then when she did I didn’t know the song at all. The words were on the screen and I could hear the music but I’ve never heard that song before in my life so I did my best but then the guards came and started chasing me again, the DJ was killed, so I ran backstage and found an unlocked door. When I went in there were 2 stars that the wealthy had saved for their own amusement and oddly enough the first one was Katy Perry. (I don’t follow her music or her at all) She was very distraught and had her head in her hands. Then I saw Russell Brandt at the other end of the room also very upset. So I started calming them down, I told Katy not to worry she still looked pretty and then i said, “Don’t worry I got this.” That’s when the security busted in and I ran past them into the main area where they almost caught me. I had my phone in my hands and I was looking through it to see if I knew ANYONE who could possibly be on this ship. When the guards got me and were holding me. I looked up and there was my ex-boyfriend who is from a wealthy family. I looked at him and ran to him just happy to see someone I knew. He and his father were on the ship. He put his arm around me and told the guards to leave me alone that I was with him and his family and that they would pay for me. That was the end.
    Oddly though my ex’s and my relationship was a bad one in real life and we’ve been broken up for almost 2 years. He was mentally abusive so I’m not sure why he was there and I’m not sure why the famous people were there either….I’m confused. Any enlightenment for me?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Kim,

      I notice – amongst many other things – the repeating references to ‘security’ and wealth in your dream, so this is one of several key issues your dream is processing. Remember that dreams reflect the last 24-48 hours, so, since this dream began a couple of months ago, that’s when the issue became prominent. At times like this, when there’s a recurring theme going on (that reflects a recurring unresolved theme in your waking life), it’s best to book a session so we can get down to the issues and move towards resolving them.


  7. Danny Reply

    Wow iam not the only one, 31 year old male from uk ive had these dreams for years but only the last few months theve really become intense. Ive had loads of dreams fire balls hitting the earth whirlpool things in the sky, water destroying everthing but somehow i know its gona happen and try to tell and help people. Weird seeing other moons and planets close up. even down ro me being on a parrallell universe looking bac at the earth and its on fire and melting away, ive had just bout every end of world dream going. Last one was 2 day ago water was destroying everywhere an it was geting closer to our house, and instead of feeling frightened i actually embraced it as it got closer i dropped to my knees opened up my arms and said finally and i wanted it to come… then all of sudden aload of shooting stars and bits of sun flew past the sky and evaporated and dried all the water up. So now its got to the stage where i actually dont feel scared i welcomed it and it never happened il keep you all posted on the next dreams.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Danny,

      Yes, you’re not the only one! What I love about your dream is the way you embraced what was happening at the end and how that changed the whole outcome to something more positive. What you did was face the fear and surrender to the knowing that this was the right thing to do. This dream will have reflected a similar attitude you took – or contemplated – during the two days before the dream, and I fully expect that you will now begin to experience some very welcome new beginnings in your life. Take this key – surrender and embrace – into your waking life.

      Jane Teresa

  8. Gaia Reply

    Hello, from Romania
    Well, yet another one with dreams about the end of the world. Every since I was a child I was having this certain connection and respect about Mother Earth. Same relation with the Moon. It has to be where it is, no larger, red in color or anything else. It has to be far away and cold.
    So imagine dreaming about these 2 being ripped appart. I was dreaming it was the end of the world, earthquakes on the Earth, the land splitting open and lava comming out of it, that feeling of immediat danger and ending. I was looking at the moon and I saw it trembling and moments later, moon was shattered. There was a big chunk left and other 4 pieces near of it.
    All the time in my dream I felt that anxiety and that feeling of end and it was overwhelming.
    This is not the first time I dreamt of the moon. the last dream about the moon was more pleasurable. I dreamt of going on my balcony at night and seeing all the solar system at a small scale. All of the sudden, the moon breaks from near the Earth and keeps rotating till its near my balcony. I knew I had to reach for it and touch it. After I touch it the moon was spinning away but lefting a burn mark on my balcony and some sparkly moon dust on my palm. The sensation was overwhelming, but in a good way.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Gaia,

      I love the spinning moon dream. The key is to understand your personal feeling for the moon, as all dream symbols are personal. You have given lots of clues here about what the moon means to you personally. In the dream you had before your end of world dream, you got ‘in touch with’ something (moon) that is normally ‘far away and cold’. That’s interesting, isn’t it? Following that you have an end of world dream, showing your feelings about the changes that lay ahead now that you have got in touch with (and also got a little burned by) all of this. Remember that dreams reflect the previous 24-48 hours, so this will help you find context.

      Jane Teresa

  9. Vena Reply

    I have had a few dreams about the end of the world but everybody just tells me “it’s just a dream you’re ok!” But the one I had yesterday was something new. Here it goes.
    I felt rushed like I knew something was wrong, I saw the clock it was 1030, I rushed to my apartment looking for my bible. I didn’t find it. I saw the clock it was 11. When leaving my apartment I saw a tiger loose, the tiger was minding his own business. A man was shouting towards me and all I remember was kicking meat towards the tiger. Anyways as I drove back I called my boyfriend who seemed to not know what was going on. I told him I loved him so much and how grateful I was to have him in my life. I started crying because I wasn’t there with him. As I got off the phone it was 12..I turned around to see my family in a circle. I see my aunt, uncle (who is very religious) my grandma, my two little sisters, step mom, dad and my mom. I kissed everybody to let them know I loved them. I never looked back to see what was coming for us. I just remember everybody’s faces being scared. Then we all started praying. After we prayed I grabbed my little sisters and told them I’m not letting go of them, that I loved them with all my heart. I looked up to my mom and all I can see was how brown her eyes were, I told her how great of a mom she was and she smiled. As soon as she smiled I heard screams and everything got brighter. I saw flames reach over my shoulder and over my head, but felt no pain. Then I saw my spirit and my sisters spirits go into the sky. We were in a bright place. I could hear us laughing. The colors I remember were white and gold. The gold color reminded me of butter lol. I was so happy. But when my eyes opened I was shocked to find it was a dream. I had tears coming down my eyes. I could of sworn it was real. I thought I really did die.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Vena,

      Notice the happy ending in your dream. This comes after facing fear, deciding what to ‘let go’ and what to ‘not let go’ in your life. Food for thought.

      Jane Teresa

  10. Gaia Reply


    Thank you so much for your answer. I didn’t want to divulge that I am at a turning point in my life. Previous the moon shattering plus the end of the world dream I had some days stressing on changing my work place. It brings a lot of anxiety, therefore the end of the world feeling.
    On the other hand, the other dream (where I touched the moon, but it didn’t burn me, just the edge of my balcony) I had couple of years ago, I had an out of this world feeling, a good feeling, an uplifting feeling. I remember waking up with a smile on my face thinking of the privilege I had touching the moon and the sparkly dust it left on the palm on my hand…not to mention seeing the whole solar system from my balcony. 🙂

    Much appreciated!

