Dream consultation 60 mins in Brisbane

Dream consultation in Brisbane with dream analyst Jane Teresa Anderson

Dream consultation in Brisbane with dream analyst Jane Teresa Anderson

Brisbane consultations: Consult Jane Teresa about a dream or nightmare

A confidential one hour dream consultation in Grange, Brisbane
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Feel lighter, brighter, clearer through understanding your dream

I help you to understand the meaning of your dream or nightmare, to gain fresh perspective and intelligent, meaningful insight into your life, to see solutions to problems, resolve issues,  and improve your life at every level.


Dream consultations in Brisbane with dream analyst Jane Teresa Anderson

  • We look into a single dream (or a recurring dream theme or nightmare) so you can understand why you had it, what it means, and what practical steps you can take to benefit from this insight.
  • We look at any unconscious limiting beliefs and unconscious conflicts (revealed by your dream) that are holding you back or blocking you, and I help you to unblock these.
  • We look at any breakthroughs you are making (revealed by your dream) and how to take full advantage of these.
  • I offer insight into opportunities you may be missing, and how to bring these into your world.
  • I help you to see solutions to problems, resolve issues, gain fresh perspective and insight, and improve your life at every level.
  • Stop nightmares: If needed, I show you how to stop an upsetting dream or nightmare from happening again. In its place, there will be a positive shift in your life, a new understanding, a new lightness. Freed from the nightmare disturbing your sleep, you’ll also enjoy waking up refreshed and energetic. People are always surprised that this profound change can occur in just one phone session. It’s a powerful yet simple technique.

Your life will become lighter, brighter, and clearer, as a result of the hour you and I spend together during your dream consultation in Brisbane.

For powerful results, let’s talk about

  • A recent vivid dream
  • Or a recurring dream (or theme)
  • Or a nightmare or dream that frightened you
  • Or a dream that left you feeling anxious
  • Or a dream that intrigues you
  • Or, during times of change or challenge, last night’s dream

As well as your dream, bring your questions, whether they are practical, emotional, spiritual, or all of these. Read testimonials.

You are in safe, expert hands: I have been consulting professionally as a dream analyst and dream therapist for 24 years.


Grange, Brisbane. (Dream consultations are also available by phone.)


  • Appointments are generally available in 3-5 business days.
  • Appointments are between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • To book your appointment please fill in the booking form below.



You can pay by PayPal, credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.

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