Dream Alchemy kindle edition

Dream Alchemy, Jane Teresa Anderson, Kindle edition

Dream Alchemy is the ultimate guide to interpreting your dreams and following specific dream alchemy practices to create positive change in your life.

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Published by Hachette
Kindle published Hachette International 2012
Also available in paperback, published Hacehtte

Dream Alchemy, by dream analyst Jane Teresa Anderson, includes information about how to:

  • stop uncomfortable recurring dreams
  • identify emotional obstacles and release them
  • create more fulfilling relationships
  • discover your talents and life purpose
  • heal the past
  • work with the emotions and feelings in your dreams
  • transform fearful dreams into loving visions
  • tap into your creative source
  • identify your spiritual lessons and move forward
  • use your dreams to strike personal and spiritual gold
  • design your own dream alchemy practices



How to use this book
Starting the inner work
A night at the Dream Awards

Dreams we all share – our common dreams

 1: I’m flying

 2: Dead body discovered

 3: Teeth falling out

 4: Tidal waves and tsunamis

 5: Naked in public

 6: Lifts and crazy stairs

 7: Losing or forgetting the baby or child

 8: Who’s driving this car?

 9: Late for the appointment

10: Unprepared for exam

11: Back at school

12: Intruders

13: In a wheelchair

14: Bags, baggage and cases

15: I had sex with …!

16: Slo mo running or walking

17: Aliens and UFOs

18: Beautiful stranger

19: A scary presence in the room

20: The awesome wild animal

21: I’ve lost my way

22: Can’t find a suitable toilet!

23: Revisiting a past home

24: Snakes

25: Cuts, wounds, blood, guts and vomit

26: Wow! Extra rooms!

27: Was that a past life?

28: Doing yesterday’s work

29: Renovations and house hunting

30: A visit from spirit?

31: I’m being chased or followed

32: The talking baby

33: Trapped and under attack

34: On the cliff edge – or falling

35: I’ve lost my handbag, wallet, jewellery, or …

36: Paralysed – can’t move, can’t shout!

37: I can’t see clearly

38: Stormy weather

39: Decapitated!

40: Plane crash

41: Death and murder

Our uncommon dreams

Once upon a dream time

I’ll see you in my dreams

Once more, with feeling!

Confessions of the bizarre and cheeky

The dream alchemy practice guide

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Extract from Dream Alchemy

Dreams, once interpreted, reveal the inner self in all its tarnished and bruised beauty. By interpreting our dreams we can then act on the insights we gain about ourselves to burn away the tarnish, heal the bruises and hurts, and polish the soul so it shines. In this way we can become masters of our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical worlds.

How exactly do the dream alchemy practices work?

The dream alchemy practices included in this book work on your unconscious mind, which is far more powerful than your conscious mind in shaping your life. Your dreams show you the differences between your conscious and unconscious beliefs and give you clues about how you can resolve these differences. This can be tricky, as your unconscious mind is powerful and very adept at countering your attempts to change things. In the battle of wits between your conscious and unconscious minds, the unconscious wins hands-down.

The dream alchemy practices work to undo the unconscious patterns and themes that are standing in the way of you achieving your goals. People from all walks of life use affirmations but these are usually based on what the conscious mind wants and they are created using everyday (conscious mind) language. Dream alchemy practices involving affirmations communicate with your unconscious in its own language. In all the dream alchemy practices (not only the affirmations) you are working with the symbols from your dreams, subtly conversing with your unconscious beliefs using the langauge they understand.

Jane Teresa Anderson

Kindle edition published by Hachette International

Also available in paperback, published by Hachette ISBN 978-0-7336-2293-9

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