  11. Elijah Reply

    Ok, I’m only 12 and I just had to say something, this may be a little long, but I just had to say something and it wasn’t a frequent thing this is the first time I’ve experienced an “End of the world dream”. So, I was in front of my house that seamed like a different house. It was like out in the plains and I hade like that wide country house that was well prepared and it wasn’t my house cause I live next to a city, but in the dream I had a gate and across that gate was like a highway with busy traffic and all that. and if you go left in front of that house you see a building with something in my dream called a train stop. It had a lamp post and you stand on a brick it eaither says a number and “K” next to it. So I was in front of my house with my friends Chris, MIchael, Munawar(a girl people think she is a boy becuase of her name), and Angelica also a girl. We were infront of that house and my friend Chris he was studying for the SAT’s which is unlikely of him. His mom called and asked for me for his help with his long division and percentage. Then magma started coming up to earth, not like magma shoots up, like magma forming in craters and bubbling. That was next to us about 3 ft. Michael and Munawar got scared so they went home. The sky started turning very reddish like at sundown but the sun still hih up and the sky very red now. The crater keeps expanding and we r at the tip of it. The crater didn’t seem deep nor was it a big crater. So me and my friends Chris and Angelica started running because it was expanded quite quickly. Chris started tripping and he fell. So we started running and my dad, little brother, and older sister was at the mall and they noticed the sky. My mom, me Angelica, Chris, and my baby sister was running.(Of course my baby sister was in my moms hands she is about 2) We ran to that train stop I mensioned before and my art teacher came running too, to it. She stood on 10k, I stood on it too and my friend. I told my mom too stand on it too and she said it wouldn’t do anything special. So me and my friend stood on it because we were freaking out and just did whatever an adult did or said. And this part is weird me and my friend Angelica admitted our love. I know but it is probably what would’ve happened it real life. Then we saw the sun like buggin’ out, like it was about to explode. Then earth came just crashing into it, but for some reason we were on Earh but there was another Earth crashing into the sun, not like a close view, but a regular Earth distance view to the sun. Then I woke up and felt that was all crazy.

  12. Elijah Reply

    I admit I;m a Christian, I’m hispanic, and Italian. I have some connection with nature. I love speaking to animals and they respond back. I can also read peoples aura’s which leads to reading their personality, but when I was 4 I had a dream of Venus carrying me across the sun, like the astronomical event the Venus Transit. Then when I was 8 I had a dream about me being carried by the moon and the moon just turned blue, like the astronomical event the Blue Moon. Now I am 12 and I had this dream. Is it weird I am having previewing dreams or is the 3rd one just a hoax? I always felt I had some connection with Lunar and Solar. Is it also weird that all these dreams happened 4 years apart from each other? I wonder whats in store for when I am 16 or if my 3rd dream does come to reality I might not have a 4th, but I should be posotive I am looking forward to the 4th dream. 😀

  13. Elijah Reply

    But if it is real my family would all pray. Cause at a time like that it is very extremely necessary to pray. I hope we all end up in a happier place. Thank you Jane

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Elijah,

      What wonderful recall. The thing to remember is that dreams are symbolic, no matter how real and amazing they feel. So don’t worry about whether the dream is prophetic (it’s not) and don’t worry about your family. Dreams are all about you. So take a big step back from your dream and look at all the emotions and feelings you felt in the dream and know that these were relevant to you in the 24-48 hours before your dream. That reference to 10K in your dream may be connecting with changes in your life when you were ten.

      This blog is a place to discuss dreams in general – not for individual analysis – but I hope my comments help. Read some of my other posts on this blog, and maybe sign up for the free Dream Tips (emails with tips you can use to help you understand your dreams). You’ll see the sign-up form in the side panel. Keep remembering your dreams! Understanding them will provide you with a gateway to experience a beautiful life.

      Jane Teresa

  14. Shannon Reply

    I had a really scary dream last night about the world ending. Im only 16 years old by the way. Anyways in the dream, the earth was having all these explosions! Well a friend of mine then finds a piece of titanium? And for some reason we thought that the titanium would cancel out the explosion and the world wouldn’t end! Well it actually worked. But 2 days later, the explosions were back, so we started looking for More titanium. I remember in my dream my mom saying, “what day is it?” and then this Chinese man says “the 21st”. Then I look to my left and hear these people screaming and I see that they have someone tied and hung up to a cross like Jesus, and they are torturing him rolling down the road. I run to my bathroom and start praying for god to keep me safe and not send me to hell. Then I start looking for more titanium and I find a gum ball machine that had titanium in it. Everyone was so relieved. And then I woke up. It was so scary! Please tell me what this means! Thanks!

  15. Melissa Reply


    I had a dream last night of being with my family, such as mom, dad, brother and sister inlaw. They don’t live near me, and I myself am married with a child and one on the way.

    Well, in the dream I was with them at their house, I was supposed to be traveling back to my own house but they were convincing me to stay saying it was new years the next day and that they are having a big party. So I decided to stay.
    The dream then jumped to us all driving in a car downtown and seeing the entire city with a darkness apon it along with things on fire, fire falling from the sky catching everything and even people on fire, my brother nervously driving fast trying to leave the town.
    The dream jumps again and now we are in the downtown area no longer in the car, but now up close to all the tragity, see everyone up close seeing things happen to them that was like watching final destination like people running in a panic but falling and tripping on to sharp objects that killed them.
    I then ended up at a small station that looked like a toll booth but with out a car and there were people in the booth asking for your ID and if you didn’t have an ID you were not able to pass and go into the safe parts of the world or get medical attention and my mom wasnt able to find her ID then I woke up.

    I was so afraid I still am it was super realistic and really scary. Please please please tell me what this could mean?? The only thing I can say that has recently happend with my family is my brother and sister in law have been arguing a lot and one of the arguments started from something I said. Please help thank you!

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Melissa,

      Thank you for your contribution towards this collection of end of world dreams. Notice the question of the new year’s party, so you’ve got the end of one thing (symbolised by the end of the world) and the question of the beginning of another (symbolised by new year) and whether you’re ready to ‘stay’ with the new and celebrate it (party). I can see it may well be connected with how you feel about recent family events, and whether you’re ready to say goodbye to old attitudes and begin new ones.

      The intention of this blog is comment, not interpretation, so if you’d like help with the deep and meaningfuls and the best way to move forward from here, you might like to consult me (click the appropriate menu tag on the blog site.)

