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Jane Teresa Anderson Speaker, Presenter, Keynote Speaker

Keynote speaker and presenter: As a frequent guest on live television and live radio, and having an on-stage ease with audiences of all sizes and backgrounds, dream analyst and author Jane Teresa Anderson is known for her ‘performance smarts’, as a colleague recently put it, while coming from a place of authentic connection and intuitive empathy with each audience.

Jane Teresa Anderson Speaker, Presenter, Keynote Speaker, Dreams

Thank you for your interest in engaging me as a keynote speaker, speaker, or presenter.

I prepare my material to suit your requirements. I enjoy the challenge of an interesting topic, and, if it suits your format, I enjoy allowing time for plenty of questions at the end.

When I talk about dreams, the audience is always eager to ask about their personal dreams. I work to make my answers of value to everyone in the room.

I don’t use PowerPoint. I find that it limits creative expression. I do need space to move while speaking, to use my body to help communicate the message, and to engage more fully with the audience.

I also enjoy delivering an interactive format, where the focus is on audience members asking me about their dreams. For this format, a microphone is supplied for the audience, either a roving microphone in the hands of an assistant, or a fixed microphone close to the stage for people to approach. Again this works well if an assistant is present to help people keep their dreams or questions concise. In this format, I not only offer interpretation and insight into these dreams but also use the material presented to introduce related anecdotes or tips. I’m always surprised at the popularity of this format, as there are always plenty of eager questions, no holding back on sharing dreams with the rest of the audience. This format has grown from my many years work in the media, on radio and television, where I have listened to callers’ dreams live on air (or seen them on television clips), with no prior knowledge of the material, and had to interpret and respond in an entertaining, informative way off the cuff. The topic is so universally interesting that I have found many radio and television presenters go off script with their general questions and are keen to ask about their own dreams. These circumstances have built my live analysis and performance skills over the twenty plus years that I have been doing this work.


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