Dream Consultations in Brisbane

Jane Teresa has been consulting as a dream analyst for 24 years, and celebrates 18 years consulting online.

I am located in Grange, Brisbane. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to improve your life at every level through understanding your dreams or nightmares. Choose from four different services:


Brisbane Dream Consultations with dream analyst Jane Teresa Anderson.
Dream consultation Dream Consultation 60 minutes
Ask me about a dream or nightmare: a one hour consultation.
Dream consultation  Stop Nightmares 60 minutes
Learn a powerful technique to stop a nightmare or bad dream from recurring.
Dream Therapy Dream Therapy 12 sessions
For deep analysis and therapeutic, healing results.
Explore Your Dreams Explore your Dreams 6 sessions
You and I explore and analyse your dreams: a relaxing, gentle, healing, uplifting experience which is all about you, your dreams, and your life. Six one-hour sessions.