      Hope this helps,

      Jane Teresa

  16. vickie Reply

    I had a dream thT the world was ending. I was with my best friend her father was the president (president g. W. Bush actually) so she had a space to keep two people safe through it and she chose me as we were going into the safe bacement looking area i woke up. Semi scared because I the world ending.is a real life.fear of mine and i dream of it often. What does it mean

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Vickie,

      Although the thought of the world ending is scary to everyone, it only really consumes you as a fear when it connects with a feeling of general fear of change within yourself. These dreams come up when we feel like something in our private and personal world is coming to an end. Reflect upon this. There are lots of clues in your dreams, and if you’d like help with a deeper understanding of how this dream relates to your life and what you can do with this insight to cope with change in a more positive and promising way, you might like to consult me via my professional services.

      Hope this helps,

      Jane Teresa

  17. Kathy Reply


    I’m glad I found this website. For about the last 2 years I’ve had the same reoccuring dream that I live in a house with alot of strangers. I don’t dream it every night but it’s one I’ve dreamed over and over and always wake up remembering this one. You walk into this house and there is no other type of furniture anywhere in the house but single mattresses lying everywhere, in every corner of every room in the the house. I don’t remember much else about it except the fact that I know I live there.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Kathy,

      Thank you. There are many resources you can use both on this blog and on my website at http://www.dream.net.au. And you’ll learn a lot by listening to the podcasts too (just click ‘podcasts’ on the menu tab). Have a look at this post which will help you to get a feeling for what your recurring dream means: http://www.janeteresa.com/is-this-your-life/

      And you can always consult me if you’d like an in-depth understanding of your dreams (choose from my services on the menu tabs).


      Jane Teresa

  18. jaundy Reply

    i dreamt of the end of the world by a huge wave or rising of water…what does it mean?

  19. demetrius Reply

    I Also have a reacurring dream for the past few monthes. All different in ways but all include the end of the world and mass chaos. The one I just woke from I was on vacation with my mom and son and gf. It started at a children doctors office where we had brought my son for some unknown reason but I look outside and i see white lights shooting down from the sky and also missles shooting up from the earth. I run outside and a plane flys right over me dropping bombs. One hits right near me and i thought I was going to be blown up but the explosion just missed. Another hit the doctors office they were in and i paniked but then saw them running away from the explosion. We get in the car driving back to the vacation house. There is a huge war going on civilians are being killed everywhere. There are these lights in the sky like aliens but i cant make it out almost like just white energy and there are shotting people everywhere with blasts of energy. We get to the cabin and i cant find my gun( I always carry one for personal protection). I didnt bring it with me on vacation and we have nothing to defend ourselfs. ( every dream i never can find my gun for different reason and im always looking for it) so we leave the cabin because they are fighting closer and closer to us and some how get sepperated. Im alone im worryed about where my son is how i lost him threw the bombs and choas. And I notice that people are being taken not just killed, they are being taken and having like a procedure done with a microchip and brain washing and then put back into society as like slaves of there everday lives with no free thinking (really wierd) So im hiding in a raftor of a biulding and 4 of them come in( the bad guys that i guess are taking over the earth), they are humans but its like there being controlled or possesed and they are talking about why does this man have such nice furniture he shouldnt owns these no one else does. Then they look up and all of them see me they try to get me i jump down and my only escape was threw a 4 story window i ran and jumped out hit a tree climbed down and fleed to the woods. there was a man mowing his lawn saying really weird things like r u going camping i love camping are you allowed to do that. Somehow they followed me and chased me into the woods they caught up to me I had to punch one then chop another in the throat and elbow the last one to get away. I ran and found myself taking a car and picking up some of my friends i saw and my gf but cant find my son and i am panicked wondering if hes ok and where he is. We park go into a store the owner is telling us you cant hide here theyll find you anywhere u go. Just go with them, real robotic like, they somehow find us in the store its like they know where we are een if they cant see us we try to run out back but cant so have to come to the front and they are right in our way. I picked up a glass ashtray and smashed one of the guys in the head chopped another in the throat and then my friend took out the last. WE flee and I wake up ..

    All different variations of this dreams but all involving the end of the world, I never have my gun, Im always getting seperated from my son, and a huge war sometimes aliens sometimes not. I Have a dream about the end of the world at least 3 or 4 times a week all as vivid as im writting this right now.
    Whats going on ???

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Demetrius,

      Having a dream theme repeat 3 to 4 times a week means you are dreaming about an issue that you have been confronting every day for the past few months without finding resolution. (Remember, dreams reflect the last 24-48 hours, so this issue began when the dream began, several months ago.) It’s as if you are constantly at war with yourself. That’s why there’s usually a war theme in these dreams. Your son represents something good – an energy you’d like to have in your life – but that you feel you are losing touch with to the extent that it feels like the ‘end of your world’. There’s a lot more in your dream and you can book a session with me if you’d like to go into it and resolve this issue, but I hope this reply gives you some clues.

      Jane Teresa

  20. Hunterzhorizon Reply

    Good to know I’m not alone in this. I’m 20 by the way. So last night I had a real hard time falling asleep. When I finally did I woke up and it felt like it had only been 5 minutes but it was like 5 hours. So I Go back to sleep and It started in a gym with me and one of my friends I use to be close to (I have recently moved at the begging of the year, away from all of my friends but my Girlfriend.) and we were playing basketball, something we have never done in real life. Well The gym sort of changed into the house I grew up in. (I haven’t been there since I was around 12.) Anyway, There was like a house party going on with various people I have seen before only a few I know on a personal level.(This is were the dream becomes clear as day.) On of my best friends, (who I’ve been jokingly calling my dad since i was 15.) said lets go out side for a smoke. (I quit a year ago.) And we were on the porch with random acquaintances of mine and some people I’ve never met. and he hands me a beer and a cigarette(Also I don’t drink) and says sit back here it comes. And I look up and in the brightest most realistic colors I have ever seen in a dream I see a red planet. and a blue one fallowing. My friend says yep, alining, Mercury, Neptune her it comes. and then one of my acquaintances on the porch(Strong military guy) was holing is girl friend(He was never the type to be with a girl) and she was saying babe put me down, because she was getting lifted and he was speechless as he and many others started flying off the earth. My “Dad” said grab on. and we grabbed on to the porch railing resisting the pulling as if gravity flipped. and then it started to get hotter and brighter. I could feel the heat. We were charging into the sun and right before we hit it my girlfriend shook me awake and I was yell-moaning and squirming around. It had only been something like 10-15 min since I feel asleep but it felt like a whole day in the dream. and I had a real hard time falling back asleep because I had freaked myself out.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Hunterzhorizon,

      It used to be thought that we only dreamed during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. It takes about 90 minutes between falling asleep and entering the first REM phase. People do experience dreams in non-REM periods, however. Then it was thought that dreams that occurred outside REM were bland or vaguely reminiscent of daily life. Wrong again, as your very vivid dream shows.

