Dream Therapy 12 Sessions in Brisbane

Dream Therapy in Brisbane with dream analyst and dream therapist Jane Teresa Anderson

Dream Therapy in Brisbane with dream analyst and dream therapist Jane Teresa Anderson

Consult Jane Teresa for dream therapy in Grange, Brisbane.

12 confidential one-hour dream therapy sessions
Weekly: One session a week for 12 weeks
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Dream Therapy: For deep analysis and therapeutic, healing results.


Dream Therapy sessions in Brisbane with dream analyst and dream therapist Jane Teresa AndersonDreams offer one of the most potent and direct avenues for deeply effective psychotherapy and healing because they reveal habitual automatic (unconscious) patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting, and – in the right therapist’s hands – how you acquired these. When you choose dream therapy, expect to explore some of your earliest childhood experiences as well as more recent challenges, but rest assured that you and I will go there gently, in safe healing steps, and that you will finish each session feeling better than you did at the start.

The point of exploring your past is to understand, heal any hurt, resolve the unresolved, re-evaluate your priorities, free yourself of limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and come through stronger – in a gentle peaceful way – so that life today opens up for you in increasingly authentic, bigger, and better ways.

Dreams reflect your conscious and unconscious experiences of the last 24-48 hours, and the way your individual mindset processes those experiences. In dream therapy you grow to understand your mindset and the various unconscious beliefs that form its structure. You grow to see – perhaps for the first time – your oldest, deepest beliefs that form the foundation of your individual belief system (your mindset), and you grow to see how these affect the way you see and respond in your life today. In our work together, we’ll gently identify these – led by exploring and analysing your dreams – and transform the not-so-good beliefs (using dream alchemy) into supportive ones that enrich your life today and in the future.

You might begin dream therapy because you have a specific issue you’d like to address, resolve, or heal, or you might simply be excited to begin a deeper journey into the self, to tune in and tune up, to prepare for your next steps in life.

Dream Therapy with me is a 12-week process: a one hour session each week for 12 weeks.

Each session, we’ll begin by looking at what’s come up for you since our last session before looking at a new dream. If you don’t remember a dream after the first session, that’s ok too, as that first dream is an open door that can take us to many places over many weeks if we wish.

I look forward to meeting you, working with you, and helping you along your way. Read testimonials.

You are in safe, expert hands: I have been consulting professionally as a dream analyst and therapist for 24 years.


Grange, Brisbane. (Dream Therapy sessions are also available by phone.)

Number of sessions

Dream Therapy is a 12 week process. Consultations are for an hour each week for 12 weeks.


  • Appointments are generally available in 3-5 business days.
  • Appointments are between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.
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AUD$2950 (paid in installments)
AUD$2655 (paid in full on booking:10% discount)

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