      Sometimes, if you’re sleep deprived, you can enter REM very quickly. All that aside:

      You know from reading this thread that dreaming about the end of the world usually reflects a feeling – in the last 24-48 hours – that something is coming to an end within your own life. To welcome the new, we need to release the old, and at 20 and considering you moved away from your friends at the beginning of this year, you’ll certainly be experiencing a lot of change. Here’s the key: although dreams reflect the last 24-48 hours, as the dreaming brain/mind processes these last two days it compares those experiences with your past (and projects similar expectations into the future). Your dream references several aspects of your past: when you were 12, when you were 15, when you gave up smoking, and – possibly – when you gave up (or decided against) drinking. Your dream reflects a feeling of “everything aligning” which leads to a feeling of “gravity flipping”. In the couple of days before the dream issues and thoughts about the past (12, 15 etc) “aligned’ – came together – and this is resulting in a feeling of massive change in your life, the kind of change which feels like gravity flipping. Feeling a loss of security/stability (gravity) yet also a big release/let go.

      Just some beginning clues about your dream, as this blog is not about giving interpretations (I offer consultations for anyone wanting deep insight), but about dreams and dreaming in general.

      Hope this helps,

      Jane Teresa

  21. Woren webbe Reply

    I’m so afraid today I have seen the same dream…aliens arriving different spaceships…people running and blackhole water is coming close…omg I am so Afraid..

  22. Andrea Reply

    I dreamt that the world was gona end and I had to get myself to another planet, I was in this space like shuttle and had to jump out onto the other planet but my mother in law fell off…so I entered the planet alone which was a replica of earth I even landed in my street…I phoned home and my sister said the world never ended just all the computers had gone off…what does this mean xx

  23. Dani Reply

    I’m 17, and I just had what I think might have been my first end-of-the-world dream – or the first one I can remember. I remember walking around outside, in the dark, and everyone is outside, the entire city, because we’d been notified that the end of the world was coming. My little sister, who is eleven, was walking with me, sometimes breaking off to go to my mother and then come back. My mother was with my grandfather. There were many graves, all around, but organized, and we’d been told that each person had their own grave for when we die. I remember contemplating the truth of this throughout the entire dream, wondering if it really was the end of the world or if people were overreacting again. I’d been a bystander of a death earlier in the dream, one that didn’t have to do with the end of the world, only with good timing. My little sister and I were on our way to look for our mother, when everyone screamed, and I looked up to see a meteor approaching. It wasn’t going to hit us directly, but apparently there was no escape, and I fell to the ground with my hands on my head, terrified and crying. It hid and the earth shook, and my little sister was trying to explain something about the meteor to me, being a wiseass even in these circumstances, when I woke up.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Dani,

      Some interesting themes in your dream about questions of overreacting “again”, and about the role of “good timing” in things ending. Change – and especially good change – is about things ending so that other things can begin. Change is not a dramatic full stop (a complete ending, the end of the world, nothing new to follow) even though it may feel that way at the time.

      Jane Teresa

  24. Kendall Reply

    Please help. I had a dream of the world ending. The scale between good and evil tippinng into a chaotic mess. It all started with my little brother being tortured by an evil woman she revealed herself in reflective objects. As time went on the world had divvied up the good and the bad, you chose your side. Many chose evil few chose good this dream seemed to be in no shade of gray. Me and my friend( shes everything in my mind that could be good, tall blonde big blue eyes doesn’t cuss is very sweet) we were running down a stairwell of which I recognized when the war started and we went to the very bottom. To reveal buta staircase leading into nothing becoming part of the floor. I grabbed her an hitched up 2 flights when those of evil origin came pouring into the stair wells. I turned into the first door to notice her dissapearnce I had her but now she’s gone? I knew deep in my heart turning back for we would be bad for everyone fighting on the side of good. I sent my condolences to her. And followed out into a crude type of stadium in which the evil resided millions upon millions. I took a seat from which many stared at me I came upon someone I had seen before in a dream from were I was young physically, he was someone ivdreamed of but did not know in real life. I spoke to him and he claimed no remembrance of me. I watched the music of a woman dressed as a butterfly.

    I came upon a woman taking a picture of me I asked what are you doing. She responded with taking a picture oboe which would only take if I was speaking she showed ne what she captured my lips were bright scarlet while everyone else’s remained a washed out shade of the color they normally had. She was asking in the headline if I was what I was posing as.I told her to just allow the music to play and time will tell. She did. I came upon controls that shook the cAverns in Which we resided. But the evil re arranged the caverns to there want claiming that if we wished to live to give up: I returned to my people whom were shaken up and badly physically hurt. And the evil came pouring in from all sides taking us all. Please help me

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Kendall,

      Sometimes we need shades of grey, rather than looking at the world in black or white. Better even than shades of grey are all the wonderful colours of the rainbow that exist between black and white. That’s something for you to contemplate.

      Jane Teresa

  25. Alana Reply

    Just woke from a very odd dream. I have vivid full sensory dreams so parts of me feel as if I am living another life at times but this one was odd and unsetteling. A few strange sequence of events had occured leading up to the scary parts, including for the second night in a row a smoking reference. There was some artsy animated film on about smoking weed and I was trying to show my boyfriend it to convince him to do it one day (which he doesn’t in real life. Oddly the night before was about my dad trying to cinvincde me to smoke a hookah with him…which he certainly doesnt…so odd) but after the film my boyfriend was still in bed and I got in with him and it woke him up so he was cranky and left the room. I left with him and it was a cabin in the woods with all of his and mine immediate family and siblings staying together. It was early Nov. And Romney had justbeen announced pres. The evening fell quickly and it begun to snow which we were happy about. I went to grab my cell and post on FB about how snow was welcome on such an odd day when the tv station switched to the news. The lady anchor stated a huge explosion in S. Asia had occured and a disease was spredding in the wind. The camera shot however was in downtown L.A. and there were scenes of rioting and cars exploding. Each channel we flipped through had the same reports and camera shots. I thought it wasn’t real so I turned on the radio to listen for reports but all the stations played the same unrecognizable county song (??) I called my mom in the room as the tv channels kept reporting how the world can’t recover and the end is coming. I looked at her and all my family and the sky and asked outloud “is this really happening” at that moment my voive echoed and I awoke…sorry so long but I am left with a super uneasy feeling.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Alana, Remember that dreams reflect the last 24-48 hours of your conscious and unconscious experiences, so review the couple of days before this dream. You have several references to change: trying to change people’s minds (weed is a mind-changing agent), trying to convince people to try something different, a change of president, and the winds (which you could say are the winds of change in the context of your dream). Think of the world as you and your life, since everything in a dream represents the dreamer. So you have a feeling that there’s a big change in the air – or you’re trying to convince yourself to create a change – and you feel it’s a change that will bring about an ending of some sort in your life. Endings can be good or bad.

      Hope this helps. For more in-depth help: http://www.dream.net.au/services/membership.cfm

      Jane Teresa

  26. liv Reply

    I recently experienced a very creepy “end of the world” dream, and I’ve been told that these types of dreams symbolize the end of something, but I can’t relate that to my life right now. Things are BEGINNING for me more than anything. I have an internship at a pretty major successful company and I have a job interview there this week. All of my energy is focused on my career really lately, so it’s nothing romantic or anything.

    There was not much “death and destruction” going on that you would typically expect from an apocalyptic dream..it was more a creepy feeling that you know these “people/aliens” are here with us, and something huge was about to happen we just didn’t know where or when..

    On my way to Tallahassee alone to see a friend. Kept hearing/slightly feeling these explosion type things coming from underneath us. Creepy person with robotic characteristics, not human. Beat him over the head and cussed him out knowing he wasn’t human. He said “we will accept that if happens to one of us and (no more and then you control yourself –? Can’t remember exactly) Looking at me in the eyes, warning me. I was super scared so I stopped.
    a friend was there saying his family went under ground and wanted him to join them….I didn’t know whether I should go underground or even where to go because no one know if the aliens were under ground or where they were, just that they were lurking. Remember seeing my friend’ family but I don’t remember seeing any of mine. I think I was by myself for the most part. just had an overwhelming sense of impending doom.
    People kept talking about the Iphone 5 and were obsessed with it…somehow I think it was related to the aliens/monsters.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Liv,

      Yes, things are beginning for you in your life today, but this in turn means that things are ending, for example, your internship may be ending once you get offered the job you’re being interviewed for. What else in your life will change (end) as a result of getting the job you want with this company? In your dream you felt an overwhelming sense of impending doom due to aliens. What feels alien to you as you look ahead? You’re moving from familiar to ‘alien’ territory in a way. The iPhone 5 is the ‘future’ happening now, just as your new job is the ‘future’ about to happen now for you. You said, “All my energy is focused on my career …” (like obsessing over an iPhone 5/ obsessing over your future). You said, ” … nothing romantic” (like the robotic feel of your dream perhaps?) The explosions coming from underneath are the potential changes to your life, and although these are good, unconsciously (underground) there’s an impending sense of doom. Unconsciously you may fear some element of robotic/alien work (and less romance). It’s good to know where your unconscious is coming from. There’s so much more in your dream which we could explore in a consultation (http://www.dream.net.au/services/phone_consultation.cfm), but I hope my reply helps.

      Jane Teresa

  27. brook Reply

    Hello Jane,

    1stly I love the fact that you’re taking the time to respond to each inquiry.

    The dream I had last night, I feel is symbolic but I’m not sure how to interpret, I hope that you can help.

    Like everyone else, i dreamt the world was ending. That the skies opened and Jesus himself was there calling upon all of his angels.I have a 5 year old spn and 2 years ago I had a baby girl who died of SIDS 3 months later. In the dream, my son was one of the angels Jesus called upon, I remember him crying not wanting to leave me, but I told him everything would be okay, he was going to be with his sister and mommy would be there soon.

    The end of the world is kindve easy for me to interpret as the symbolic beginning of the end to some life situation. But the part with my son and daughter being reunited really freaked me out. Can you help?

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Brook,

      You can relate to your dream reflecting the beginning of the end of a life situation ( a change), so start by identifying that situation. What feels like it is beginning to end? I would need to talk with you about your dream to help you meaningfully, of course, but the essence of your dream concerns healing, seen as the ‘beginning of the end’ of the way things have been since your daughter died. Grief is a long and complicated process, and while you will forever remember and miss your daughter, the process is one of making sense of the world, finding meaning and purpose, paths forward. Since you describe your dream as a reunion, it most likely reflects a reunion within yourself – an integration or coming together within yourself, ‘getting yourself together’ in a new way. Your dream highlights feelings of abandonment and loss (your son crying, leaving you), yet an assurance of healing, “everything would be okay”.

      Remember that everyone and everything in a dream reflects something about the dreamer, so look at the raw feelings here and note the sense of change, healing, reunion after feelings of loss, coming together, everything soon to be okay.

      Being five, I imagine your son may be about to start school, and if this is so you may be feeling grief and a sense of loss around that, which triggers your feelings around loss and grieving for your daughter. “Mommy would be there soon,” suggests you know a sense of ‘getting it together’ in a healing way is imminent. Change offers such opportunities to embrace life.

      I hope you can work with these beginnings, Brook. You might want to book a session with me so we can explore this more accurately and meaningfully, and find more guiding light.

      Jane Teresa

  28. cella Reply

    I dream of collapsing building and the ground underneath me sagging, breaking representing end of the world. I am either standing on the roof of a building that starts collapsing like all other building around me or I am running for my life and earth behind me is breaking down into pieces. The dream always ends abruptly and when i wake up I take a breath of relief that it was just a dream. But I am this dream almost every week for last one year.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Cella,

      You might like this blog about earthquake dreams:

      Remember too that dreams reflect the last 24-48 hours, so this recurring dream is about something that’s been recurring in your life during this year (and it began one year ago).

      Jane Teresa

  29. Janki Reply

    While i was dreaming it was raining outside so in my dream it was also raining and me and my dad and cousing were drinving somewhere and i my dad told me to give him some money which i was goona do but insead i ate some and it was a voucher to but ice cream soda. Then it suddenly went to me at home and watching t.v and i was at a car park before thet and me and someone else were asking people if they could swim because of all the rain. wE WERE THINKING THE WORLD WAS GOING TO END. I asked my grandma if she could swim and them myn mum and they said a little and i was like i’ll teach u. The day was also really dark and gloomy as if i was in som sort of scary creepy end of the world flick and thats what i felt like in the dream.

    Wow this looks like some jumbled words. I’m sorry but this is all i an remeber so its just like that Could you please tell em what it means, because i’m like really scared right now.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Janki,

      Thank you for your dream. This isn’t a place where I offer interpretations (I offer consultations for that), but you’ll get lots of clues about how to understand ‘end of the world’ dreams by reading through some of the dreams and comments on this thread. Remember that as you sleep you process your conscious and unconscious experiences of the last 24-48 hours. Look at the last couple of days for feelings that something in your life was coming to an end – not the world itself, but something else, a phase of your life, a way of looking at your world. You might like to read this article about why we dream:

      Jane Teresa

  30. jasmine Reply

    I had a dream which began with me driving a car. I guess I was just joy riding trying to get away .. I was alone & it was dark outside & I pulled into a neighborhood & 2 girls & 3 guys asked for a ride & I drove them around & then when I took them back into the neighborhood it was early in the morning & they asked if I would stay w/ them & I said no & they got angry & started taking things out of my car… clothes & things which I made them give back. After this I was exaughsted & I said ok I guess its time to go home now & I was using my gps driving & I was going up a ramp & my car turned into an airplane then my gps kept saying I couldn’t go there & all I heard were police sirens & other planes all around me started to crash & cars were crashing & I was looking for a safe place to land but couldn’t find one. I thought it was the end of the world. I couldn’t find a place to land so I just went down & the plane crashed into the ocen & them I woke up…but I was still dreaming. I went to make sure everything was ok & I was asking my moms noyfriend were there some plane crashes & he said he didn’t know he would check the news & then I woke up for real…. what could this mean? It scared me.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Jasmine,

      Thank you for contributing your dream. It was a scary dream, but read the article to remember that this kind of dream can be very helpful once you understand it. If you need more help with understanding your dream, you might like to book a professional consultation with me through http://www.dream.net.au/

      Jane Teresa

  31. Betty Reply

    Last night I dreamt that I was working out at the gym and my recent ex boyfriend (of 8 years, which I just recently heard that he was seen with another woman) happened to be there. It was raining really hard outside and it would not stop. It rained so hard that it started to cause tidal waves in the ocean, leading to the beginning of the end of the world. But instead of wanting to spend my last day(s) with my current boyfriend, I spent my last moments with my ex boyfriend. My current boyfriend was never even came up in this dream.

    What can this possibly mean? I am so confused… Can it be that our babies 3 year anniversary of my miscarriage is coming up? Or could it be the fact that I got really hurt when I heard that he was seen with another woman?

  32. Mike Reply

    I am 24 yr old male. I had a dream (minutes ago actually) where we all found out that the world was going to end from something like polar magnetic shifting or something like that. I remember crying and telling my family I regret I could never have children and grandchildren because the world was ending. Eventually, by the end of the dream, I remember we were surviving but it still felt odd. I can remember looking at the radar and seeing big orange blotches representing the O-Zone layer collapsing or something like that.

    I should note, I fell asleep after eating spicy food and watching a documentary about the bombings in Germany and Japan in World War II and fell asleep during a documentary about Hirohito in Japan. I also am a novice meteorology nerd so I often look at the radar for snowfall and rain.


    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Mike, Thank you for your contribution. It appears that the documentary resonated with some personal feelings within about something in your life potentially ending, or, more accurately, shifting towards a different angle. What a neat demonstration of your dreaming mind coming up with personally significant symbols (meteorological) to represent these feelings.
      Jane Teresa

  33. Cindy Reply

    Last night I dreamt there was a big party outdoors when suddenly we felt ourselves shifting from one side to the other -like being in a car going on curve streets.
    My mom and sister called me to show me this massive planet that was going to crash with the earth (I was hiding under a tent so couldn’t see much of the sky) and I went to see it and it was bigger than the sun but you could look at it directly. The whole sky was dark instead of this massive orange planet.
    Suddenly I felt really happy cause I thought to myself that I lived a long and fufilling life (eventhough I’m only 27) and that if the world was ending then I could say I didn’t miss out. I felt complete. I tried to rub on the same energy on my mom and my sister – I can’t remember what their reaction was- all I remember is that at the end I decided to look for my dad and my brother so we could all experience the end of the world together but before I could find them I woke up.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Thank you for your contribution, Cindy. It’s wonderful to acknowledge a sense of fulfillment and completion when things come to an end, or when we let go of the old to open the way for the new.

      Jane Teresa

  34. Leanne Reply

    Last night I dreamt the world was ending.

    I was very calm about it. I sat down in my room to meditate, most people were in a partying panic. Kind of an odd behaviour wanting to be happy, but scared.

    I was wondering what it means?



  35. Nate Reply

    i was swimming in a backyard pool when suddenly there was an enormous tornado like thing. it wasn’t quite a tornado though. this was something else. perhaps black hole related. i grabbed the ladder of the pool to hold on. next thing i know we are being lifted into the air, just out bodies. i can feel that this is the end. i close my eyes and say “i love everyone” and then i felt it. it was the strangest feeling. my body was being broken down, sort of like professor Xavier in the third x-men movie when the phoenix killed him. now keep in mind, i didn’t actually see my body do that in the dream. but in the dream i just knew that’s what was happening. and i felt this like warp around my head and body. its so hard to explain how it felt. it sounded kinda like someone slid their finger down a bass guitar string. but it sounded much more epic and earth shattering. (BERRRROOOUUUU) after that i woke up but i wasnt sure that i was really alive. my eyes were still closed when i woke up and i was just trying to comprehend what had happened. it was the strangest and most real dream I’ve ever experienced.

  36. Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

    Hi Nate, Thank you for your contribution to End of the World dreams. Often people believe their end of the world dreams are previews of what will happen, whereas they are symbolic. It’s good to have such a great collection of dreams here illustrating a vast range of scenarios – just to prove the point!

    Jane Teresa

  37. Bobbi Reply

    I will start with some background. I’m a 29yo female, married with a 3yo son and I’m also 15 weeks pregnant.
    My dream started off with my son Carson and I hiding with a bunch of people at a bank. There were bad people outside trying to break in with m16s and rocket launchers etc. I was able to escape with Carson to my aunts house. (In real life, she has not lived in this house in close to 15 years.) some of my family is there, a couple aunts, my grandma, one of my sisters and Carson and I. It is around Christmas time. We know something bad/weird is going on with the earth. Carson and I go and lay on the couch and I’m trying to get him to sleep. The phone rings and my aunt talks to someone and then she says “another 75 people have moved now and we should to. The wind is going to be powerful enough to kill us.” Behind her is a wall of windows and I was able to see how grey the sky was and then instantly I heard an extremely loud crack sound and the sky became so white and made everything else white. It was to bright to look at. I turned my head and covered my son and started praying for God to keep Carson safe and to not have him be in any pain. If this was the end of the world I didn’t want him to suffer.
    I woke up and was actually praying and mouthing the same thing.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Bobbi, Thank you for adding your dream to our collection of ‘end of the world’ dreams. So often people think their dreams about the end of the world are predictive – a view of how the world will end’ – and so it’s really helpful for people to read such a variety of ‘end of the world’ dreams. It helps illustrate that these dreams are symbolic (and are about the dreamer’s personal life), since, if they were predictive, they’d offer similar scenarios.

      Your dream refers to 15 plus years ago, and/or to what your Aunt’s house (and her leaving it) mean to you. I love the bottom line of your dream: “If this was the end of the world I didn’t want him to suffer.” That’s true of life, isn’t it – that when things change for us (when an aspect of our life comes to an end) we pray that we will not suffer too much pain as we ‘let go’ and ready ourselves to welcome a new phase into our lives. (If you’d like to explore this with me, you might like to book a consultation.)

      Jane Teresa

  38. Darren Reply

    Last night I had one that felt quite extreme.. I was at my old primary school sitting around on the schools playground with my little brother waiting to pick my sister up from school. I remember looking up at the sky suddenly which looked like had solar flares if you will from the sun bursting in the sky. And suddenly from a distance there is lava everywhere like a volcano had erupted or something. The lava had surrounded me and my brother on the play ground but we managed to jump off far enough not to get killed. My brother landed in it but I grabbed him straight away and carried him while running away from the lava across the school oval as his legs had been burnt to crisp. Out of nowhere my little sister appeared and kept screaming run. As she ran into the school gym with the rest of a lot of other people. The lava began to crawl faster towards us. I remember having to run the opposite direction from the gym and having to run through a lake to get out the front of the school and the gym where my sister was. Wading through it the water began getting hotter and hotter as lava was beginning to enter the lake. Finally we got out and ran to the front of the gym to get our sister. Waiting and calling her name the gym doors never opened. Then I put my brother on the ground and woke up from this dream.

    I know this is quite a long story but I remember everything. It was a strong dream And i wake up wondering..

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Darren,

      Thank you for adding your dream. Remember that dreams reflect the last 24-48 hours, and include references to the past when those recent experiences resonate with similar experiences in your past. If lava had a feeling, what would it be? Angry, erupting, boiling over? Did you experience those feelings just before your dream (you may have expressed them but more than likely you tried to run from them)? Think about how these feelings and the way you deal with them connects back to your primary school days. (This is not an interpretation, just a starting point for you.)

      Jane Teresa

  39. Moshel Reply

    I had a dream on the afternoon of this past Easter Sunday of the world ending. This was a dream inside a dream – you know, where you wake up but you’re still dreaming? This has never happened to me before, even though I’ve had one other dream about the end of days. I’m a preacher’s daughter and had a very religious upbringing but do not buy into all of the recurring ‘end-of-the-world’ propaganda. I believe it will come as a surprise, like a thief in the night and may or may not be in our lifetime.

    With that being said – this dream shook me deeply and disturbs me still. In the first dream, I woke up late from my nap, arrived at my boyfriend’s parents’ house late for lunch, and after we ate, we went outside for a smoke. The sky looked dark like a bad storm was coming in. A weather alert popped up on my boyfriend’s phone so we all gathered in the hallway and braced for the storm with a mattress. I peeked around my children to look out the window and saw the huge tornado circling right outside, but it started to slowly open and rays of light were shining down, spreading, getting brighter, and destroying everything in their path. I told the family we need to get in the car and drive away as fast as we can. We all piled in the car while a family member drove away from the spreading light, I prayed over my kids and was squeezing them in the backseat as the light finally reached us and destroyed the car and our bodies. I ‘woke up’ just as this was happening and was telling my boyfriend about my dream as the entire scenario played out again. I kept telling him that this is exactly what I dreamt about. (I was still dreaming.) This time though, we never made it out of the hallway, but everything repeated itself. We were killed just as the light was reaching the house. When I awoke – really awoke – I felt dread and doom and sadness, fear, confusion and more feelings I can’t describe. I’ve tried to tell a minister about it, but he couldn’t offer any useful information. My father passed away last year, and he was astounded at the dream I had a few years ago. It was similar, but i was being pulled upwards by my chest into the light of the sky.
    I just wanted to tell people about this, don’t really need an interpretation, but I’ve been reading posts looking for someone that has had a similar experience.
    I have NEVER woken up inside a dream before. Perhaps this was what freaked me out the most, felt so real.
    Thanks for reading.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Moshel,

      Thank you for contributing your dream. I hear what you say about your experience of having a dream within a dream freaking you out the most. Here’s a funny but, as it turned out, very insightful dream-within-a-dream that I had years ago:

      Jane Teresa

  40. karina Reply

    Hi. I just woke up from an end of the world dream. I’ve had this dream maybe 3 times now. It is not exactly the same everytime but the way the world is ending is the same. In my dreams the end comes progressively. First by the earth getting super close to the moon and other planets meaning that earth is going to vanish from under us. In my dreams I am always in a panic and scared. This time it went further tome expecting aliens to all of a sudden come and help us. I woke up with no help from the aliens. I hate having these dreams but I feel that something in my life needs to change. I think that because in my dream I always feel like I need more time to be with familu instead of having stressed aboutdumb stuff. I dont know really why I have these dreams but they are scary.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Karina, Thank you for adding your dream to this thread. It sounds like you know exactly what this dream is about from your comments. Remember that dreams reflect the 24-48 hours before the dream, so for each of these three occasions look back over the previous two days and see what they have in common.
      Jane Teresa

  41. Alan Reply

    I am a 34 year old male. I have just woke. Up from a dream where I was at work it was sunny outside when all of the sudden it became dark and then we saw a great light out the window. We couldn’t stop starring at it. As it became brighter and brighter I was More scared. I hid under a desk when a chunk of ice the size of a small car Came through the window. It started to snow in the summer it was very cold. ( now I’ve been an EMT for 10 years. ). I went outside to where I was met by 4 firefighters doing random checks. I told the fire chief everything I saw and where the ice was they used a thermal scanner on the ice to find out it was -6000 degrees Fahrenheit. The female firefighter had something behind her ear I noticed it and she became unresponsive to which I could not help her. We started to work her up and I woke up.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Alan, Thank you for your contribution. Dreams often have a pair of opposites. In your dream there’s fire and ice: hot and cold. Very hot, and very cold n your dream! Although we’d have to spend an hour to really look into your dream properly (a professional consultation), you might like to think about emotions, hot fiery (angry?) emotions, and cold (unresponsive, like the woman in the dream) emotions. You were probably battling these extremes in the couple of days before your dream, trying to find balance in expressing yourself.

      Jane Teresa

  42. Rasa Reply

    I often have dreams about my violent death or the end of the world. The end of the world is never from a natural disaster; it’s generally that humans go mad and try to kill one another. Yesterday I dreamed that someone was trying to kill me. A teacher helped me by locking me in a room away from the man, but the wall disappeared and he was nearby, so I jumped from an open window and ran away through a forest. There was still danger, so I ran around and went back into the school and found a quiet room inaccessible to most people, but several girls were able to infiltrate it. I had to leave there and ran to my home, where I saw my sister (who was, strangely, wearing a white wig). I was about to take a shower then continue running when I woke up.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Thank you, Rasa, for contributing your dream to this thread.

      Jane Teresa

  43. ciera Reply

    The dream I had absolutely terrified me, in the dream the world was coming to an end and fire in comments were coming out of the sky like rockets hitting the earth destroying people everyone was trying to run for shelter but eventually they would get caught by fire comet. My sister and I were able to xscape somehow being lifted into the heavens by flying. I woke up sweating, then went back to sleep and have the same kind of dream, more people were injuredI woke up before the end. Really confused and scared by this dream!

  44. ciera Reply

    Hi its Ciera again P.s Also I had a fear of getting hurt and not dying right away but suffering. ..

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Ciera,

      Thank you for adding your dream here. Sometimes, when we type out a dream (or talk about it), our unconscious mind adds a typo or a slip of the tongue that is meaningful. Instead of ‘comets’ you wrote ‘comments’. When you had this dream you had probably experienced some angry (fiery) comments (that felt like destructive comets) and had been trying to escape (like the way you flew to escape in the dream) the suffering these caused.

      Hope this helps.

      Jane Teresa

  45. Erica J. Reply

    I dreamt that the world came to an end. It was not as dramatic as the usual ones you hear about, but it scared my nonetheless.

    I was in an unfamiliar house and it was fairly large. I don’t quit remember what I was doing there or how I got there (that is very normal for my dreams). All of a sudden, everything around me went deafening silent. It was as if the world completely stopped. I looked out the window and everyone in the neighborhood had come outside and it looked like a scene from “The Happening”. I backed away from the window. Suddenly, I lost muscle in my body and fell forward. I immediately knew that the world was ending. I thought about my friends and family. I thought about the fact that I would never get to tell them that I love them, or get married and have children.I felt myself becoming nothing. It’s hard to explain. I just remember saying Jesus’ name over and over. I also, began to have doubts. I didn’t know what would happen. Was there a heaven? Was there a hell? What I saw was like the red pictures you see of outer space. I felt myself traveling. I awoke shortly have that, but I had dreamt long enough for it to scare me.

    I thought this had to be a message from God. I have decided to renew my religious beliefs and become closer with Jesus. I immediately thought God was trying to tell me to live a better life.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Thank you, Erica, for your dream and your thoughts about it. After experiencing a sense of helplessness and loss of identity in the dream, it must feel good to decide to live more fully, to live a better life.
      Jane Teresa

  46. Jillian Reply

    Hello, I keep seeming to have dreams that remind me of the end of the world. It may not exactly end in my dream but the precautions for it are taken place in my dreams. Most of them there seems to be military in them shooting, and protecting the citizens. In my dreams though I never know who’s the one we’re all fighting against. Please help me know what’s the symbolic message of this.

  47. Corinne Reply


    It’s officially 4 AM and I’m awake because of another nightmare. I don’t have them often but when I do they’re the same theme. The world is always ending and it always has something to do with outer space. I’m not sure what it means because seeing outer space from the earth scares me in my dreams all the time. Even when it’s not in the end of the world kind. Regardless I’m going through a lot of stress in my life right now with a move and lots of changes are happening, but I would really like to just know what being afraid of outer space could mean every time I see it in a dream. It’s haunting in all of my dreams, eerie almost. Any help would be appreciated!


  48. Corinne Reply

    Also! Sorry-
    When I have these dreams I can always feel myself dying (or what I think it would feel like) but I never die. I always wake up. In fear, but I do. I’m just tired of being scared of these dreams. It’s gotten to the point where in this nights dream, I started telling myself “wake up wake up wake up” and I did, I just wish I had some sort of insight.
    Thanks again 🙂

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Corinne,

      If ‘outer space’ had a personality, what would it be? Your answer will give you a starting clue as to what it symbolises in your unique dreams. Times of change – whether we choose change or whether we’re dealing with unexpected change – always challenges the beliefs and fears that kept us in the pre-change space. Change can feel very much like ‘death of the old me’ on the way to ‘birth of the new me’. These are exactly the times in life when booking a consultation is a sensible idea. The deep insight you gain empowers you to make the best decisions and receive all the benefits of the changes in your life.

      Jane Teresa

  49. Alexiz Salazar Reply

    Hey Jane! The past couple of weeks ive been having some pretty crazy dreams. Seems like every night now I dream about death. Started off with myself. Didnt actually die but almost drove off a cliff. Dream then drifted to me &my mother in the car she got shot directly in the heart while driving and as we got to the hospital no one would help her out and I watched her die. After that night ive totally freaked myself out worrying about my mom I think about it everyday and get very emotional about it. Every night since I dream about family or friends dying and even the end of the world. First dream was all natural causes meteors, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes etc. Last night was an atomic bomb and I some how survived both. But I find myself.not wanting to go to bed cuz I no longer wanna have such terrifying dreams. Ive recently started to change the way I think involving the law of attraction. If you dont know its basically your thoughts communicating with the universe; think positively and you’ll get exactly what you want. Think negatively and you get what you don’t want. Ive been trying so hard to get rid of all these negative thoughts and it just seems to be getting worst and worst every night. Maybe im just thinking about it too much but I really don’t know the first step to even making peace with it and moving on. I just want it gone. Im so terrified and I cant make sense of anything.

    • Jane Teresa Anderson Reply

      Hi Alexiz,

      Thank you for your contribution, an interesting sequence of dreams. I can understand how scared you feel about your mother, and how frightened you are to go to sleep. The first thing to remember is that dreams are not what they seem – they’re symbolic. So your mother is not in any danger. She represents something about you, most probably certain beliefs you have about life that you have learned from her. Death dreams are common when you are going through change: think ‘death of the old ways’ allows ‘birth of new ways’. You said you are working at changing the way you think, so I would predict a run of death and ‘end of the world’ dreams. ‘End of the world’ dreams can come up when you feel that some part of your life is coming to an end – whether it is or it isn’t. (And even when we want to let go of old ways, we can also be terrified of new ways, terrified of moving away from familiar ground). You say that you’ve been “trying so hard to get rid of these negative thoughts” and I think that may be the issue here. The more you try to ‘get rid of negative thoughts’ the more you’re focusing on the negative! That may be why you feel things are getting worse, and your dreams may also be reflecting your struggles with the negative thoughts. Rather than getting frustrated with yourself for negative thoughts, simply observe them (and be kind to yourself in your observing) and then replace them with the positive thought you prefer to have. You might also like to look at my ebook about how the law of attraction works in with dreams: http://janeteresaanderson.com/ebooks/make-the-law-of-attraction-work-for-you/

      If you’d like help with understanding a specific dream, you can book a consultation.

      Jane Teresa

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